Adam's sitting next to Joan's bed, holding her hand. It's dark and the bags under his eyes are darker.

Kevin's in the doorway awkwardly holding two cups of coffee in one hand. Luke's been gone awhile now, his parents are at the end of the corridor talking in that low parent way that means 'we're stressing leave us alone'.

Kevin didn't want to talk to them anyway, he's still pretty upset he had to be the parent when he couldn't get hold of them and Joan was lying in that hospital bed. He'd rather talk to Adam anyway.


He looks up and smiles, "They both for you Giradi or you willing to share?" His voice is tired and Kevin wants to tell him to go home, get some sleep. But he's tired of being the parent. He holds one cup out to Adam and wheels himself closer to the bed. "She okay?"

"She's too warm. And keeps mumbling in her sleep."

Adam pauses before, "She told me something earlier."

Kevin raises his eyebrow, "Yeah?"

Adam scrunches his face up, runs one hand through his hair and pauses, "Yeah, she....." He's silent an internal battle Kevin can see on his face.

He stills and looks up, eyes focused on Kevin's, "I did believer her Kevin. Or I think I did." He stands and mumbles something and he's gone.

Kevin watches him leave, "Adam, what...?"

But he's gone and Kevin just picks up Joan's hand and watches Adam's coffee go cold.