The Green-clothed Warrior,

An InuYasha/Legend of Zelda Crossover Fanfiction

by: Patriot1776

Author's Introduction: This fic is a 'what if' scenario exploring what would happen if InuYasha and the gang met up with Link and the other characters from the Legend of Zelda games. I decided to do this because I'm a fan of both Inuyasha and Legend of Zelda. The plot follows along with the Zelda N64 game Ocarina of Time, but starts where Link has emerged from the Temple of Time as an adult, wielding the Master Sword. I've obviously also made accommodations in the plot to allow InuYasha and the gang to fit in. Big thing I need to mention though, is that Navi the Fairy does not exist in this story, as I grew to hate her while playing Ocarina of Time

Prelude: A Mysterious Hole in the Woods

"How long have we been traveling in these woods, Miroku?" InuYasha asked in a frustrated voice. They had entered the woods a few hours earlier, following a path that they had been hoping led to possibly Naraku's real castle, and not just another illusion.

"Most of the day. I'm puzzled myself, InuYasha. We should've at least found a clearing by now." The monk replied, rubbing his chin confusedly.

"Are you sure we've been going in the right direction?" Kagome then asked him, pushing her heavily loaded bike along. Shippo was sitting in the front basket, while her huge duffel bag of supplies sat on the back.

"Yes, I'm sure. I've just never noticed the woods being this thick before."

"You've gotten us lost again. Dammit!" InuYasha then shouted. He started to turn and head and in the other direction, but Sango stepped in front of him. "What are you doing? Can't you tell he's us gotten us lost?" he snapped at her. She then shot him a hard look.

"We've gone too far to turn back. We might as well keep going." She then said straight to his face.

"Feh." InuYasha then muttered. They then continued along the path a little further, with InuYasha complaining the whole way about why they needed to turn around.

That's when Shippo first noticed it.

"Hey, look at that." he said, taking the lollypop out of his mouth and pointing at the huge hollow log up ahead that the path was leading to.

"What is it, Shippo?" Kagome asked.

"That hollow log up ahead, it looks strange."

"Yes, and the path is leading into it." Miroku stated. The log was sticking out of an embankment, and was huge enough to walk through. It seemed to lead into a cave.

"Aw great. Now do you fools see why we should've turned around?" InuYasha then said, throwing his arms up in the air in disgust. He started to turn around again, but this time it was Kagome who stopped him. "Now what wench?" he said to her, annoyed.

"InuYasha, I'm sensing a strange magic from that log. Seems like the power of the Sacred Jewel, but stronger and different." she then said, pointing.

"Are you saying there's Jewel Shards inside of it?" asked Sango, confused.

"I can't say. What I'm sensing is somewhat like Jewel Shards, but different and somewhat more powerful, like there's some kind of presence emanating from it."

InuYasha had now turned around and was walking toward the log.

"Hey wait, I thought you wanted to leave." Kagome then shouted to him.

"Hell no. Now that you're saying there's jewel shards inside, I want to check it out." he replied over his shoulder.

"Wait up!" shouted Sango as the others raced to catch up with him.

As InuYasha neared the log, something strange began to happen. The inside of the log began to glow, and he suddenly felt himself being pulled towards it!

"What the hell? What's going on?" he said. He drew the Tetsusaiga, and dug it into the ground to try and stop himself, but it didn't help. The Tetsusaiga started digging a trench in the ground as he was still being pulled toward the dark opening in the log.

"InuYasha!" Kagome shouted, then her and the others started being pulled too!

"Kagome, all of you, get outta here!" InuYasha shouted as he neared the log's opening.

"We can't! We're being pulled too! It's as strong as my Wind Tunnel!" Miroku shouted, vainly trying to use his staff as an anchor to keep himself from being pulled.

"Oh, shii-ahhhh!" InuYasha shouted as he was pulled into the log, disappearing as he entered it!

"InuYash-aaaaAAAAHHHH!" Kagome screamed as her and the others were pulled into the log, disappearing as well!