The Breaking of Dawn

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Chapter one – Burning Bite

Kagome glanced over at Inuyasha as they walked. He had been in a terrible mood the entire day. Not that it was unusual for him, but it was beginning to affect her too. She was worried that he was angry with her, but she couldn't find any reason for it and that made 'her' angry. Finally she couldn't take it anymore so she broke the silence.

"Inuyasha is something wrong?"

He ignored her and just kept walking. That was so typical of him. He was the only one that could raise her anger with absolutely no reason whatsoever. And the fact that he was able to do that only made her more irritated. Shaking her head, she decided that if he ignored her, then she would ignore him. He had no right to make her feel the way she did...

It wasn't easy for Inuyasha to be near Kagome at this time of the month. She probably didn't even think about how it affected him when she was in heat. With Sango it didn't really seem like such a big problem. Sure, he noticed it when she was in heat, but it didn't drive his senses crazy in the same way Kagome did. With Sango it was enough to keep at a distance, but with Kagome 'distance' only worked to make him more frustrated.

Growling under his breath he sent the object of his problems an angry glare. She didn't even seem to notice since she was busy ignoring him in return. Well, that certainly made his problem somewhat easier. As long as she didn't talk or look at him, he could try to ignore the enticing smell that came from her. To some degree.

As the evening approached, the travelling group began to look for somewhere to make a camp. It didn't take long before they found a clearing in the thick wood surrounding them. Inuyasha checked the area for the smell of youkai and humans. When he was certain that they were alone and in no obvious danger he began to make his way back to the others. He was dreading it at the same time as he was anxious to be back. The alluring scent of Kagome always in mind. He didn't want to leave her alone for too long when she was in heat. There were a lot of demons that would kill for the opportunity to mate with a virgin. And if the virgin was in heat, then all the better. He didn't want Kagome to be raped by horny demons only driven by instincts. In fact, he didn't want Kagome to be mated to anyone except himself. He had realised a long time ago the truth of that, and in his mind it only made her more his. Every time he'd seen Kagome with that asshole Kouga, he'd been pissed. Why couldn't the damned wolf just stay away? Growling under his breath again he entered the clearing and was immediately struck by Kagome's scent.

Damn... He had almost forgotten about that while he was patrolling and fuming over Kouga. Sitting down he braced himself for an endless internal fight with his instincts and his conscience.

"Inuyasha, did you see a hot spring when you were on your round?"

Inuyasha looked up at Sango. She obviously wanted to take a bath, and then Kagome would want to go with her. He wasn't really sure if he wanted that to happen. He might be tempted to follow. Heck. He 'was' tempted to follow. Besides, he didn't want to let Kagome go anywhere alone in the state she was in now.

"No. I didn't see a hot spring."

It was the truth after all. He hadn't seen a hot spring, but he had seen a small lake. He wasn't going to tell her tough. That's when the annoying monk interfered...

"Hey! I know this place. I travelled through here some weeks before I met you and Kagome. There's no hot springs around, but there's a really beautiful lake nearby. I'd be delighted to show you the way." Sango just grunted at the hentai expression on the monks face. "I'm sure you would Miroku. But I'll be happy if you just give me the directions." She looked up as Kagome approached.

"Do you want to come too Kagome?" Kagome smiled and nodded. "Just wait a sec and I'll get my stuff." When she came back, she addressed Shippo. "Listen up. I'd be really happy if you could stay here and make sure that Inuyasha and Miroku doesn't follow. Would you do that for me?" When Inuyasha growled low in his throat the kitsune glanced curiously at him. "Sure I'll do that Kagome, but why?" Kagome just smiled and shook her head. "I'll tell you some other time." With that she walked after Sango who had gotten the directions from Miroku earlier.

Inuyasha was in half a mood to follow them, but he knew that the little kit would jump at the opportunity to get him sat. Miroku looked like he didn't care about any punishment the girls might give him, but when he saw the glare Inuyasha sent him, he wisely kept still. There was one thing that Inuyasha was grateful for tough. The lake was in the direction the wind went, so he was safe from Kagome's scent for a while.

Kagome walked slowly into the cool water. Shivers went up her spine as she tried to get used to it and goosebumps began to spread over her skin. She couldn't understand how Sango acted so unaffected, but believed it could have something to do with the fact that Sango had grown up without warm water at her call twenty-four seven. "Ahh..." As she finally managed to work up enough courage to lower her entire body the water quickly became more comfortable.

"I'm never going to get used to this Sango." "What do you mean?" Sango looked curiously at Kagome. Kagome smiled and began to scrub her body with her scented soap. "This. It's just so... I don't know. It's so natural. You don't have warm water in pipes, there's no car noise, no pollution and no electricity." Sango looked utterly confused. "Electricity?" Kagome smiled reassuringly. "Just forget it. It's not important."

They continued to bathe and wash in peace as the sun went lower and lower.

When they were finally done, Sango and Kagome got out of the water and began to get dressed. Sango got finished first and began to gather their belongings as Kagome put on her shirt and began to brush her wet hair.

"You don't have to wait Sango. I'll catch up with you in a sec." Kagome said as she tied her hair up to keep it out of her face. Sango looked like she was going to protest, but when Kagome bent down and picked up the last of her belongings, Sango turned and began to walk towards the camp.

She had only taken a few steps when she felt the aura of a demon and turned around just in time to see it sneak up behind Kagome.

"Kagome duck!" Kagome looked surprised up at Sango, but did what she was told just as the demon lunged for her. Sango was already jumping towards it and kicked it in the stomach when Kagome ducked. She rolled over and got to her feet again as Kagome fell to the ground. She had to get Kagome out of here. Kagome didn't have the training she had, and when she didn't have her bow, she was practically defenceless.

"Kagome run!" Kagome looked confused up at Sango. She had just begun to understand what was happening. Right behind Sango she could see a huge black youkai with eyes glowing green and dangerously. Her eyes fell to the large fangs and the sharp long claws and she barely contained a gasp. She was terrified, but she didn't want to leave Sango here alone to fight it. But on the other hand. If she left, she could get Inuyasha and Miroku here to help her. No. She couldn't leave Sango all alone when she was in danger. No matter what the excuse was.

Sango twisted around and jumped the youkai again, katana out and ready. She understood what Kagome was thinking. It was exactly what she herself would be thinking if she was in Kagome's shoes. It didn't matter tough, she had to get her away. The youkai jumped out of the way from her attack and lunged for Kagome. Sango was stunned. A youkai would never ignore the greater danger in a fight. And obviously, Sango was the greater danger since she had a weapon and since she had attacked. She couldn't understand why the youkai ignored her. That's when it hit her. The youkai wanted something more than to win a fight. It wanted something badly enough to risk that it got killed. It wanted Kagome.

Without another thought she lunged at the demon again, catching it in the midsection and pushing it out of Kagome's path. "I said get out of here!" Kagome still hesitated, but Sango didn't see what happened next. The Youkai landed on top of her and the air was pressed forcefully out of her lounges. As her head hit a rock on the ground, her vision blurred and went black. 'Get out of here...'

Kagome stared in shock as Sango lost consciousness. She didn't have a lot of time to think tough as the demon advanced and began to walk slowly towards her. It didn't look like it was going to attack her, but on the other hand. What did she know about demon behaviour. She crawled backwards along the ground, ignoring the sharp shots of pain from her hands when she cut them on sharp rocks. The youkai, sniffed the air slowly. Testing it. It seemed like he smelled something he liked, because he let out a growl that Kagome would only have called content. Never moving her eyes from the demon she tried to get herself on her feet. She realised that looking it in the eye could be provoking, but she didn't care. She was too scared to care.

When the demon lounged at her and pushed her to the ground she was about to scream, but she couldn't do it because her breath was pushed out. Gasping for air she tried to push it away while kicking frantically with her legs. The demon didn't seem to notice her feeble attempts at escape as it bent down and sniffed the blood on her scraped hands. Again it growled, but this time deep in his throat, as if he was angry about something. Kagome didn't take time to ponder on why she didn't have any troubles understanding what the growls meant, but instead tried to push herself out of its reach.

She shouldn't have done that.

The demon brought his paw down, pressing his claws into her arm, to keep her from moving. At least that was what Kagome thought first, until he also bit down on the paw holding her, making his blood seep down and mingle with the blood pouring out of her own wounds. She gasped as a piercing pain ran through her arm. It was like the pain was inside of her. In her very blood. Seeping through every vein. Burning and freezing her at the same time.

She felt that her focus was slipping. Her head pounded and her eyes began to glaze over with a red haze. Her blood burned. It hurt unbelievably much. She was so lost in the pain that she didn't notice that the youkai shredded her skirt and her underwear with one sweep of his claws. Neither did she notice that he turned her over, making her lie on her stomach.

The fire burned through her. Engulfing her. Devouring her...

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