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The Heartache Life Can Bring

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Chapter: One

It was a stunningly beautiful summer day in the feudal era. In Kaede's hut Inuyasha, Miroku, Sango, and Shippo awaited for Kagome's arrival. Being gone for days, Inuyasha is really getting on everyone's nerves if you know what I mean.

Inuyasha was sighing deeply, fidgeting with his fingers, and looking out the window longingly towards the well, while sitting cross legged against the wall. Across the room from him was a very sad kitsune. "Ugh! Kagome should be here by now shouldn't she guys?" Shippo whined in Sango's lap. Sango looked down at him and smiled lightly

"She said she would be back in four days."

"Yeah, and that was four days ago." Complained Shippo

"I'm sure Lady Kagome is on her way right now Shippo, so you need not worry." Miroku said calmly while drinking his tea. "Really Miroku? How do you know?" asked Shippo curiously. He turned to him in Sango's lap and waited for the monk's answer.

Miroku sighed as he closed his eyes and smirked," Because almost every time Inuyasha here sighs, fidgets, and looks depressingly toward the well so much that he will explode, she arrives quickly."

"What's that Monk?" growled Inuyasha who now stood up and walked over to where Miroku sat, still calmly, and toward over him. Now realizing what trouble Miroku got himself into, he shut his eyes tight to prepare for any painful impact that the hanyou will give him.

Sango rolled her eyes, "Will you two grow up for one minute. Kagome will be coming back very soon and she doesn't need this right now…Even though it happens everyday." She waved the comment off and just watched them. They weren't paying attention to her anyway.

Just as Inuyasha was about to punch him, Shippo got an idea to save the monk's life. Shippo did a unnecessary double take toward the window and gasped dramatically," Lookie over there!! Kouga is kissing Kagome!!! Whoa he's all over her!"

"WHAT?!?!?!? I'LL SKIN THAT WOLF ALIVE!!!" roared Inuyasha. He ran out of that hut so fast all Miroku, Sango, and Shippo could see was a red blur heading toward the well looking around furiously for his rival while growling stridently for the world to hear.

Sango looked down at Shippo," Did you really see Kouge kissing Kagome out there?" She asked skeptically raising an eyebrow.

Shippo jumped back in her lap, "Ha! No Sango, I just decided to save Miroku from Inuyasha's wrath!" Shippo giggled.

"Well thank you Shippo." Replied Miroku. He was actually nervous to see what Inuyasha would really do to him. After shortly recollecting himself again, he brought his arms up in a stretch while slowly brining them down. His right arm 'just happened' to go to the demon exterminator's rear.

Be fore he could even touch it, as quick as lightning Sango snatched his hand in hers with a surprisingly deathly grip while serenely sipping her tea with her eyes closed. She kept her composure but kept tightening her grip on his hand.

"Aah! Sango darling, why are you hurting me so?" Miroku asked in a tiny voice while trying to pry her hand off his.

Sango opened her eyes then, set her tea down and threw Miroku's hand roughly toward his chest and replied, "Admit it! You were trying to grope me again you pervert!"

Miroku gasped and held his sore hand to his heart, which was now red and kind of bent. But it didn't seem to faze him, "I attempted no such thing."

"Yeah, and I wielded Tetsusaiga." Sanog muttered under her breath while rolling her eyes.

Miroku had a stupid grin on his face and scratched the back of his head, with his uninjured hand. Afterwards he sighed depressingly as his 'Grope Sango Mission' for the morning failed, and went back to drinking his tea. He thought about another plan to get her though, and it was quite impressive. He'd use that plan later.

Shippo chuckled and Kilala mewed at the monk's useless effort.


During all this, Inuyasha looked around the well angrily because that's where Shippos was looking and pointing at. Seeing nothing but grass and trees, and didn't smell Kouga's nor Kagome's scent, he started to growl as he now figured out that he had been tricked.

Inuyasha stomped his foot hard on the grass, "Damn it Shippo!" He yelled in frustration as a vein appeared on his forehead. Deciding to beat the crap out of Shippo later, he jumped on a low tree branch. He sat lazily on it; with one leg hanging off the side wile the other was bent. Inuyasha gazed toward the well to await his companion from the future.


Shippo burst out laughing when he heard Inuyasha yell his name out angrily and knew he was tricked, and now about Miroku's actions towards the feisty Sango.

"They're all hopeless." He giggled to himself. He stood up and motioned for Kilala to do the same and said." Sango, Kilala and I are gonna play right outside okay?"

"Alright, be careful." She responded hesitantly, but they were already out of the hut. She smiled at their actions. Shippo is so free spirited, Kagome is lucky that such a young child like him looks up to her as a mother.

After Miroku watched them leave he suddenly laughed to himself as an idea came to mind.

"And what may I ask is so funny?" asked an annoyed Sango.

"Well, I was just thinking, I bet I could go a longer time without even glancing at another woman than Inuyasha can keep sane with Kagome in her time."

Sango nearly fell over in surprise. "You? Not groping women? Pft, I might as well ask you not to breathe." Sango replied matter-of-factly.

Abruptly she felt him take one of her hands in both of his. She turned to him blushing.

"Oh my dear Lady Sango, why is it that you do not have faith in my love for you?" He asked pathetically with pleading eyes.

Sango was happy, angry, and confused all at the same time with him holding her hand like that. She had always wanted him to be romantic with her and not touch her like he always did. Wait, did this mean…that there was hope? Could it possibly be that he has changed?

Sango had a far off dreamy look on her face and Miroku was a bit worried. But then, seeing as she was only day dreaming, he began to think that the 'Grope Sango Mission' of the morning hasn't at all failed yet. He sneaked an arm around her lower back and gracefully touch it with his still injured hand. Just as that happened though, he received the most painful slap across the face of all time.

Nonetheless, he was happy. His mission was complete.

Miroku grinned stupidly from the corner of the room he was now in, and in an odd position that looked painful, "M-Mission accomplished." He breathed, and fell down.