Washuu Ogami: I loved your review so much that I had to respond to it! Yeah, I made sure to have plenty of action, but still keep the romance and humor flowing along as well. Maybe a little angst here and there. I like to have all different kinds of genres in my stories so that everyone would catch interest in them.

Personally, I think Kohaku is just so sweet and adorable. I love his voice too, he's just a great character in my opinion.

Thank you!!! I was hoping more than just a few people understood what Kikyou's trueintention could really be. I don't think she truly wantsInuyasha to go to hell with her, otherwise she would have done so by now. Having numerous opportunities pass her by is no mistake, I think she's somewhat on the good guys' side... Well, now I don't know for sure now. I could be wrong. Kikyou is a hard character to figure out for me. (shrugs)

Thank you so much for your compliments Washuu, especially the part about how my story could be a movie, lol! That really made my day!