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Summary: Ginny Weasley (i REFUSE to call her gineva..) a sucesfull journalist, is asked if she wants to quit the Daily Prophet to work for a hot magazine in the wizarding world. But why are they given worker numbers? Why has no one ever met the owner and boss of the company? And what are those thin boxes on the desks?!

The elevator door slammed shut in front of her chocolate-brown eyes, lined with

classy mascara. The woman swore under her breath, still trying to tie the clasp on her

heeled shoe with one hand. Looking about she noticed no one was in the hallway, she

darted behind an open door and dissaperated out of the hotel hallway.

Fixing her shoe as she entered the chic office building she brushed her deep red

hair off her shoulder looking over herself in one of the lobby mirrors.

This was a big day for her, she was getting an interview for working at one of the

top witch magazines in Britain, 'Vraleish' was the wizard equivalent in popularity and

high status as 'Vogue' was to Muggles. It had current news, fashion, magic tips, sports,

everything. Not only was it one of the hottest magazines, it had many branches for

magazines for just woman, men, and kids. It was a huge industry to say the least.

The building was set on a street with many other classy muggle establishments,

with one way windows so none of the muggles could see if any magic was going on. It had

light brown carpeting, that was a bit hard making it easy to walk on, but not very comfy,

with small patterns in gold. The lobby was full of lighter brown colored, leather

armchairs, a table in the center with many copies of Vraleish gleaming in a stylish fanned

out placement, and a pitcher of sparkling water with many clear glasses.

The offices were large, with the employees who occupied them's name gleaming

in silver and black name tags on the wide doors. Ginny noticed one of the doors was

missing a name tag. She swallowed scanning the workers, to her surprise she seemed to

blend right in. Some of them gave her nice friendly smiles, the men gave her simple nods

when their arms were full of stacks of paper.

Ginny Weasley quickly pulled a small blue comb out of her purse and ran it

quickly through the half of her satiny locks she left down, the rest was in a respectable

and classy half-ponytail. Smoothing out the pressed chic grey knee length pleated skirt,

white collared shirt and grey coat she made sure her makeup was in place and she didn't

look half as nervous as she was.

Ginny was a highly respected journalist, she wrote columns in The Daily Prophet

that left her readers thinking, she pulled off things even Rita Skeeter couldn't manage

with her Quick Quill. When Ginny had received an owl asking her if she would consider

an interview for Vraleish, she knew she was ready for a change.

Not to say Ginny had a swelled head, she never thought her work was

outstandingly good, she had worked on little things in school and gotten great praise of

course. But she always thought her writing could be too boring, and that her words were

too simple, yet she knew if people liked it, it couldn't be that bad.

Taking a deep and quiet breath, Ginny walked over to the reception desk where

the name Vraleish was written in fancy, flowing golden lettering. She quietly ringed the

small silver bell that sat on the counter.

"One minute please!" said a calm, voice. Ginny saw shiny blonde hair tied back at

the back of the woman receptionists head with a large shining silver clip. Ginny's eyes

widened as she turned around.

"Luna?!" she asked excitedly, the woman stood up with a squeal.

"Oh my goblins! Oh my goblins! Ginny!!" said the bright eyed woman, who

Ginny recognized as Luna Lovegood. The two girls had been friends for many years, but

they hadn't spoken to much after Luna got married to Neville Longbottom about a year

ago since the two had traveled around a lot. Ginny smiled the 'my goblins' bit proved she

was still as quirky as she ever was. Luna ran around the edge of the circular reception

desk and hugged her friend.

"You look amazing!" Luna said holding her friend by the shoulders, while she

looked over Ginny's interview outfit.

Ginny blushed a bit, looking over Luna's pretty little pink sun-dress and heeled


"So do you! Glad to see you ditched the overalls my friend." she teased. Luna

smirked whispering quietly.

"Freebies. Best part of the job. Well and not to mention if I was still single,

there's a lot of fit guys working here.." she whispered. Ginny laughed quietly.

"I'll remember that bit when I start my interview. Good shoes always give me a

confidence boost." she said.

Luna's already wide eyes widened even more behind her light blue framed


"Interview? Your going to work here?!" Luna said a little loudly, some employees

turned there head shaking their heads with a amused smile. Ginny winced a little.

"If the interview goes well, any I'm lucky. Really, really lucky. And someone else

maybe does the interview for me." Ginny looked at the floor as she talked, fearful humor

in her tone.

Luna made a sound of disapproval slinking back behind the counter. She flipped

through a black folder, opening it to a page with a thin red ribbon marking it.

"Now, now Ginny. I know how you write, you've got a pretty good chance.

Besides it's not like you asked to be here. It says that you were approached for a job

here," Luna looked up with a cheery look. "Well that's good, they're after you, they want

you here Gin. You better get going though, I've got work to do and your close to being

late." Luna winced.

Ginny's eyes widened, her mouth going dry suddenly.

"Late? Late?! I'll owl you after I'm done the interview." with that she began to

walk so fast she looked like she was about to break into a sprint. Luna watched her go

through the large glass doors into the main hallway that joined all the offices together.

Then poking her head through again.

"Uh Luna..where do I go?" she asked sheepishly with a small smile.

Ginny looked around the executive managers office with wide eyes, trying not to

have her jaw be hanging open in shock.

"So I probably will never meet the boss?" she asked. She'd never heard of a

company set up like this.

Marissa, was the executive manager, a beautiful, curvy, and almost nerve-

pinchingly perky woman. She had a silvery blonde hairstyle that was tied up in a classy

ponytail tied with a childlike pink furry band. Her suit was an above the knee light pink

skirt, a darker pink shirt, with a jacket that was laid out on the back of a light purple

leather armchair.

Marissa did know how to dress, she wore high shoes that were a very light pink

with black heels, but Ginny thought that she'd never seen someone with such a love for

pink in her life.

"Oh no. Well maybe...you know I've never actually seen him before. But

supposedly he's really cute! Too bad I'm seeing someone" she sighed, still smiling

broadly with perfect white teeth that made Ginny's eyes a little sore to look at. She talked

a little funny to Ginny, she managed to piece together Marissa was American.

"But you do correspond with him. Since your new you'll probably have to talk to

him, he's very picky about who gets to work here. Your employee number twenty four!"

she said cheerfully, straightening her posture and clapping her hands together.

Ginny forced herself to smile, she then blinked.

"Wait does that mean..that..I she swallowed to stop stammering. "I got the job?"

Marissa beamed. "Of course you did." she sat down on her desk, there was a pink

canister filled with pens. And an odd, extremely thin silver and pink box on her desk,

Ginny had no idea what it was but she was too shocked by the fact she had gotten the job

that fast.

"When we saw your work Ginny, that you had what it takes for Vraleish. Now

you start the day after tomorrow. I'll have Luna bring up your schedule for the month and

will have you put into the security account so you can apparate in when you have to!"

Marissa finished, Ginny blinked as Marissa hugged her, awkwardly she patted her on the


"I know we'll get along great!" Marissa chimed walking over to her chair and

moving a large pink and magenta purse, inside was a Pomeranian puppy.

"Oh yes this is Gucci! He walks around the building on his own, he's part niffler!"

she said happily nuzzling the dogs nose affectionately.

"Oh he's very, cute. Uh..I really hate to run but I better go break the fact I'm

leaving to my old boss, you know get my stuff and all that. I'll leave you to your work."

Ginny said standing up, picking up her purse from beside her chair.

"Alright. I'll be seeing you then Miss Weasley!" she said waving as Ginny smiled,

nodded and closed the door behind her. Letting out a stressed breath she went to go find

Luna, blurs of bright pink in front of her brown eyes.