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It was late evening and the sun was beginning to set as they all sat down to a

picnic dinner in the garden. Chicken pie, mashed potatoes, green beans and more

desserts then any of them could eat were sat on a small wooden table, low enough for

them to reach on their spots on the blanket.

Ginny was sitting closely beside Draco, with Sherise on the other side of her and

then Elizabeth beside Draco.

"So what was your favorite class when you in Hogwarts dear?" Elizabeth asked

taking a bite of a gingersnap cookie.

"Charms, definitely." Ginny said. Sherise clapped.

"That was my favorite too! Except when me and Lizzie.."

"Lizzie and I.." Elizabeth corrected. Sherise narrowed her eyes and continued.

"When WE were in school it was but a tiny little school house. Lizzie used to

charm the jump rope to tie around my legs so I'd fall over in the mud. Lizzie was a bad

little witch," she finished giving her sister a dirty look. Elizabeth just smiled.

"So were you two friends in school Dear?" Elizabeth asked Draco.

"We hated each other." Draco smirked, Ginny nodded.

"With firey vengeance."she added. Sherise and Elizabeth looked surprised.

"You don't say? Whatever for?" Sherise asked.

"He was a devious little git who used to make fun of me because I had a crush on

Harry Potter, and had freckles and dark red hair. Basically for existing." Ginny said, yet

she didn't sound all that bitter.

"Oh and don't forget for being in Gryffindor.." Draco added. Ginny smirked, and

picked up her fork on which was a large pile of mashed potatoes.

"But you regret all that don't you?" she said coyly, twirling the fork a little

menacingly. Sherise laughed and Ginny could hear her saying quietly "Hit him! Hit him


Draco blinked, clearly not getting it. "Maybe?" But Ginny laughed as she began to

think he understood once the large bit of mashed potatoes hit him on the left side of his

face right on his cheek.

With the laughter of the three woman echoing around him, Draco scooped up a

handful of peas and shoved them in Ginny's face, creating a smushed up green mess.

Then, the unescapable happened, and was announced by Sherise.


For nearly twenty minutes, the sounds of laughter and subtle screams could be

heard throughout the garden. And if any small animal managed to get close enough to

see, they would more then likely be accidently pelted in some sort of food.

Bits of chicken pie crust stuck, trampled and crushed in the grass. Peas, smushed

and slippery were stuck to the blanket, their clothing and nearby shrubberies. As for the

desserts, well they were mostly in everyone's hair.

"That was brilliant!" Sherise said, picking a cherry off her dress and absent

mindedly popping it into her mouth. White icing was caked all in her hair and chocolate

Ganesh was smeared over her face.

"My hairs a mess!" Draco grumbled, attempting to pick out smalls bits of chicken

and carrots out of his usually perfect hair.

"Aww poor Draco." Ginny smirked in a Draco like manor.

"You know what Draco..I really like her. It used to take so much to make you

laugh, but she can do it without blinking." Elizabeth smiled. Draco looked at his hand a

little, Ginny narrowed her eyes as he seemed to be deep in thought. But almost as fast as

he entered his little thought bubble it seemed to break and he looked up and ran a hand

through his disgustingly messy hair.

"So then you wouldn't mind if I asked her to marry me?"

Ginny dropped her wand she was about to use to clean herself up with and gave

out a quiet. "Huh?!"

A couple months later, winter had began to slowly creep up upon the manor. The

roses had wilted and most of the flowers had gone except for several of the completely

magical in type like fire-lilies and winter roses.

Small mounds of snow lay on the roof the manor, the flurries had began to fall

down the day before and were making the grounds look like it had been covered in fine

bright white sugar. Fires roared in every room to keep out the chill and Ginny and Draco

were comfortable in the living room drinking hot chocolate.

"I don't usually go for hot chocolate, but it seems fitting today." Draco said, his

back to Ginny as he looked out the large window into the dark sky, drumming his fingers

on his mug. He felt Ginny wrap her arm around his shoulder.

"Well many find it kind of a childish drink, but then again we did attempt to make

a snowman today so that's probably why it fits." she smirked setting her mug down and

drawing on the fogged window with her left hand for no reason. Since it wasn't her wand

hand it was a little shaky but Draco smirked as he saw the silver and diamond

engagement ring on her ring finger. He looked down at his silver band she had gotten him

to match with a feeling of contentment for once.

"Your cat looks more like a squash." Draco pointed out to her drawing.

"I'd like to see you do better." she smirked, Draco looked down at her and raised

her chin.

"Is that a challenge Miss Weasley?" he inquired in a important tone.

"Well Mr Malfoy I believe it is." she said back in the same tone. Draco laughed

kissing her lightly before turning to the window after tugging on his sleeve a little.

He coughed rather crudely and then suddenly the white fog on the window turned

into a giant masterpiece of a horse and carriage with snow flakes coming down.

Ginny was a little breath taken for a minute, then laughed and grabbed his arm,

whipping his wand out from his sleeve and taking it away from him.

"Cheater." she smirked. Draco laughed, the fog slowly creeping back over the

clear marks.

"Well I tried." He shrugged taking his wand back. He looked to the door as he

heard a knock and saw Tobey flutter in, wearing the same sort of glove as the other

butlers that made his hand corporeal.

"Letter from the wedding planner Mr. Malfoy." He said leaving it on the table and

gliding out with a wave to Ginny, to which she waved back.

Draco took of the ribbon and sat down to read the parchment, Ginny sat down

beside him curiously looking over the parchment.

"May?! But that's not enough time! Weddings usually take at least a year to

plan!" Ginny said her jaw open wide.

"Well you said you wanted it when it wasn't insanely cold and the roses in the

garden were beginning to bloom." Draco protested. Ginny sighed.

"I know, but doesn't it seem a little tight of a schedule?"she asked. Draco

shrugged and put his arm around her. She smiled lightly resting her head against his.

"Well think of it this way." he said, putting a strand of her soft hair behind her ear.

"Sooner the wedding, sooner the honeymoon." he smirked. Ginny couldn't help but

laugh. She found it strange not only was she getting married to her boss. But she was

getting married to someone who not too long ago seemed to be the total wrong match for


"I have one more suggestion though.." Ginny said.

"Being?" Draco asked.

"On the wedding certificate..can I have my actual name and not 'Employee

number 24?'" she laughed. Draco laughed hitting her lightly with a throw pillow.

"Maybe, but now I think it may be my lucky number."he smiled. Ginny smiled

back as she let him kiss her, wondering who would have ever thought he could have

gotten the faith to be happy again to someone who was at first just a number.

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