Raven, Will You Bear My Children?
(My Own Freakin' Crossover.)
By Olivia

Authors note: 0. THIS IS NOT A RAVEN AND MIROKU SHIPPY FANFIC....Whatever you scary writers like to call it... 1. I don't like Kagome... Nor Alys and her flaming Diet calorie-free Sam's choice Sigh Cola... 2. I am not addicted to Teen Titans as much as my two friends (Alys and Ariel) are. Unfortunately
no writer can resist that brisk taste of inspiration...despite its
bittersweet flavor. And finally, 3. This will be the first story I finish...if I do in fact finish this. (By the way, this MAY be dedicated to
my friends Alys and Ariel but just imagine if this turns out to be a
horrible story... =D Revenge for not reading my story IMMEDIATELY!)

Crossover details; this is A TEEN TITANS fan fiction, with guest stars from INU-YASHA. With that said Bite me. Also A LOT of these words from Inu-yasha are unfamiliar to me...Though it's mainly the names and all like the tetsaiga or what not and the shikon jewel shard. Please know this and bear with me here... One other note all you Sango- Miroku Shippers...are screwed because this takes place slightly before Sango comes into play...
Just to let you know, I do not own Teen Titans, Inu-yasha, Sam's Choice
Cola, Walmart...Nike....eBay.... sigh Or a million dollars...or my own web domain. I also don't own your computer... or the words appearing on it... The only thing I can say that I own is... sigh The plot and junk taking place
in this lovely Fan fiction...
Chapter 1 (Out of...?)
Tiny lights sparkled through the trees as the young, black haired girl sat on the stone well in the forest clearing. Her green and white schoolgirl outfit ruffled in the wind along with black curls as she sighed, looking over to her comrades; a blonde dog-eared fellow and a man seemingly dressed in a purple toga. "It's quiet without Shippo here, no?' The young girl's voiced rippled in the silence.
"Yeah well you don't see me complaining Kagome... Never liked him anyways." The dog-eared man responded, his blonde hair cascading over his red fire rat kimono. He sat with the same, apathetic style as always; his legs crossed within in knees and his clawed hands folded in his sleeves. The glowing bugs drifted about them, crickets chirping in the background as the girl Kagome and the toga-man stared at the dog-eared hotshot. Kagome started to speak, seconds away from shouting at the dog-boy, but something caught her eye, causing her to screech loudly and stumble off the well.
"WHAT is THAT?!" The girl screamed, pointing slowly at a long, fox looking beast, the tip of its tail glowing with a shard of the shikon jewel. The dog-eared boy and toga-toting monk stood up and faced the strange beast. Obviously the sly creature was nothing safe...anything that carried one of the jewel shards was ever a docile, calm creature. It had become habitual to the group to attack without any reason beside claiming that shard.
"What? A jewel shard is in its tail!" The blonde haired dog boy held his thick bladed sword; the tetsaiga. He growled, his ears twitching as he stood ready to chase after it...
"Inu-yasha wait... Wouldn't Kagome have—"It was too late, the fox had sprinted away, Inu-yasha following swiftly after it, soon followed by the monk. Kagome screamed at the two to wait for her but they darted into the forest, leaving poor Kagome in the dust. ( HAH! Take a HAH and HI-YA Kagome... )
The Monk eventually caught up with his partner, stopping to pant as Inu-yasha sniffed around, Kagome's shouts were heard faintly in the distance. "Inu-yasha...pant Look... pant It's some sort of...portal I believe." The monk pointed to the purple vortex, the shard-carrying fox looking back at them and then leaping in. It was barely a second as Inu- yasha sprinted at the portal, the purple toga monk behind him.
"Miroku...Get ready for anything!" Inu-yasha shouted as he leapt in, his body swirling and disappearing as Miroku climbed in. Kagome ran into sight just in time to see the two disappear into the portal, the vortex closing behind them... Where had they gone? What would happen to them wherever they had gone? Kagome fell to her knees, panting and looking around...
"Inu-yasha... Miroku?? Where are you?" Kagome pouted slightly, in fear of what might happen to them... and what might happen to her. Shrieking slightly she turned to a rustling bush, red eyes glaring at her from the foliage... "Oh noo...Inu-YAAAASHAAA!!"