Raven Will You Bear My Children? Chapter 4.

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Chapter 4.

The young ebony haired schoolgirl turned feudal damsel in distress would be found wandering about in a familiar dark cavern, large mechanical wires climbing up the walls and a large TV in view. Kagome was familiar with some of the equipment, but had never quite seen it in such use. The TV flashed on, white noise filling the screen for a moments time before an image of Inu-Yasha at the Titans tower appeared. The young girl lurched forward, crying out Inu-yasha's name in shock. The video was an image of Inu-yasha slicing through the training grounds in record time. A large clink was heard as Kagome knocked into the barrier surrounding her—unable to reach the control panel on the TV.

"Quite impressive, I must say." Slade stepped from the shadows, his orange mask and one eye one of the few features that could be made out through the darkness. Kagome turned her head to face him, her hands pressed against the barrier.

"You let me out of here!" Kagome's high pitched voice seemed to buzz in the air. Slade tucked his hands behind his back nonchalantly as he stepped out towards the barrier again, his odd costume appearing in the dim light cast by the TV.

"Tsk. I was merely protecting you. If you meddled with the mechanics of this cave you could blow us all up. I am sure they didn't have such equipment in feudal Japan." Slade motioned a hand to the control panels and display cases of Hive apparel. "Welcome to my cavern, you are welcomed here Kagome. I merely know so much about you. I have been listening to your friend... Inu-yasha converse with the Teen Titans." Slade shook his head peacefully. He was obviously trying to ease her into this time, and perhaps manipulate her into working for him? It would seem the Slade thing to do, no?

"How—Inu-yasha is here? I have to find him!" Kagome hurried to face Slade at the edge of the barrier he stood by. Suddenly the transparent dome around her flashed purple and disappeared into a tiny bead, which of course landed in Slade's palm smoothly.

"You will in due time, but he is in the company of evils. You must understand how convincing these young titans are." Slade struck a false look of worry. "I fear the worst for your friend..."

"Inu-yasha..." Kagome's lips quivered in fear for Inu-yasha's health, only causing a smirk to appear on Slade's face behind that mask of his.

"It is alright Kagome. I have taken the time to form a plan. Once I found out about the Teen Titan's plan I sent a Hive agent to retrieve you. The girl who brought you here... Jinx." Slade nodded his head, The TV screen showing a profile and picture of the pink haired Hive agent, her two comrades appearing at the bottom of the TV screen. Kagome's attention was drawn to the large screen, scanning over the information as it shuffled through the trio. "Jinx and her two team mate's will accompany you in defeating the Titans... I fear it's the only way that you might free your friends Inu-yasha and... Miroku is it?" Slade just seemed so good at fooling young hopeless girls into turning evil against the Titans. That, and causing them to turn to stone. (Terra: I am a rock!)

Kagome nodded, her fists clenching as she looked to Slade with a firm, tough look on her face. "Just tell me what to do."

Chapter 4. Part II.

( Quick note: I don't honestly think anyone could go their entire lives in the same outfit. Even if you are a Teen Titan. )

Raven sat at a café table, looking out the window at the soft waves on the beach. She was wearing something casual, which was a surprise to see her out of uniform. She was garbed in a pair of jeans that were worn slightly and covered her sneakers to the toe. A black t-shirt worn over a black fishnet shirt matched nicely with her gothic attitude. Her hair was pulled back as she sipped on some tea, the steam filling her nostrils. She still wore her cape though...just incase they were forced into a fight, although the large blue cloak was pushed behind and shoulder.

Across from her sat Inu-yasha, who was given some clothes to refrain from drawing a crowd. He looked hilarious—wearing a red hoodie (Sweatshirt.) with the hood drawn over his head to conceal his ears. And then of course some nonchalant baggy jeans most guys wore these days. He didn't like it at all, his clawed digits holding the teacup firmly. He sniffed the drink before sipping it and placing it on the table.

"So is this what Jump City is usually like?" Inu-yasha glanced outside as a kite was seen drifting out from the sand. It was peaceful and nice, almost nicer than Japan—even in it's feudal era.

"Not always." Raven answered in her monotone voice. It was nice to see her acting so casual. "If it was, the Teen Titans would be out of business. I'm sure Slade is just building up his defensive and offensive maneuvers."

"Slade... Your enemy I suppose?"

"Yes. He also rules over the Hive organization... their out enemies too. Not the only ones though. Just the main two."

"I'd like to see how tough he is against my tetsaiga."

"He'd still be pretty tough." She gave a sideways glance to the cock half demon. "Alright Robin and Beast Boy should be back to the tower by now. We should get back too."

"Yeah... Whatever." Inu-yasha glared at the hood framing his complexion as he sat up. "As long as I get to take these stupid clothes off."


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