Chapter 20

She moved out of the house that she had shared with her Grandfather. Amon had given her a posh condo in his building. Amon had asked her to move in with him but Robin wanted to be alone. Even though Amon did not like her decision, he complied like always. He knew Robin needed her space. The church did not seem happy with the idea. Christmas was just a couple of days away. She has not gone to work during the whole time. Amon told her not to return until after Christmas. Amon suggested for her to get out a little bit and enjoy the season. She went to the mall to see what she can find for Amon and her friends.

The whole week Robin avoided being around festivities. She went to the office to give her presents but left right away. Nagira had invited her to attend a dinner party with Karusuma's family but she declined. Amon asked her to spend Christmas with him but she also decline telling him that she will go to the church function and will come over Christmas day. She had lied to Amon about that.

She sat and prepared her dinner that Christmas eve, she did not attend the church service. She was a little heavy hearted because she had spent Christmas with her grandfather every year in Italy since she was twelve and today she was alone. After dinner, she sat in front of the fireplace. Robin was a bit of a pyro and liked to throw matches in the fire. She was deep in her reverie when she heard a knock on the door. She ignored it thinking it might be a neighbor wanting to greet her Merry Christmas. She instantly stood up when she heard keys. Amon walked in and he lugged in a big black bag.

"Amon! Aren't you supposed to be at Nagira's?"

"Aren't you supposed to be at church?" He questioned her.

Robin mouth went into a pout. Why must he always catch her lying?

"Robin, I don't want to be alone tonight and I thought maybe you won't mind me joining you."

Robin came over to him and hugged him.

"Why, why do you put up with me"?

Amon looked at her with a smile "Why do you put up with me?"

Robin smiled at him. This was her first real smile since her Grandpa died.

"Did you eat yet?" she asked Amon.


"Then I will you fixed you food." She told him.

Robin noticed the bag Amon had dragged in. "What's in the bag?"

"Your presents."

Robin's eyes went wide "Oh, I also got you a present too."

"but..." she looked over at the table where she had place Amon's present. "I really didn't shop myself to death, I got you only one."

Amon jokingly frowned at her "Well, then you can only have one box from the bag."

"Hey" Robin complained "You better be just joking."

Amon came over and gave her a kiss on her forehead "Yes, I'm just kidding."

"We can open up presents later."

Robin went into her kitchen and cooked him a meal. It has been a long time since she cooked a meal for someone. This was her favorite chore when she lived at the church.

Amon ate up all of Robin's food. He has not eaten her cooking since they broke up and he took advantage of it. They both sat by the fireplace and she was content to huddle next to Amon. She had forgotten how it felt to have a little happiness. She was glad Amon had come over.

"Robin go ahead and open your gifts up" Amon had told her.

Robin jumped up and started taking out all the gifts that Amon got for her. She started opening up all her gift like a little child at Christmas time. She never had so many in her life. Amon got her so many nice things. In the midst of opening all her presents, she turned and asked him to open her gift to him. Amon went over to the table and took the little box.

He smiled at her; "I will hold it until your done with yours. I want to open it with you here next to me."

"Suit yourself, I have tons more to go" she continued.

On her last box, she sat next to Amon. Amon opened up the box and it was an Italian gold crucifix. Amon smiled and put it around his neck and kissed her.

"Robin, this is the first time I actually celebrated Christmas with someone" "Usually, I am a sleep by midnight" He told her

Robin looked at him sadly "Oh Amon, you poor thing"

She went and hug him Amon smiled to himself. Robin was so affectionate. He was glad that she was no longer feeling sorry for herself.

Amon pulled out another little box. Robin sits down here. He motioned her to sit at the couch. Amon's hands had started to shake and he proceeded to kneel down on one knee in front of her. Robin was still clueless on what was about to take place. He produced a red the jewelry box and opened it. Robin looked at him in surprise. He could see sweat beading on Amon's forehead.

"Will you marry me" He almost chokes it out. Robin was stunned and then looks at him. She started to cry. It was Amon's turn to be confused.

"Robin, Please don't say no." Amon nervously begged her

"You will never be alone ever again, I promise" He kissed her gently on her lips

"Are you sure you want to marry me?" she questioned him

"What kind of silly question is that, I was ready to ask you two weeks after we had met"

"Oh, Amon...I love you" She hugged him and did not let go

"Robin, it's rude not to answer my question" Amon reminded her

"Yes, yes, yes! I will marry you." Robin kissed him passionately on his lips.

Relief showed in Amon's eyes. Amon let out a small sigh.

"Good" he slips the engagement ring on Robin's finger.

"We can plan the wedding anytime you want and however you want to do it" "I rather elope, but I know women, they want to make it into some big festival. I guess for you I will put up with that." Amon told her

Robin started to laugh. She always pictured herself marrying some hard working blue-collar man and living in middle class society.

Maybe we can do both. Elope first and then have a big festival after. She told him.

"How about we go to Italy and get marry over at the Vatican in Rome over the weekend. Then when we come back you can plan a wedding here with your friends."

Robin looked at him "You want to get married now?"

"Yes, before anything else happens."

Robin thought about it. She loved Amon. "Ok" she told him

Amon smiled "Ok let me call around to see if we can get a plane out of here tomorrow and see if I can get someone to marry us in Rome"

Amon made all the necessary plans. They headed to Italy. He rented a beautiful villa overlooking the sea for the week. Robin was so excited. This is what she needed. A change in scenery will do them both good.

Robin wore a Vera Wang strapless silk wedding gown that accentuated her figure. She wore her hair up in a bun and had little wispy ringlets that fell here and there. Robin and Amon were married in a very small ceremony. It was a just the two of them and the bishop who married them was an old friend of her grandfathers. Some of her friends from the convent went to watch them say their vows. Robin voiced faltered when the bishop had asked her to repeat the marriage vows. She repeated them slowly and nervously. Amon on the other showed no signs of nervousness.

After the ceremony, they proceeded back to the villa. They both change and went for an early dinner. She could not believe that she was now Mrs. Masawi. Robin kept thinking of the night ahead. She kept shyly looking over at Amon over dinner.

"What are you thinking about" Amon asked her.

Robin blushed "nothing" she suddenly felt subconscious.

Amon looked at her in amusement. He thought to himself that she was blushing as if she did the first time they met.

"Are you thinking about tonight?" He questioned her with a smirk

Robin turned beet red. She looked away

Amon started to laugh at her, he finally stop after a good 2 seconds of laughter.

"You better brace yourself since I haven't been with any other women since around the time we started going out." He warned jokingly

Robin frowned at him. "Keep it up and your not getting anything tonight"

"I'm sorry Robin. You have nothing to be nervous about. Have I ever made it unpleasant when I showed my affections towards you?"

Robin pouted "Amon, I don't see the humor" she told him

The ride back to the Villa was quiet. Robin was starting to feel nervous. Amon and her had not done anything but kiss since they broke up. Amon poured her some wine when they got into the bedroom. He lit the fireplace up. Robin drank the wine with one gulp and poured herself another glass.

Amon looked at her and shook his headed. "Easy on the wine, I don't want you drunk"

"Sorry." She told him and took a large gulp.

Robin finished her second drink and went to the closet to fetch her nightclothes. Amon had given her some nice nighties. She told Amon she was going to change. Amon nodded to her. Amon change out of his attire and put on his boxers. He sat down and waited. After 15 minutes, he got impatient and knocks on the bathroom door.

"Robin, I'm not waiting all night, come out or I will come in. Your choice"

Robin popped out wearing a white satin chemise. It was backless and came just low enough to hide her underwear. Amon just stared at her. Wow, she look great, too bad it is not going to stay on he mused.

He grabbed her hands and pulled her to him. "Your so beautiful."

He kissed her lightly while ran his hands all along Robin's back. He slowly remove her nightgown, Robin started blushing. Amon had seen her naked before but somehow she felt shy. Amon took her and carried her to the bed. He laid her flat. He proceeded to make love to her body with his mouth. He knew what Robin like. Amon manages to ease her tension. Robin let her body relax. Amon was kissing her all over and licking her in all the right places. He positioned himself between her legs. He started to rub himself on her and was easing his way in and out of her with just the tip of his manhood. Robin's body felt like it was on fire. Amon whispered softly in her ears and tightened his hold to brace her. Amon plunged himself quickly through Robins inner wall. She gasps with pain when Amon broke through her virgin barrier. He kissed her mouth to ease her pain. Amon never had a virgin before. He felt her tight walls and started to move in and out. He knew he was about to come. Robin was getting use Amon's rhythm and started feeling the pleasure. She moved with Amon. Amon proceeded to move faster. He went deeper and Robin gasped. She was at her height of passion. Amon knew it, he plunged in to her two more times and they both exploded together. Amon sank down on Robin exhausted. He had not had sex since he first met Robin. The two made love until well into the morning.

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