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There was static on Ingrid's radio before she heard Fillmore's voice, "Are you sure about this?"

"Of course I am," she answered. "I hope," she whispered. It'd been a week since they first discovered the secret meaning behind Libby's jewelry. The case had dragged on long enough. Ingrid was desperate to get back to her classes and Safety patrol duties...but first she had to get rid of Libby.

Meanwhile, Fillmore was worried that Ingrid was rushing things a bit. It was as though she had switched places with him. He was being cautious, trying to collect more evindence while she was barrelling foward with a risky plan. But he went along with it and replied enthusiastically to Ingrid's assurances. "We're all behind you Ingrid, are you ready?"

"Yeah, so quit talking to me." She concealed her walkie and listened closely. She admitted that her plan was far from safe, she knew it wasn't a sure thing. She had hidden a tape recorder in the gym, knowing that Victoria and Libby would be there. She needed them to say enough to hook themselves. But that was only the beginning. Ingrid had to walk in on them casually and retrieve the tape recorder. Fillmore was then supposed to stall them until she could take the tape to Vallejo. yes, he had insited upon hearing the tape before they made the bust. Karen, Danny, and Matthew were there in case the girls tried to run. On top of all this Ingrid had to make sure that she didn't enter the gym until the tape had what they needed...too bad she could barely hear through the door. Finally, she heard, 'We're taking it to competition.' That was enough for her, she radioed Fillmore. "I'm going in now."

"Mindy, hi!" Libby smiled and waved enthusiasticallly as Ingrid entered.

Ingrid barely caught herself before rolling her eyes and instead forced a smile.

"Victoria, this is my captain, Mindy," Libby introduced Ingrid in her too-sweet voice, "and Mindy, this is my best friend, Victoria."

"Nice to meet you, Victoria." Ingrid said politely before letting her eyes wander to the floor.

"So what brings you here, Ingrid?"

Ingrid's eyes widened and she looked up quickly. "What did you call me?" She asked, deciding to play dumb.

"Oh give it up, we know who you are." Libby's voice had lost it's perkiness and her eyes narrowed fiercly. "You're Ingrid Third, Safety Patrol."

'Obviously playing dumb isn't working,' Ingrid thought. That was fine, she was tired of pretending. "So, what's your point?" She asked defiantly.

"You think you're pretty smart don't you? Well, I guess it's too bad we're one step ahead."

"Really?" Ingrid asked, feigning curiousity. "I'm not following you."

"Well maybe you should." And they took off in different directions.

Ingrid grabbed her walkie, "Fillmore, Libby's coming your way!" And she took off after Victoria.

...Interogation Room 10 Minutes Later...

"How did you find out?" Demanded Ingrid, plopping into a seat across from Libby.

"Check the school district's GPA's. I'm sure that you'll find that number two-that's right after you and right before Parnassus-is Victoria. Her speciality is computers; she pulled your file."

Ingrid was too mad at herself for not having her file blocked that she couldn't speak. But Fillmore found a question to ask. "How did you know to look her up?"

Libby smiled, "One day a boy came to Interview some of us. Ingrid pretended like she didn't know who he was so he introduced himself as "Officer Delaney." Later, she reffered to him as "Matthew Delaney." He had never said his name was Matthew, she just knew. She practically gave this to us."

Ingrid's cheeks burned in embarassment, but Fillmore was angry at Libby's snide remarks. He bit his lip trying to control his temper. When he was sure he had his composure, he spoke. "It's too bad though, that you wasted your time finding out who she was. She's got evidence; solid proof that it was you. You and Victoria."

"No she doesn't," Libby sneered, turning to Ingrid. "You seriously need to get over yourself. Try actually listening to the tape."

Fillmore exchanged a worried glanced with Ingrid as he reached over and clicked on the tape recorder:

"Watch this Vic." (Puse, thumping sounds as if gymnastics are being preformed)

"That was amazing!"

"Yeah, here, let me show you again."

"Why don't you just write it down?"

"I did actually. Here."

"Aw, Libby, it's such a nice bracelet."

"Yeah, the moves are on the back."

"Thanks. So, where did you learn this?"

"We're taking it to competition. But I want you to use it instead."


Libby laughed, "Not what you though, was it Miss Third?"

Ingrid stared at the ground, furious with herself. Fillmore stepped forward, "Shut up Libby."

"Why are you so angry at me?" She asked cheerfully. "She's the one who screwed up."

Fillmore's fist banged down on the table. "Fillmore, don't." Ingrid interrupted before he could even unleash his anger on Libby.

"But Ingrid-"

"No, she's right. I screwed up." And with that she left the interrogation room, slamming the door.

Fillmore sighed, "I'll be right back. But let me just warn you now, if she does anything stupid because of this, I'll make sure you're time in detention is doubled," and he left. Sensing she would probably want to be alone he checked the other interrogation room. He found her, sitting at the table scribbling something on a pad of paper, looking furious. He sat down beside her, "Ingrid."

"Yeah?" She didn't look up.

"Don't listen to Libby, she's-"

"She's right."

"No she isn't."

Ingrid slammed her pen down and looked up at Fillmore. "What do you not understand about this? I screwed up, okay? I spent more time worrying about being undercover as a cheerleader and not enough time doing my job. I just wanted to get out, I was selfish. So I ended up rushing and maybe losing the whole case. I didn't care enough!" She thrusted the pad of paper at him, (it turned out to be a list of her mistakes) got up, and walked toward the big window.

Fillmore put the list down, not bothering to read it. he sighed, got up and walked to Ingrid, "Turn around."

She didn't move.

"Ingrid, look at me."

She still didn't respond. Fillmore quickly stepped into the space between her and the window, blocking her view. But she still refused to look at him, staring at at the floor stubbornly.Fillmore rooled his eyes and put each of his hand on either side of her face, turning it towards him. "Listen to me. You-did-not-mess-up. You care about this job more than anyone else I know. This wasn't your fault. You've got Libby, she's guilty and you proved it. So don't you dare let her get off the hook, that would be screwing up."

"But Victoria-"

"Don't worry about her. You've got the mole, you've trained your team, they'll beat Ben Franklin and that enough."

Ingrid was silent for a moment but then, "we need to go finish up in there." Fillmore nodded and hugged her briefly. They walked back into the main section of HQ, talking.

"I'll let you do most of it, Ingrid. Just tell her what's up and-"

Vallejo bursted through the door, "Congratulations, Third."


"I was being sarcastic," he said, grinding his teeth. "What's this I hear about Victoria getting away? you were supposed to come to me before you made this bust!"

"Look Vallejo, now is not the time to-" Fillmore began.

"No, it's okay. Look Vallejo, I made a judgement call. If I wanted either of them, I didn't have time to waste. Now, if you don't mind, I've got a perp waiting." And she left, leaving both Fillmore and Vallejo standing there. Vallejo was gaping at her open mouthed, but Fillmore just smiled.

"She's back."

...Interrogation Room 30 Seconds Later...

"Glad to see you back, Officer Third."

"Aw thanks Libby. It's nice to see you tou too." Ingrid chirped, unusually cheerfully.

Libby, obviously not seeing the humor, just glared at her.

"Well Libby, here's the deal. We've got you. This is solid proof. But we both know you staged this tape, Victoria was in on this. It's not really fair that you're going down and she's jumped ship, now is it? If you turn her in, maybe we can have that detention time of yours cut down."

"Don't you get it? I could have done almost anything to get kicked off the squad. I wanted to do this. Vic is my best friend. Why would I take her down? I won't do it."

Ingrid looked through the glass at Fillmore. "I'm not sure I blame you there."


Ingrid smiled and looked back at Libby. "Really. Well, I guess that's it. You can leave. Report to Folsome's office tomorrow."

...Main Part of HQ, 5 Min. Later...

"She won't give up Victoria."

"Big surprise there," Fillmore commented.

"That's bad news, Third." Vallejo chimed in.

Ingrid rolled her eyes, "we got it Vallejo."

"No, you don't. There's something else, the squad has to forfeit."

"Why?" Fillmore asked lightly.

"Well, without Libby and Ingrid, there's not enough girls."

"Are you seriously saying," Ingrid began in disbelief, "that they didn't figure out that once the mole and I were gone there'd be two less people to cheer. You're saying they didn't do the math before we started?"

"It wasn't exactly a top priority, Third."

Fillmore shook his head, "Man, that's a tough break."

"Yeah, and there's nothing we can do this late." Vallejo shrugged, "The team will just have to skip the competition this year."

"Oh no they won't," Ingrid said determindly.

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