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Ryou Bakura was laying on his back in his bed, staring at the ceiling. The doona was pulled up under his armpits, and there was a newly opened tissue box sitting in the crook of one uncovered arm. It was actually the third box in two and a-bit days. He'd been laying there all day, and the day before, only leaving his bed to go to the toilet. The first day in bed hadn't been so bad, watching his small tv, but the second… pure horror. Not only did he feel horrible, but he had nothing to do but talk to himself. Ryou Bakura, was well and truly, sick.

.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-Ryou's POV.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-

I hate being sick.
Yes, I, Ryou Bakura, hate something. I'm sweet, not innocent for Christ's sakes. See, I even used the Lord's name in vain. Not that I'm really Christian or anything, but you get the idea. I hate being sick, and everything that goes along with it. The coughing, the blowing your nose, the throwing up. I even hate that now, because I'm sick, I'm laying in my bed, bored out of my mind, and talking to myself, or the ceiling, I'm not quite sure which. I guess which ever one is listening. I hate throwing up even more than being sick, and I'm telling you, I hate being sick. You know, I probably wouldn't have thought like this if I'd grown up normally. Maybe I'dbe 'innocent' then and not have the thoughts of hate and all that. You know… how most teenagers grow up… Go to school, have the perfect family, perfect friends. Well, maybe not perfect, but at least they were there, and they cared. I'm not saying my parents and friends don't care… (though sometimes I'm not sure how much they do), the fact is they're usually not there. My mother's dead, my dad's always away doing something archaeological, and my friends are too busy doing what normal teenagers do, having fun, making out, and going to school. So no normal life for me with my family and friends. I suppose there was someone there for most of my childhood, from when I was around eight. When my dad gave me the Millenium Ring and my Yami turned up. Bakura. He never really cared though. For three years he was hardly there, for four years he beat me, for two years he tried to use me to help him gain the Millenium Items, and for the last year, he's been nice. Actually, more than nice. We've been dating for the past oh….three months I think it is? Anyway, though Bakura was there, he certainly didn't care, and that probably why I'm not as 'innocent' as I should be. I don't really mind… Innocence vs. Bakura? Not only would Bakura kick ass, I'd choose him over innocence anyway. Who wants innocence when you can have a sexy, devilish Yami? Speaking of the devil…
I tore my eyes away from the extremely fascinating ceiling I'd been talking to for the past hour, and looked towards my bedroom door. The footsteps halted, and Bakura entered, shouldering open the door, as his hands were full with a tray. I looked at the tray hopefully, okay, so laying around doing nothing isn't hard, doesn't mean I don't get hungry. But unfortunately, it was the same as usual. A glass of orange juice, a piece of bread, and a bowl of chicken noodle soup.
Damn Yugi.
When I had become sick, Bakura, who had never really taken much notice when I got sick, had called Yugi asking what to do. Yugi had told him to keep me in bed (hence my being in bed) and to feed me chicken noodle soup. Yugi had said it always helped him get better. Now don't get me wrong, I like chicken noodle soup. Infact, Yami makes delicious soup. But after having it four or five times a day, for two days? You kind of get sick of it. I guess it makes you better because you're so fed up with eating it, you get better just to eat normal food.
Bakura sauntered over to my bed, and lay the tray on my lap, before sitting beside me. I've always wondered if he sauntered on purpose, or if it was natural. Either way, I'm sure he loves torturing me by doing it. And because I'm sick, I'm not allowed to do anything 'tiring'. As I said… Damn Yugi.
I narrowed my eyes into a glare at Bakura as he sat. He just grinned evilly before saying,
"Eat up."
I growled… Or at least attempted to. Ever tried growling with a blocked nose and sore throat? It doesn't work too well. So instead of growling, I kind of squeaked. Bakura's grin just grew wider.
"You'll never be able to get out of bed if you don't eat up and get better." I once again glared at the grinning Bakura, before picking up the spoon. I dipped it in the bowl, and raised it to my mouth, lightly blowing on the soup before swallowing it. Ugh… I layed the spoon down again, and decided to try pouting. Again Bakura just laughed, before turning away and looking at the bin beside my bed which was overflowing with tissues.
"I guess I need to empty this. With all this nursing I'm doing for you, do you think I could do it as a career? You know, wear one of those tiny little nurses outfits."
Bakura, in a nurses outfit? I could handle that… I looked Bakura up and down, drooling over him. Pale blue t-shirt, not tight, but definitely not loose, and tight denim jeans, which with him sitting down, showed a definite 'bulge' in his pants. I reached out, lightly running my hand over his leg, and decided to share my thought.
"I could handle that…" I purred. Well, at the moment it's either purr or rasp, so there wasn't much option. He let me run my hand over his leg for a while, before grasping it.
"Uh-uh. Yugi said nothing… strenuous until you're better." He smirked.
Evil bastard. I cursed, using some colourful phrases I'd learnt from Bakura himself. I told you it was Bakura's fault I'm not innocent.
He leaned forward, lightly kissing my lips. I parted them slightly, hoping I'd get a deeper one, but he only ran his tongue over them, before pulling away again. God I'd love to wipe that grin off his face… mm… with my mouth would be good. I glared at him, and he shrugged, as though saying sorry.
"Just some incentive for you to get better. Anyway, you wouldn't want me to get sick would you?"
I thought about that one. The answer to the question was a simple no… but could he even get sick? I mean, he is a spirit. I suppose now that he has his own body in a way, he might be able to, but I don't know.
"Can you even get sick?" I asked.
"Well, apparently Yami caught a cold a while ago, so they think us having bodies mean's we can."
"Oh." I simply said.
We sat staring at each other for a little while, before he patted my leg and stood.
"Eat up koi, and I'll empty your bin." He grimaced at it, "Then I have to go out, I promised I'd go help Malik with his motor bike."
He then picked up the bin, and sauntered out, leaving me slightly aroused and drooling at the view. I picked up the bowl of soup, which had cooled a fair bit, and drank it all quickly. Then I scoffed down the bread, and put the glass of juice on my bedside table, and lay the tray on the floor. A moment later Bakura came back in with my now empty bin, and took the tray away. I heard him go downstairs again, and there were a few bangs, then he called up
"Ok, I'm going now Ryou! I'll be back in a few hours! You behave, and don't get out of bed, or I might have to spank you!"
I felt like calling back, "I'll be waiting for that spanking when you get home," but knew he wouldn't hear me, so I said it through our mind link. I heard him chuckle downstairs, then the door slammed. And I was left alone again… with my thoughts, and of course, my trusty ceiling.


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