Points of View

Part II

Methos: The Once And Future...

DISCLAIMERS: Yes, this IS Methos of Highlander. Yes, this is a crossover. And no, he's not mine. Neither is the rest of the Potterverse. Hee.

Adam Pierson, Professor of Defense Against the Dark Arts, College of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Oxford

That was what it said on the class cards and on his office door - a name he'd used before in what seemed like a very distant lifetime ago. But this time, it was attached to a very different profession - a little more exotic than being a Watcher of Immortals or being a Professor of Linguistics.

But it wasn't as if he'd never been a wizard before.

And he rather liked the name "Adam Pierson." It was a nice, perfectly ordinary name that inspired no awe and high expectations of wisdom and grandeur, unlike "Methos, the Oldest Immortal." Or cries of terror and promises of retribution and divine punishment, like "Death of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse."

He'd much rather be Adam Pierson, just another guy (or in this case, wizard), trying to make his way in the big bad world. A name that held no special earthshaking significance, unlike "Duncan Macleod of the Clan Macleod, Heroic Highlander, the Man Most Likely to Claim the Immortals' Prize."

Or "Harry James Potter, the Boy Who Lived and the Man Who Defeated Voldemort."

The man who currently called himself "Adam Pierson" came back to the Wizarding World after all the troubles with the so-called Dark Lord Voldemort were over. A masterpiece of timing, he congratulated himself, as he managed to escape the possibility, however slight, of being snagged into the troubles of the Wizarding World. Hell, he went back there after long centuries of living in what the Wizards called "the Muggle world" to get away from trouble.

He'd had quite enough of trouble himself as an Immortal caught up in the ongoing drama that was the Heroic Life and Adventures of one Duncan Macleod of the Clan Macleod. One Duncan Macleod in a lifetime was enough, he told himself sternly, locking away the old painful memories


of that time in the deepest, darkest vaults of his memories.

So when he saw the name "Harry James Potter" listed down as one of his students, he was, quite frankly, expecting another Duncan Macleod. Defeating a Dark Wizard at the tender age of seventeen, the reputation that wizards of the House Gryffindor from Hogwarts School had for bravery, nobility and loyalty....hell, Adam Pierson was definitely picturing a young man built along the same heroic lines as the notorious Highlander.

He knew heroes - he'd had a long experience with them. Then again, he'd had a long experience with practically everything, considering who and what he really was. However, he was quite pleasantly surprised to meet a quiet, unassuming young man with terribly messy hair and brilliant green eyes that held the slightest hint of mischief even as he soberly and sensibly answered Professor Pierson's questions.

Perhaps not quite a "knight-in-shining-armor" after all, Professor Pierson decided. A rather reluctant kind of hero, who amazingly enough, had not let the fame and adulation get to his head. Mr. Harry Potter was just another guy who'd found himself in a rather bad situation and had done the best he could.

Much like himself, actually.

And in this class, Harry was just another student, wanting to finish his studies and work afterwards. He'd confided to his Professor that he rather fancied teaching Defense Against the Dark Arts himself at his old school, although offers to play for the various professional Quidditch teams were pouring in nearly every day.

"I just don't want to chase a Snitch for the rest of my life," Harry had said.

"As opposed to bringing down any new Dark Lords that might pop up?" his Professor asked wryly.

Harry snorted. "One Dark Lord in one lifetime is quite enough, thanks very much. I'd rather not play the hero again."

"But you heroes tend to attract that sort of thing all the time, you realize," his Professor pointed out. "What will you do, Mr. Potter, if the opportunity should rise again?"

"I'll think about it if or when it happens." The gaze that met the Immortal's eyes was one that was rather familiar. It was the same look that greeted him every time he looked at himself in the mirror each morning. Old, full of secrets, quietly determined. Oddly disconcerting, considering that Harry was practically an infant compared to himself.

"Right now," Harry had told him. "I just want to live. And to learn as much as I can. Fighting's just going to be for another day, when it comes."

The Professor had quite liked that answer. And it was that point that he realized young Harry was far more like another young hero he'd known a long time ago than Duncan Macleod. That young man had been one of his most beloved students, who'd also found himself an unlikely hero and the bearer of an Enchanted Sword that he alone could draw from the stone in which it had been set, thus proclaiming himself to be the heir to the throne.

Arthur had done the best he could, living, learning and fighting on that other day....until the very end, when he'd had to fight that one last battle he had to face.

Arthur's teacher missed him and was quite proud of his student. The role of teacher was one that he rather enjoyed. While he didn't claim to be any sort of wise sage, he much preferred teaching than to sowing death and destruction. And he rather cherished the name that he had borne while he was Arthur's teacher. The trouble was, having wizards and witches alike swear by it ("Merlin's beard" indeed) and having the almost godlike reputation that went with it (honestly, he was, after all, still "just a guy") kept him from assuming it again when he went back to the Wizarding World.

But Harry already had his Merlin - that would be Albus Dumbledore - and if he was very lucky, his Great Adventure was already over and he could get down to the business of simply living happily ever after. And that was something Professor Pierson could teach him and enjoy in the doing.

Living happily ever after was, after all, much more difficult, than defeating a Dark Wizard. And Harry had not even yet found his One True Love - which came as a surprise to Professor Pierson. Weren't heroes supposed to meet their One True Love on the course of their respective quests? Hell, teenage hormones alone should have guaranteed Harry Potter at least some serious crushes while he was at school.
Although Professor Pierson had his suspicions, what with the way Harry looked whenever the subject of his "greasy git of a former Potions teacher" came up.

Really, "greasy git" shouldn't sound like a bloody endearment.

The man who was Methos, Death, Merlin, Adam Pierson and a host of other names smiled.

Oh, this turn at being a wizard looked very interesting. Very interesting indeed.


A/N: I just could NOT resist casting Methos in this role. Absolutely couldn't. Hey, the Really Old Guy wanted to come in and play, you know….