Chapter 1- The New Girl

Dominique Fiore sat alone in her train compartment on the Hogwarts Express, staring out the window, looking at nothing in particular. She yawned from not only boredom, but from fatigue. After all, she had to get up extra early to get to Kings Crossing all the way from Paris. The thought of leaving the places she loved made her groan. She loved her house in Paris. Well, not so much her house, she hated her house, and her parents, but she loved her room. She was surrounded by all of her things. But in light of everything that had happened to her recently, Dominique was forced to leave most of her belongings behind in her now empty home in Paris.

She would miss all the places in Paris. The cafes, the symphony hall, the ballet studio, all the places she went to keep herself away from the house. Now she was away from that house for good. Dominique brushed a lock of her black hair out of her face as she thought of the paradoxical relief she felt for going to Hogwarts.

It was the last day of classes, and Dominique burst out of the classroom after her last exam, hand in hand with her boyfriend of two years, Kyle.

"We're done!!" Kyle grinned.

"I know!! Just one more year, can you believe it? One more year, and we're out of this place!" Dominique said happily.

"Yea," Kyle said, leading Dominique down the brightly lit corridors of Beauxbatons School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, "I think I'll miss this place though, you know? So many fond memories…" his voice trailed, staring at the portraits they passed by.

"yea, that's true. But hey, you're not supposed to feel those pangs until next year, hullo!" Dominique laughed.

"you speak the truth dear," they stopped at a heavy oak door, "ah, the prefects' bathroom, I'll miss this place!" he said, running his hand over the smooth oak finishings.

"Er…you'll have all of next year to use it…" Dominique said, looking at her boyfriend strangely, "uh, honey, you do know it's only a bathroom, right?"

Kyle turned to his girlfriend, looking almost mortally offended. "First off, you've never been in there. It's like the closest thing to heaven on earth! And second, you think I'm going to be prefect next year? Please, Nicky! I'll be head boy for sure, then I'll get my own dormitory and bathroom, which of course you know you're more than welcome to share with me!" he said, grabbing a hold of Dominique's waist and pulling her closer.

"Mmm…yea…" Dominique said, as Kyle brushed his mouth along her neck. Dominique felt her muscles tighten as he touched her. Sensing her uneasiness, Kyle looked up at her.

"You're not afraid of me, are you?" he asked in a whisper.


Kyle ran his hand down Dominique's arm, all the way to her hand, and just he took hold of it, he opened the prefects' bathroom door. "Why don't you come in? It'd be a shame if you never got to see this place before you left." Kyle said as he pulled Dominique into the bathroom.

Dominique looked around. Yes, Kyle seemed quite justified in getting offended. Bathroom was quite an understatement. Aside from the line of ivory bathroom stalls and sinks, there were several bathtubs that were the large enough to fit at least three or four people quite comfortably. Next to tubs was a large, bubbling jaccuzzi, and the air was filled with fresh, floral scents.

However, Dominique had little time to marvel at her surroundings, for the next thing she knew, she was pushed up against the wall, and Kyle's lips were on hers. As her body grew more tense, she could feel Kyle pushing himself harder against her. As Kyle removed his lips, he moved his hands from her hips to her front, and took hold of the zipper that fastened her skirt.

"Kyle, I don't think"—

"Shh", Kyle kissed her again, "you're ready…"

Dominique tried to push him away. "No, I don't think so. Please Kyle, I want to go…oww!!"

Just as Dominique had writhed herself free from Kyle's tight grip, he had once again, shoved her against the wall, and grabbed her wrists.

"Kyle, you're hurting me!" Dominique whimpered.

"Then shut up, it'll make it easier for the both of us!" he hissed.

"What's gotten into you?! Let me go…" Dominique pleaded, trying to break free from his arms.

"Fiesty, aren't we?" Kyle grinned, taking her arms and twisting them around very harshly, causing Dominique to yelp from the pain. "That won't do" he said, pulling his wand out and putting a silencing charm on her. "Well, while we're at it, I guess I'll just tie you up…" and ropes sprang from his wand, wrapping themselves around Dominique's wrists. "Now," Kyle said, pushing her to the ground, and putting a locking charm on the bathroom door, "where were we?" he grinned as he knelt to the ground and pulled Dominique's skirt off of her.

"Excuse me dear…"

Dominique's eyes snapped towards the door. A lady with a cart of food stood at the doorway. "sorry, just sort of dozed off I guess…"

"It's ok dear. Would you like anything off the trolley?"

"Er, no thank you."

"I'll be in the front with the conductor if you change your mind." The lady smiled at her and shut the door.

Several compartments down, a group of boys were stacking cards on a small table that they had transfigured from one of their schoolbooks.

"Easy does it…" said a boy with dirty blonde hair to a short, round boy with brown hair.

"yes!!!" the three boys sighed with relief.

"way to go, Peter," a black haired boy said to the round boy, "it didn't go down this time!"

"Thanks Sirius" Peter smiled gratefully at the black haired boy.

Just then, the door burst open, and the cards went tumbling down.

"Guess who's head girl! Guess who's head girl!" shouted the boy who just burst in.

"I dunno, you??" Sirius laughed. James gave a fake smile back. "Haha, very funny, pretty boy!"

"You can tell us when you restack all of our cards, James." Remus said, sitting back.

James pulled out his wand and in an instant the cards were neatly stacked up on the table. "Evans! Lily Evans!! Future Lily Evans Potter!!" shouted James, triumphantly.

"Don't flatter yourself" said a girl who stood behind James. She was tall, thin, and had brown hair, with large, bright brown eyes to match.

"Oi, hello Kierra"—

"You're blocking the way James" she said, pushing him into his compartment and shutting the door so she could continue on her way.

"Nice girl" Remus said, not looking up from his book.

"Oi, guess what else I heard, when I was trying to find out who head girl was"


"well, you never will, so I'll tell you!"

"Thanks for saving us the trouble, Prongs" said Sirius, who kicked his feet up onto the windowsill.

"So I heard there's this new girl, in our year…apparently from Beauxbatons"—

"Oh, that's right! I forgot to tell you!" Everyone turned to Remus.

"Dominique Fiore. We used to be neighbors when we were little…we played together. Anyway when I moved we became pen pals… and she told me she was coming here this year".

"Why so suddenly? Why in her last year?" Peter asked.

"Well, her parents were killed in an auto accident. Her mom was a muggle, you see…and Dumbledore is her only living relative"—

"She's related to Dumbledore?!"

"No way!"

"Maybe I should ask her out then!"

Remus rolled his eyes.

"Is she good looking?" asked Peter.

"I don't know! I haven't seen her in like 10 years!"

"Well, was she hot when you knew her?" asked James.

"Well, see, I was only 6 when I moved…and by then my hormones hadn't even begun to develop…so…I don't know…"

"Well, what does she look like?"

"Probably like any other French girl…hairy armpits and a nose stuck in the air…" Sirius said, picking up Remus' book, "hey, you mind if I look at this Moony?"

"Not at all, and don't talk about her like that, she's a good friend of mine." Remus said, a tone of annoyance in his voice.

"sorry mate"

"Oi Padfoot, isn't your family French?" Peter asked. Sirius lowered Remus' book to look at Peter. "if you go back a few generations, yes. But it doesn't matter, alright?" Sirius said coldly, returning to his book.

"Woo hoo, we're there! I mean, we're here! Come on guys, I don't want to be late for the feast!" James said, pulling his school robes on, and bursting out the door, with Peter, Sirius, and Remus at his heels. "Move it first years, I'm head boy! I've got the authority to hex you all if you don't get out of my way!!" James shouted as he parted the crowd of scared and timid looking first years. "Just kidding!" James grinned as he saw Hagrid looking at him disapprovingly, but trying to hide a smile.

As Dominique got off the train, she saw two large, boulder-looking guys that looked too stupid to string two words together, follow around a taller, leaner guy with blonde hair, who was ordering them around like they were house elves. Dominique frowned with disgust as the two larger boys obeyed. 'Ass kissers' she thought to herself. She shifted her gaze over to a shout she heard nearby.

Dominique looked at the boy who stood several meters in front of her, who was shouting loudly. He was a tall, very attractive, well built boy, with jet black hair, and thick framed glasses, yelling at the first years to move out of his way. 'I'm surrounded by deadbeats',

she thought as she made her way through the crowd, glaring at the boy who was ordering around first years.

James looked at the girl with black hair who passed by him. Had she just frowned at him? 'What did I do to her?' thought James. 'Arrogant snob…' he thought, as he hopped into one of the carriages, that held Remus, Sirius and Peter.

"Well, that was invigorating!" James beamed, "Nothing I love better than picking on helpless little first years! Well, that and Snivellus of course!"

"James, I don't think Lily would be too impressed with your hexing. If you want her to like you, maybe you should stop with all of that." Said Remus, smiling at his friend.

James' face dropped for a moment, but then looked at the carriage ahead of him, in which sat the girl with the black hair.

"yea…maybe you're right…maybe I should just limit my hexing to the people who…deserve it more…" James said, eyeing the girl.

"yea, like Snivellus" said Sirius, casually.

"yea, him too" James said.

"Him too? Who else is there?" Sirius asked.

"Er, no one. I just meant him." James said, sitting back and reclining his feet onto Sirius' lap.

Sirius rolled his eyes, looking menaced by James' feet, but said nothing and just looked ahead at the castle. James smiled at Sirius. If there was anyone whom he loved tormenting, it was his best friend, Sirius. "Ok, I can take a hint" James grinned, putting his feet back onto the floor.

Sirius smiled slightly. "It's nice to be home" he said, as they pulled up to the castle entrance.