Arthur, King of the Britons

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Chapter X: Tell me the names of the Stars up in the Sky
Lancelot started as he watched the horse whinny and rear, the great stallion was familiar, he knew that great animal. His mouth opened in surprise as he saw another figure approaching him. He must be dreaming, for there was Tristan. The man's face still marked by tatoos though an un-characteristic grin split the man's face.

"Greetings brother!" he called softly but joyfully as he passed Lancelot, Lancelot turned to look after him and found him gone into the darkness of night that had swiftly descended around him. Above him the stars were twinkling brightly. He breathed deep the air, and fund it smelt not of blood and death but rather sweet incense and the smell of flowers. He looked down, faint surprise touched him as he saw the soft clothing he wore. Black tunic and trousers and bare feet on green grass. He saw another pair of feet and slowly he cast his eyes up the slender body clad in white. Her golden hair was flying free. He knew her, but he didn't. Last he had seen her blue symbols had been painted on her skin... The battle! In a rush he felt it all come back. He gripped his shoulder. There was no wound. A small hand was laid over his. He looked up to see tears standing in Igraine's eyes.

"Tell me," she said softly. "Do you believe in the hereafter?" she asked. He shook his head and she smiled despite the tears that coursed her cheeks. She stepped closer her hands taking his face in her own.

"Neither do I." And with that she kissed him. Suddenly afraid that she would disappear as Tristan had he crushed her to him and returned her kiss, the bitter taste of tears was joined in the kiss, and he knew they were his own as well as hers. His hands brushed her neck. He realised no pulse was to be found there and with a cry he let her go.

"Tell me." She began again. "What are the names of the stars?" she asked and he looked up, his eyes caught by a shaped cluster. His breath caught in his throat at the sight of his mother's countenance gazing down at him. He looked back down at Igraine. "We will join them soon my love." She whispered wiping the tears from his face.

"But not right now." He replied as he kissed her again.

Arthur looked up at the night sky, his eyes lingering over a falling star, bright it was. He wished bitterly he could believe in heaven and the next world, for he wanted to believe that somewhere Igraine and Lancelot were together. He paused as a soft scent came to him on the breeze, the smell of small blue wildflowers. His eyes widened as distantly he thought he heard Lancelot's voice.

"Goodbye." He closed his eyes at the imagined feel of Igraine's soft kiss to his cheek. He smiled as a tear fell down his cheek.

"Thank you, oh merciful god." And never before had he offered such a heartfelt prayer. And when the next morn he visited their grave he found it covered by a strange plant, black leaves nestled around bright blue flowers grew entwined around Lancelot's twin swords.

Another end...