Part 1       

Jack watched as Alex entered his quarters.  As always, Alex had a knit cap on his head and a heavy coat on.  Jack leaned against the back of the tub.  A small cigar in his mouth and a snifter of brandy in his hand.  Alex would never seem to look Jack in the eye.  And that annoyed Jack.  He watched as Alex scurried around, turning down the bed, picking up the discarded clothing from the floor.

        "Will there by anything else Captain Sparrow?" Alex asked.

        "Aye there is Alex.  Join me in a brandy?"  Alex appeared nervous.

        "Nay captain.  I should get to cleaning the galley."       

        "Poppycock Alex.  The crew is in town and there is no one here but you and I.  Have a brandy.  Tell me about yourself."

        "No thank ye sir."  Alex scurried past the tub, but Jack caught Alex by the hand and forced him down next to the tub.  Alex glanced at the tub but quickly averted his eyes.

        "When are ye going to stop lying Alex?"

        "Lying? I've never lied about anything!"

        "Are ye sure about that, Alexandra?"  Alex's eyes snapped up to look at Jack.  Bloody hell.  How did he find out?

        "Why are ye calling me that? My name is Alex."

        "Prove it."

        "Prove what?"

        "Prove to me that ye aren't a woman."  Alex stood up.  Anger burning.

        "I don't have anything to prove to ye!"

        "I'm your captain, and you'll do as I say, or find yerself put ashore.  Savvy?"  Alex looked at him.  She couldn't go back to Tortuga.  Her father would make her whore in his pub.

        "Fine."  Alex stood up and ripped the knit hat from her head.  Her auburn curls cascading around her shoulders.  Jack leaned back once again in the tub.  He took a drink of brandy and smiled at her.

        "I knew ye was lying to me."

        "May I go now?" Alex demanded.

"No, you may not.  Pour yourself a brandy love."  Jack watched as Alex.  Now Alexandra turned and poured herself a brandy.  She downed it in one shot and poured herself another.  Jack's entire body reacted when she took off her hat.  Her hair was beautiful.  As she was as well.  Jack had spied on her once when they stopped at an island.  Alex had found a waterfall and pond to swim in.  Jack had followed her and was shocked by seeing that his cabin boy was really a woman.  From then on, he wanted her.

"I've had my brandy.  Now I'm leaving."

"Not so fast love."  Alex tried to storm past him once again, but as she went by, Jack caught hold of her once again and pulled her into the tub with him.  She began to thrash around, causing water to spill over the sides of the tub.

"Let go of me!" she yelled.

"No love.  Can't do that." Jack became suddenly aware that her coat had opened and she had a white shirt on underneath.  A white shirt that was now completely see through.  Alex gasped as she realized what he was looking at.  When she looked up into his eyes.  She saw the one thing that she had wanted from him for a very long time.  Desire.