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Chapter 6

"Fill me again Jack. Please." She pleaded with him as she ran her leg along his. Jack felt himself harden very quickly at her touch. He reached up to cup her face with his hand. He began to nipple on her full lips. Still swollen from their kisses earlier.

"Perhaps a bit of a snack first." He said teasing her with his tongue. He slowly pushed open her lips with his tongue. She opened them willingly. Her tongue sought out his, but Jack wasn't in a hurry. He wound his hand in her hair, drawing her closer. He seductively made love to her tongue with his. Tasting. Teasing. Loving.

"Jack." Alexandra moaned against his lips. She felt herself becoming wet with every kiss. She had her own hands tangled in his mass of hair as Jack moved his mouth to her jawline and to her ear. He rained feather kisses and slowly encircled her earlobe with his tongue. His hands moved further back down her body until they came to sit on her bottom. He rolled onto his back, pulling her on top of him.

Alexandra could feel his hardness underneath her. Feel the pulsating erection twitch at her folds. She watched as Jack's hands moved up her body to engulf her breasts. He teased her nipples into hardened peaks once again.

"Touch yourself love." He said in a raspy voice. Alexandra looked at him, she glanced down to see where she was sitting. "Touch yourself as if ye were thinking about me." He rasped. Tentatively, she reached down to touch herself. Her fingers grazing her curls. She could feel the wetness and Jack's hardened arousal.

Jack's sharp intake of breath forced her to look back at his face. "Don't stop love." He said. Jack wanted nothing more than to drive himself inside of her, but he was also enjoying her touch as she touched herself and him. He watched as she threw her head back in pleasure. She bit her lips as she moved her fingers inside of her. Jack's hips arched upward. "Give me your fingers." He growled at her. Alexandra looked down at him and slowly withdrew her fingers from her body. Jack grabbed her hand and brought her fingers to his mouth. He slowly began to lick the wetness off of them.

"Ride me Alex." He said as he reached down to raise her hips above him. He slowly helped her lower down, impaling her onto him. "Ride me." He rasped again.

Alexandra moved slowly on him. As if she were taking a ride in the park. Without thinking, she reached and caressed her breasts. Jack could feel her wetness surround him and he nearly lost it when he saw her touching herself again. He reached down with his hand between them and slid a finger inside of her. Moving it as she moved on top of him.

"That's it Alex." He said, encouraging her movements. Alexandra was losing control. She felt Jack's finger inside of her. She reached out for him and their fingers intertwined. She began to move faster. His hips rising to meet hers. Jack felt her walls and wetness tighten against him. He was lost. He could hold on no longer. He arched up into her, filling her once again with himself.

"Alex!" he cried out. Alexandra arched back and drove her hips down as she felt Jack pour into her.

"Jack!" She collapsed on top of him. Jack slowly trailed his fingers along her back. She rested her head on her hands and looked at him.

"Are ye going to be putting me ashore?" she asked him. Fear filled her.

Jack stroked her cheek and smirked. "Now why would I be doing something so stupid as that?"

"Well, you've gotten what ye wanted, so I figured ye wouldn't want me." She said quietly.

Jack smiled. "We have a whole entire world to sail love, and I'm sure we can figure out a few more intimate desires to fulfill." He said capturing her lips with his once again.