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"Carter, you ready to go?" Colonel O'Neill asked his Major as she walked into the gate room.
-Chevron 1 engaged- said the l sergeant over the P.A. system as he dialed PX35985

"Yes sir." Replied Major Carter. She now stood at the bottom of the platform with her Co waiting for Teal'c and Daniel and the Stargate to engage.
-Chevron 2 engaged-
"Where the heck is Daniel?" Jack asked after he got tired of waiting. He was talking more to himself than to Carter but she answered his redundant question any way. "I think he said something about donuts." "Donuts?" O 'Neil asked. "I don't know maybe I was wrong." She continued. "But I thought I heard the words donuts and be back in a few."
-Chevron 5 engaged-
Before Jack could say anything else, Teal'c and Daniel walked in the gate room, ready to go and in Teal'c's right hand, sure enough, was a white rectangular box. "Let me guess Donuts?" O'Neil said pointing to the rectangular box. "It is indeed...Donuts." Teal'c replied
-Chevron 6 engaged-
"Teal'c we're about to embark on a mission to beat up the go'uld once again and all you can think about is donuts?"

-Chevron- 7 locked- When the stargate was engaged, SG-1 moved up the ramp to the gate but before they could go threw General Hammond said, over the P.A. system, "Good Luck SG-1!"

"Thank you sir." O'Neill replied with a smile and turning to his team, he said, "We go to save another world another day." O'Neill went threw first, then smiling ant the Colonel's joke, Major Carter went threw followed but Teal'c and Daniel.

When they emerged on the other side, they found themselves in the same facility that they had just left. "Crap, not again." O'Neill said as he and his team walked down the platform. The same thing happened a while back. Carter had to reline the gate with the planets because of something with solar flares and if the gate wasn't relined then one of two things could happen. Either they would gate directly into the planet's sun or the magnetism of the wormhole would mess up and kill them all. Either way something went wrong and they ended up in 1969with the Lieutenant George Hammond and with the hippies. SG-1 finally got home and Jack didn't ever want to go back to the 60's again but his wishes never came true. "Carter, where the heck are we?" Jack asked as he looked around from the middle of the platform. The gate was the same. The walls, the window into the dialing room, everything was the same with one exception. There were no people. "I don't know, Sir. All that I can think of is that we've been thrown back into 1969." Sam answered as she too looked around. Daniel and Teal'c were doing the same thing. "I was afraid you were going to say that." Jack said. "Major Carter would appear to be correct O'Neill." Teal'c said in agreement with Sam. They walked off of the platform and as soon as they did, the platform and the stargate vanished. It wasn't that much of a surprise to team because that's what had happened before but they didn't expect what came next. The whole facility vanished and in its place was a city. They were in the middle of a street that had a movie theater, supermarket everything a city needs to be a city. The unusual thing about this street was that it was hosting a battle. There was a man in a purple and red suit with a purple cape and a red helmet and he was being attacked left and right by a younger group of people or aliens. There was a man, who appeared to be the leader, shooting a red beam of some sort out of his eyes at the red helmet man. The red beam guy was giving orders to get the red helmet man from behind and such. Jack looked over at Daniel and saw that he was amazed with what was going on. "Daniel, do you know what's going on?" Jack asked. "Yeah, I think." Daniel replied. Jack, Sam and Teal'c were shocked at Daniel's reply. "Would you care to enlighten us on your discovery?" Jack asked. "Sure," But before Daniel could say any thing else, it began to rain. They all looked up and saw a black woman with white hair flying about in the dark sky. She wore a black leotard with a black cape that had yellow trim and a black headdress sat peacefully on her white hair. "Go, Storm!" Daniel said allowing a cry to go past his lips. Again, Jack, Sam and Teal'c looked at their friend. "You know her?" Sam asked. "Well, yeah. She's Storm of the X-men and was once leader of the X- men and leader of the morlocks but not at the same time."

"What is she doing?" Teal'c asked.

"She's controlling the weather to beat Magneto." Daniel said to answer Teal'c's question. "Magneto? What the heck is a Magneto?" Jack asked. "It's not what but whom, Jack and he's the red helmet dude." Daniel replied to Jack's sarcastic remark

"How do you know all of this?" Sam asked couriously.

"I read the comics when I was a kid. My favorite was Storm." "Really, I was aways a Captain America fan." Jack replied. "

You know Captain America teamed up with the X-men once." "I must have missed that issue." Jack said. "Sir, I hate to spoil your fun but it looks like Storm is throwing a lightning bolt at Magneto and being this close to him, we may get caught in the blot if we don't move now."
Before SG-1 could move, the rain stopped falling on them, even though it persuaded to rain around them. Daniel looked up and saw a woman with short brown hair that had blue streaks in it. She wore a black one piece outfit that only had a right sleeve and on her left arm she had a green vine tattoo and a red scar on the left side of her face. She lowered herself to the ground between Jack and Daniel. She, too, was wet from the rain. "Daniel, another one of your X-men friends?" Jack asked sarcastically. "No, I've never seen her before. I have no idea who she is. All thought by the way she's keeping the rain off of us and herself, it seems that she's telekinetic and we are inside a telekinetic shield." The woman smiled at Daniel's words. "You are correct, sir. I am telekinetic. I am Black Fox and I am one of the leaders of the X-men. My friend and co-leader has told me to take you to safety." Fox said as she motioned for SG-1 to follow her but before they could move, they were made immobilized by Magneto and his outstretched hand. "Fox, you mind telling us what's going on?" Jack asked as he looked at Magneto and then to his side at Fox. This is Magneto. He is an enemy of the X-men and he is the master of magnetism. Jack looked at Fox in surprise that he had heard her words but her lips had not moved one bit. Suddenly they were lifted a few feet into the air. Magneto, magnetically, Jack and Sam's P70's, Daniel's Barreta 92 F and Teal'c's staff weapon. Once he had them, he crumbled them into nothing but dust. "Hey, those were ours!" O'Neil said in a childish voice. "Sir, I don't think he cares. Besides they wouldn't do us any good. Those are metal guns with...." "With metal bullets. Yes Carter I know. Thank You Captain Obvious." Magneto stepped in front of Jack. He looked like he was going to say something when a voice said "Fox, now!" Fox closed her eyes; Daniel saw; and lifted the helmet off of Magneto's head. With in five seconds, Magneto was down on the ground, out cold. As soon as Magneto was out, SG-1 fell to the ground and Fox lowered herself to it. "Could you warn us next time we are about to fall five feet?" O'Neil asked as he and his team stood. "Sorry, Colonel." Fox replied, shocking O'Neil because he had not yet told her who he was, not to mention his rank. Just then two more people came and stood by Fox. It was Storm and the man who shot a laser from his eyes. "You would be?" O'Neil asked the man. He saw Fox look around and then turned to man. "I think we should talk else where. You know a safer place to talk and not be watched by bystanders." SG-1 looked around and saw a few people watching the unfolding scene. "I agree." Said the man. The man left and with in a few moments later, SG-1 found a jet hovering over their heads. A ramp was lowered and, once everyone was on, raised them up into the jet.