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While Jack, Fox, and Wolverine were getting everyone else out of their chains and such, four more Flight 609ers showed up. This had everyone cornered in the cells. Jack was with Sam, Storm and Nightcrawler. Fox was with Daniel, Shadowcat, Havock and Polaris and Wolverine was with Cyclops, Teal'c , Phoenix and Colossus.

We can handle them, Colonel, don't worry about that. I'll patch everyone threw a link so that we can tell them the plan. Fox did just that and with in 30 seconds Jack was talking to his team and X-men.

Okay, kids, Here's the deal. We have four Flight 609ers outside our doors. Anyone out of the X-men volunteer to take those things down?

I will, Colonel. Said Havok

So will we Jean and Cyclops said together.

I will as well. Said Polaris.

Sorry, Polaris, Jack said gently and firmly, From what I hear about you, SG-1 may need your help.

Phoenix, Cyclops, and Havok Stayed behind to fight the Flight 609ers to give SG-1 and the other X-men enough time to get to where they needed to go.

"Sir, this looks like the SGC." Sam said.

"No Duh Carter." Jack replied to her stupid comment

"I'm saying, sir, that since this looks like the SGC then maybe there is a chance that there will be a Stargate here as well."

"All right, let's head to the dialing room." Jack said.

SG-1, Wolverine, Polaris, Storm, Fox, Colossus and Nightcrawler headed up to the dialing room and on the way they came across many guards but the X-men took care of them so that SG-1 could continue on. When they got to the dialing room, SG-1 and the remaining X-men found that two officers had to put in a clearance code in order to dial out. Sam and Jack both put a code in but the computer refused it.

"Sir, that's the only code I know and it didn't work. How are we going to get out of here?" Sam asked looking at the Colonel.

"Polaris, you can control metal right?" Jack asked out of breath from running.

"Yes sir. I sure can."

"All right, we are going to geo down into the gate room down there and I want you to manually dial earth. Daniel will tell you what to do from there. My guess is that there are going to be guards out side the gate room waiting for us. So Colossus, Wolverine, Storm and Nightcrawler I want you to post yourselves out side the gate room and if anyone tries to stop us, do what you have to, to stop them."

A few moments later, the wormhole was activated and it was time to say good bye to the X-men. "Colonel," Fox said approaching him very slowly. "You are a very good leader and I hope that one day you will accidentally come into our world again."

"Thank you, Fox. You aren't such a bad leader yourself. You might be a bit annoying and pushy at times but you're an okay person." Fox and Jack got lost in each other's eyes of a moment and in that moment Jack and Fox said their goodbyes in a small passionate kiss. All the other X-men had left and were helping keep guard. Sam, Daniel and Teal'c waited for Jack on the ramp. Sam felt like she was going to cry. She knew she had feelings for Jack and he had feelings for her but they couldn't act on those feelings and she hated it! She wanted to tell the world about her love for Jack but military regulations forbid anything of the sort. Finally, Jack and Fox said goodbye and Jack walked up the ramp and said, "Wow!" As he walked threw the gate and he was soon followed by the rest of his team.

"Colonel, where the hell have you been?" Hammond asked as he welcomed SG-1 back to earth. "You have been gone for over three days. I was about to pronounce you missing in action." Hammond then saw Jack's wound and said, "Jack get to the infirmary immediately and have Dr. Frasier take a look at that."

"Yes, Sir." Jack said as he left the gate room.

Hammond saw that Carter was about to cry and so he asked, "Major are you all right?"

"Yes, sir. We've just had one heck of an adventure. I'm tired from all the excitement."

"Well, go to the infirmary, have Frasier give you a check up and we have a debriefing in one hour."

"Yes Sir." Sam Said as she left for the infirmary.

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