Shadow of destiny a fan fiction

Porcelain tears


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It was about a year ago since Eike had fought destiny for his life and won. But, homunculus was the victim, he had paid the price for Eike's life, when his time travelling device shattered and a small single fragment had cut his head.

But, Eike all this time had lived with a kind of guilt, feeling he was the one who had caused homunculus to be once again imprisoned in the stone. So for the past year, he had tried fixing the digipad in hope that maybe he could once again defy fate and stop the digipad from breaking to try and save homunculus.

Today was the day Eike had managed to fix the digipad and now he was going to use it to be transported to the moment just before he dropped the digipad.

Immediately he was standing there before homunculus.

Homunculus: hand it over

Eike instead of holding the digipad out towards homunculus put it back in his pocket.

Eike: no

Homunculus: what?

Eike: if I give it you now it will…

Homunculus clicked his fingers and time froze, everyone froze, everyone except for homunculus and Eike that is.

Eike looked around

Eike: if I gave you this digipad it would…

Homunculus: I see time remember Eike? I know what had happened to me now. So fine keep that digipad if you want.

A superior smirk wiped across homunculus face as he muttered an incantation.

Eike: what have you done?

Homunculus: I have taken my power back from the digipad, it doesn't work now and I don't need it anymore.

Homunculus turned to walk off.

Eike: what? You're just gonna leave like that?

Homunculus: that's the plan, why Eike what did you expect me to do?

Eike: you could at least take me back to my own time. I cant stay here.

Homunculus grinned as he walked towards the large tree in the square and leaned against it.

Homunculus: what makes you think I'd do that, I already got what I wanted, thanks to you.

Eike: I don't believe you! you used me and I was the one who felt guilty so I saved you… and this is how you're going to repay me.

Homunculus: (yawns) are you trying to put me on a guilt trip Eike?

Eike said nothing he was just disappointed and shocked by homunculus's reaction, he didn't expect him to be nice but he hoped he would be.

Homunculus: anything else?

Eike: I err… I own you.

Homunculus: what did you say?

Eike: I was doctor Wagner, while fixing the digipad I found a lot out and I own you homunculus.

Homunculus's face had a painful expression on it for a short moment then he covered it up with a smirk.

Homunculus: my my aren't you the clever one. But I'm afraid only one wish per customer.

Eike: damn it!

Eike not knowing what else to do took out the alchemist book named 'magician of our city' he had lent from Eckart a long time ago, the one with the pentagram on the cover.

Homunculus flinched at the sight of it.

Homunculus: are you threatening me Eike?

Eike put the book so it was almost touching the djinns head. Homunculus lt out a little cry, he was frightened.

Eike: now take me back!

Homunculus: ok ok.

Homunculus closed his eyes and held Eike's shoulders and they reappeared in Eike's apartment.

Homunculus fell to his knees.

Eike: are you ok?

Eike knelt down beside him very concerned, he put his hand on homunculus's arm.

Homunculus: I'm fine.

Homunculus shook off Eike's hand.

Eike: anything I can do?

Homunculus: I think you've done enough Eike, don't you?

As Eike stood up the alchemy book fell out of his pocket and landed by homunculus. This time seeing it homunculus passed out beside it.

Eike: oh my god! Homunculus are you ok?

Eike shook him gently being careful not to brake his fragile skin. Homunculus didn't respond. Eike carefully picked him up, he was so light it was almost like carrying air. Eike took him to his bed and lay homunculus on it.

Some time later…

Homunculus carefully opened his beautiful red eyes into a squint. And looked around trying to identify his surroundings, but he had no memories of this place, he'd never been here before.

Eike: hi there.

He put a hot drink of tea on the table beside homunculus.

Eike: how are you feeling?

Homunculus: I don't drink tea.

Eike: oh ok, so how are you feeling?

Homunculus: I'm ok.

Eike: you sure, I was worried.

Homunculus: worried or guilty?

Eike: heh and what would you know about guilt?

Homunculus smiled, Eike couldn't believe what he just said, what was wrong with him? He wanted to get along with homunculus but instead he just seemed to be arguing with him.

Eike: look I'm really sorry I didn't mean to threaten you or hurt you and I got rid of the pentagram book.

Homunculus looked up to see if Eike was telling the truth , searching his thoughts he discovered that Eike had thrown the book away earlier.

Homunculus: so why have you done all this Eike?

Eike: I really don't know I just thought it was the right thing to do, I just felt bad that your life ended saving mine.

Homunculus: it's not like I sacrificed myself for you Eike, everything on my agenda was for my own personal gain.

Eike didn't like homunculus's reply, he was so heartless but then again he wasn't human…