Chapter 9

Months later…

It took a very long time but Eike had finally finished recreating the homunculus and it was any day now homunculus would break out of the tank and live again. Although it had been a bit too long, he was supposed to be out by now. Homunculus hadn't even moved around like he was supposed to, Eike was worried he'd followed the instructions wrong but he'd followed them exactly.

A week later Eike decided he would open the tank and get homunculus out to see if he was alive or not.

Eike placed his fingertips on the lid and untwisted it carefully and took it off.

Homunculus eyes flickered, a good sign!

Eike carefully tipped the tank on its side and all the liquid inside tipped out onto the floor but homunculus was still inside.

Eike: homunculus?

After waiting a few minutes homunculus hadn't moved so Eike carefully dragged him out onto the floor and crouched beside him.

Eike touched his face; he was so cold and still not moving.

Eike: damn it homunculus this isn't funny… wake up!

Eike carefully placed his fingertips on homunculus eyelids and pulled them back to open his eyes. Homunculus's beautiful red eyes… they weren't there, there was just whiteness.

Eike: oh god what have I done wrong? I followed everything exactly.

He jumped up and grabbed the diary and looked through the pages.

Eike: I don't understand I did everything right!

Suddenly a page fell out from the back it was a letter, written in the most beautiful writing.

Eike picked it up and read it.

Eike: to Eike… I have made this decision to save you, maybe you don't believe that… because I hardly believe it myself but although you'll try to bring me back I won't come back. I don't want your soul and if I come back I'll have to take it sooner or later…. Eike I just ask one favour of you, the red stone, destroy it. I would rather not exist at all then spend eternity in the stone. Thank you Eike, enjoy your life… Homunculus.

Eike let the letter fall and looked over at homunculus's lifeless body.

Eike: why didn't you tell me homunculus?

Eike crouched down beside him.

Eike: I thought you were bad, I thought that you couldn't care, I thought you were heartless….. Yet you've saved my life at the cost of your existence… was I really worth it? I feel terrible now … oh wake up please homunculus… take my soul if you need it, I don't want you to not exist because of me…. Can you even hear me? Oh you must be able to! You're in there somewhere refusing to come out… homunculus do I mean that much to you that you're prepared to never live again for me? …Why? I don't understand.

No matter how much Eike talked and what he said homunculus didn't respond he was gone and he was never ever coming back.

The only thing Eike could do was do what homunculus had asked in letter. Destroy the stone but first he had to destroy homunculus's lifeless body.

Eike grabbed the nearest knife from the kitchen it wasn't the sharpest but it didn't need to be.

Eike looked at homunculus for the last time, he was like a life size porcelain doll, so pale and perfect, not a hair out of place and something unusual caught his eye, a yellow clip over his right ear, Eike didn't know what that was and didn't much care he had a job to do.

He took homunculus's hand and cut along the front of it, it was so easy to rip his skin and the red inside poured out and homunculus melted away forever and all that was left was the stone. Eike picked up the stone and held it in his hand, he placed it on the table, immediately looked around for something that could break it.

After going through all of his tools he came across an old hammer, he took it to the table aimed it toward the philosophers stone and struck. The pretty red stone was broke into little pieces. Its mysterious usual bright red glow had faded and now it was just like a few dull parts of the same stone that had lost all of its magic power.

Eike: good bye forever homunculus.

Months later…

Not long after homunculus's demise, Eike was hit by a car, he was taken to hospital and died in a critical condition there and this time he was dead for good. Fate was too strong to be changed and all of the attempts to stay alive and bring homunculus back were in vain. Destiny couldn't be changed.