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My Last Taxi Ride, a Crazy Taxi FanFic by Lord PichuPal

Hello, I'm David. I remember the time when I took a cab. Now, you may be thinking, "So what? You took a cab one time. Big deal." Au contraire. It is a big deal, because I haven't taken a cab since that one faithful day. Want to know the story? Okay, I'll tell you.

I was at the West Coast. I had a train to catch at the R.B Station. It was too far to walk and there was no possible way to get to the bus terminal, either. So, I was stuck to call for a cab. And so, I stuck my arm in the air and waited for a cab to come. Not too long after, a cab veered up next to me. The driver nearly hit me, but I got in anyway. I was in too big of a hurry to use common sense, I guess. "Hey, where do you want to go?" asked the green haired driver. "The R.B Station, please. And make it quick," I told him. Big mistake. I didn't know how quick that would be. "No problem, I'll get you there in no time at all," he said. Then, we were off. I held on for dear life as we sped down the pavement. Not just the road, but sometimes the sidewalk, too! I couldn't believe how this guy was driving like this. I wanted to ask him if he had a license, but I didn't. He looked like he did this kind of reckless driving everyday. We swerved in between traffic so many times, I thought I would die! I looked up to see we were driving against traffic! "Are you trying to get us killed?!" I shouted at him. "Don't worry about it, I drive like this all the time," he told me. Yeah, that really made me feel more secure. At last, I saw the R.B Station in the distance. I was so glad that the nightmare was finally about to end. We almost crashed, but he swerved away at the last second. Finally, he stopped out in front of the station. "Here we are. That'll be $537.42, dude," he told me. I lept out of the car as fast as I could, and threw the amount due at him. "Um, thanks for the ride, I guess," I said meekly. "No problem, dude. Have a nice day," he said. Then, he sped away and picked up some one else. I thought to myself, "That guy doesn't know what he's in for." From that point forward, I swore I would never take a cab again. I went inside and got on my train. He went so fast that I was early for my train by a couple minutes. I still have no idea who that guy was or who he worked for, but I'm glad he came when he did. What happened after that makes no big deal. That is why I never took a cab again.

THE END!! Thanks for reading my Crazy Taxi story! Hope you enjoyed it! Please read my other stories if you ever get the chance. I'm sure you'll like them, too!