Hola all!

OKay here's a lil zel/lina ficcy i've been working on, when i'm not working on
Omen. I'll get to it!!! I promise!!! Till then you'll have to whet your
appitites on this one.

Warning or whatever: It'll definately be a zel/lina romancey fic, though it'll
also have some Xel/Lina and even some Sylphiel/Lina thrown in for spice!


*Emperor's Sister. ^_^v


He sat, pensive, on his cold, hard, throne. Unmoving; almost deathlike in his
appearance. His frozen locks shimmered like pure diamonds, in the phantom light,
contrasting brilliantly against his pale blue skin. The Frost Prince was, once
again, feeling the icey sting of dispare.

The Snow Queen sighed as she watched her son's handsome face locked in sadness.
It had been soo many centuries since she had last seen him smile with true
happiness. So long in fact she was hard pressed to remeber what that glorious
sight actually looked like. She glided, mysticly, across the marble floor,
towards her child, and perched by his side. Gently, she ran an experienced
mother's hand through his cool lavendar hair, brushing it out of his eyes, and
gaining his attention.

"Zelgadis, my precious." she cooed softly like a winter's breeze.
"What troubles you so? Tell me how I can help you my sweet prince."

A shadow flittered lightly across his features; of a smile that would never be,
as he gazed into the concerned visage of his parent. "Nothing Mother."

The Snow Queen's no-nonsence frown stopped him from lying further.

"I yearn mother." Zelgadis confessed, breaking eye contact. "I
yearn for something... I don't know what."

The Snow Queen sighed again as her son rose to his feet.

"I'm going out mother. Sorry." he said, as his footsteps echoed,
sadly, out the door.


Lina dashed like a mad thing, hair flying like a pheonix's wings, eyes flashing
with burning desire and un-describable joy. She galloped about the snow wridden
forest giddy and carefree, laughing at nothing and everything. She was happy.
Beyond happy. Yes, happy was quite the understatement, as she was free. Years of
working like a drudge had finally paid off.

She had worked as a maid in the manor house of one of the posh families in
Seyrune. A position that had its ups and downs in normal society, though the Uld
Metalliums were NOT normal society. It was true that the servants of the Uld
Metallium manor house were paid exceptionally well, for being nothing more than
living furniture, in worst case senarios, it was having to live with the family
itself that was the true test of one's metal.

The elder sister was quite nice and soft-spoken. Sylphiel Uld Metallium was a
good person deep down, and that was a trait Lina liked about her. She was quite
different from her hell-spawned brothers, in character. It was her tendency to
use her good, innocent nature to try and seduce Lina in a
"friendship", that had bothered Lina Inverse to no end. It was
difficult enough to defend against the older brother, Xellos' advances, having
the sister added into the mix was Much Too Much.

Lina sighed with relief at her newfound freedom. The manor had grown to be
suffocating, and now that she had saved enough coin, she made quick her escape
and began to put her well planned dream into action. Lina had been working and
scrimping all she could in order to buy a nice sweet place up in the Zelphilean
country, where she had been born. She would maybe open up a restaurant, as she
was a very good cook, or perhaps an inn or somthing. It would be more hard work,
but it would be all her's, and her's alone.

How wonderfull, to be treated like somthing other than a common piece of
baggage, like she had been so treated most of her life. To be like some
fancifull, fairy-blessed princess maiden, worshipped for what was inside her
soul and heart and mind, instead of what lies between her thighs; but she knew
it was just a silly fantasy that couldn't come true. Fairies were nonsence.
Princes were lusty old farts or weany whiney brats with money and little else.
It was safer, and saner, to stick with more realistic and possible dreams; Ones
that wouldn't hurt you, and maybe break you.

Laughing, she leaped precariously onto a fallen tree, as if to escape her
tortured little girl thoughts, and tiptoed her way across it. The snow whispered
in protest, shifting, and the trunk slid causing the poor red head to scramble
to safer ground.

With a cry of fright, the ground she had scurried to, showed its devious colours
and crummbled into nothingness beneath her feet; taking its frightened prey with
it, into oblivion.