Zelgadis awoke with a feeling of dread in his stomach. Something felt off, but he wasn't
sure whether it was him or not. Sure he felt rather warm, pleasantly so, and a bit sweaty;
but nothing seemed to be too different. Opening his eyes he smiled at the cute red head
dozing on his chest. His rather pinkish chest.

Apparently they had succeeded. A missive sliding under his chamber door interrupted his
silent musings. Sighing, he moved the sleepy Lina and rose to investigate.

'My Prince.' He read, 'I thought it best to inform you of the following. A dark force has
invaded us. It apparently is interested in the human girl in your care. The Snow Queen
has agreed to surrender the human female to this mad man. You'd best act quickly.

Filia, Knight of the North Winds.'

This did not bode well for the young lovers. As swiftly as he could he awakened his new
love and explained how they needed to leave, immediately. Lina understood. She
understood all too well. She cleverly pieced together the puzzle to figure that the
Metaliums were back and threatening her newfound happiness.

By the time the Queen's soldiers arrived at the prince's rooms, both Zelgadis and Lina
were packed and long gone. When informed, The Queen was not amused.

"Find Them!"

Zel and Lina shivered as they raced down one icy corridor after another. "The Gates are
nearby." He told her, "Hopefully we can get out before they catch up."

"Now This is what I call service.' An amused voice cut them off.


"Yes my darling! I've come to this most amusing place to take you home." The purple
haired demon smirked.

"You will stay Away from Lina!" Zel growled, "She is not some toy for you to break!
She is an un-tameable flame, on that burns brighter than anything in the world!"

"Oh how melodramatic!" he sneered.

"Most would consider it Romantic!" Lina snapped, a blush tinting her cheeks from Zel's
passionate words.


Startled the trio turned to the shambling figure approaching. "Liiinaaa! You've cooomme
baack tooo mee!"

"Eeeeeeeeeeyaaaaaaaaah!!!!!!" Lina screamed as the dim crystal light shown on the
disgusting features of the rotting girl. "Syl.. fiel!! Oh god!"

"What … is THAT?!" Zelgadis exclaimed taking a step back from the animated corpse.

"Well IT was my sister." Xellos explained, "but I had to sell her to the dark side in order
to get here. I had No idea she was till in there though. Rather creepy actually."

"YOU THINK!" they roared at him and took off running back the way they had come.

"LIIINAAA!!" the shambling un-dead Sylfiel cried out as the red head raced away.

"Now look what you've done! Your hideousness has frightened her off!" Xellos scolded,
earning himself the girl's full attention and wrath.

"Yoouurrr Faauullt!!!" she cried out once more and struck her surprised sibling with all
her un-holy strength.

Un-prepared, Xellos flew like a silly rag doll through the air, crashing down one of the
palace walls. He lay there, crumpled and un-moving, barely breathing at all, in the crystal
rubble. Sylfiel paid him no further mind as she shuffled off in pursuit of her misguided

"Liiinaaa … I'm coooommiiiinng! My oonnly love!"


The two lovers raced as fast as they could, but they could not shake the obsessive zombie
from their trail. The creature followed on, through every twist, turn, and even breaking
down walls and doors to corner the pair in a dead end.

"Liinnaa! Daarliing!" it sighed walking towards her, arms outstretched.

Lina shook with fear. She didn't know what to do. How do you stop something that
destroys everything in it's path? How do you kill something that is already dead?


"Stay Away From her!!" Zel roared, coming between the monster and the human he had
come to cherish. "Don't you Dare Touch Lina!"

Sylfiel became enraged. There was always Someone trying to come between her and her
beloved. Always somebody taking her precious away from her! Some MEN trying to
steal her soul mate's heart! Phibby, Xellos, and now HIM! "DIE!" she screamed lathing
onto the prince's throat and throwing him fiercely to the ground. The thick crystal floor
cracking from the force of the blow.

Lina was shocked. Her prince tried to save her and was about to be killed! It couldn't be
happening! 'My prince. My prince. My prince my prince my prince…. ZELGADIS!'
Lina's soul seemed to ignite at his very name. It burned brightly as if it were but a torch
begging to be lit. the fire in her heart rose to unbearable heights causing her to scream out
her anguish. "FIRE BALL!"

The vengeful flames of her love burst forth from the petite girl's fingers, engulfing the
surprised litch. It burned so hot, the palace melted around them, sealing the tormented
Sylfiel in an impenetrable icy prison, far far below the palace grounds.

Trembling, Lina splashed to Zelgadis' side, grateful to see he wasn't too badly harmed.
Quite soaked and beginning to get seriously chilled, the young couple exited the Winter
World, together; through the hole that fiery love had created. They were free at last. Their
cold lonely winters were once and for all, at an end.


The Snow Queen wandered gracefully through the glacier catacombs, deeply buried
below the castle grounds. For centuries the hard un-yielding ice here had acted as the
tomb of all the Winter Kingdom's inhabitants, though only the great ones had the
knowledge of its existence. It was a place the less powerful and important would only
come to know of, when it was Their time.

She glided past all those who came before her. Zelas, master of the winter beasts. Her
sire, Dynast, old king of the North Winds. Her mate, Lei, the ex-king of Ice. She did not
so much as notice the chamber's newest acquisition, the zombie girl Sylfiel, but marched
onward to her target. Her great great grandsire, whose name once bore that of Frost.

Stopping before him, she placed one white hand on the icy pillar and snorted. "Well
Greatest Grandfather Rezo, you got what you wanted. Winters' End, brought on by my
own dearest son. But you were a foolish old man. For Winters' End occurred for Zelgadis
alone, as what was expected; and began anew for his replacement the amnesiac fool who
dared to invade us."

"That one was struck down by his own invention. Its trapped just over there is you're
curious. What was it you used to say? Point for his own petard? No matter, his loss of
memory will suit us well. Xellos is the new Lord of Frost." The Snow Queen turned to
leave, but paused before her hand was completely off of the pillar.

"Thank you, for the loss of my prince. I hope he is happy." The she was gone.

Let it be known to all who dare to disrupt the order and balance that they do not fully
comprehend. This warning of sorts. For all winters must end at some point, it is true, nut
note: It always comes back; hale and hearty as before.