This is my first fanfic so it may suck I never actually wrote a fanfic..i gave up on all my other ones and this is the first one I am showing people. Hope you all enjoy it!

Also: This is a yaoi fanfic and if you are against it then don't read it and don't complain to me

Hidden Love

The night was bright beyond anyone's word can describe. The full moon gleamed brightly. Surrounded by its' close friends, the stars

Naruto was out on the apartment porch, gazing at the wonderful view. The night was still young and Naruto's stomach was still empty. His ramen instincts told him to get a bowl. He went inside into his apartment. Naruto didn't have much money so he didn't have much furniture. There was a small kitchen with cupboards full of ramen of all sorts, chicken, beef, and even mushroom. There was a standard couch with a coffee table in front of it and a fairly small television set.

Naruto walked in and fired up the stove to boil the water. Naruto didn't get to eat much since Iruka made him pay for all the ramen and knowing naruto, he ate six bowls of ramen and Iruka had about two so it had cost a lot and Naruto, without money, couldn't pay for all of that so he was given the job to wash all the dishes. And to make things even worse, it was a busy which made him do twice as much dish as the workers normally did. It took so much time; it was past nightfall by the time he arrived in his apartment. Since Naruto worked so hard, it had made him hungry again and he didn't dare to eat another bowl for he would have to wash more dishes and he had done enough work for one day.

The water was finally done and Naruto had put the noodles in to boil. It took only a few minutes and he had a nice, warm bowl of ramen. Naruto suddenly felt the urge to make another bowl, not for him but for someone else. He didn't remember that anyone was going to come but he, however, did make another bowl for some reason

He set the two bowls on the coffee table side by side and sat down on the black couch, thinking if his answer will come, he's completely insane or someone was going to come over.

It then happened. There was a knock on the door and Naruto wondered who it was. He turned the knob and opened the door to reveal that the person who was standing there was no other than Uchiha Sasuke. Nobody said a word as Sasuke walked in. Naruto wondered why he was here but instead of asking he offered him the bowl of ramen. Sasuke accepted it with a confused face. Sasuke was the first one to speak.

"How did you know I was coming?" he asked with a tint of politeness in his voice which was unusual since Sasuke was always rude. Naruto heard it but decided to ignore it.

"There was this feeling for some odd reason that someone was coming over" was Naruto's simple reply. "And why are you here?" Naruto continued.

"Theres something I need to talk to you about." Sasuke said and he ddint know why but he kept looking at the open bedroom door. Naruto decided to ignore this too.

"Whats that?" Naruto asked, waiting for Sasuke's answer, Both boys were too focused into their conversation that they had left their ramen untouch. Even with Naruto's craving for ramen he didn't dare want ti miss what Sasuke was going to say since Sasuke never came over unless its something very important. Sasuke wasn't the exact social type anyways so that was two reasons he didn't want to miss what the next sentence was.

"I..I,I" Sasuke stammered. He never stammers. Sasuke thought hard for minute and said a simple "Nevermind" and half walking, half running, went out of the apartment. Naruto knew something was wrong but he didn't know exactly what.