The pain in Naruto's heart was like a thousand knives piercing through him. He couldn't watch him go. He decided to follow Sasuke; it was the only chance to get the only person he truly loved back.

The forest was dark and Naruto constantly got lost. Sasuke was ahead by a long distance but slow enough that Naruto can catch up in a while if he didn't slack off at any time. In the forest, minutes felt like hours as hours felt like days. Naruto was focused on Sasuke, a little too focused. He rushed too fast and without paying attention to a nearby tree, he knocked into it, head on. He fell from the tree and passed out in the damp soil underneath him.

Naruto awoke from his "sleep" and wondered what the time was. He had been knocked out cold and Sasuke could be gone and too far ahead to catch up. He panicked as blood rushed to his head. Even though he was far behind, he soon got up and followed the trail he had been before the incident that occurred. Damn it…if I don't catch up to Sasuke, I might never be able to see him again… Naruto was thinking as tears flowed from his eyes. He didn't realize how much Sasuke had meant to him until then. Why Sasuke, why…I love you but you neglect it after all we've been through…Naruto's eyes were filled with tears as he tried to settle on another subject. Even though he won't love me, I will still bring him back for the sake of the country. Determination had reached Naruto now and he moved faster than before. He needed to get Sasuke back no matter what. It wasn't just for him but other people can admire him and his looks. Naruto had screwed up on the one chance with Sasuke but love is not limited. He can get a better person…Naruto thought, a foggy smile with a straining amount of tears.

His thoughts left Naruto in a trance as he soon realized that he had come to an opening of the forest. Amazingly, he spotted that of a blue shirt and wearing it was a boy with back hair. He was in front of Naruto. An orange sleeve was reaching for the boy's shirt as it locked onto it. The boy turned around and kicked Naruto to the ground, 10 meters from the forest, onto an open circle area.

"You are nothing to me now. Get lost." Sasuke yelled as he flew away.

The very phrase left Naruto stoned. How could Sasuke say such a thing? Naruto thought, petrified. He got up and spotted someone standing there. He had whitish hair down to his shoulder. He reached into his back and pulled out something. His bone.

Naruto stood up and stared that the bone he had just pulled out.

"Who the hell are you? Get out of my way" Naruto was serious and cold hearted after the words Sasuke said. It rang in his head.

"They call me Kimmaro. Sasuke is gone, don't chase him. Orochimaru needs him. A new container is needed."

"Fucker! Get out of my way!"

Naruto let out his shadow replication and chased after the opponent. However, Kimmaro easily slashed through it leaving the real Naruto revealed. Shit…if this goes on, Sasuke will be beyond my reach. It will be impossible to catch up to him… Naruto was thinking. To his luck, when Kimmaro was coming toward him with the steel hard bone, Kimmaro was struck by a pile of sand. Naruto looked at this astonished. Standing in from of Naruto was Garaa, from the Sand country.

"What are you doing here?" Naruto spoke to Garaa.

"I have a big debt to you. I was the one who ruined your relationship. Go, go take Sasuke back. I will deal with his guy." Garaa responded.

Naruto nodded without hesitation and ran into the forest. Garaa had a huge task upon his hand. Kimmaro was no ordinary opponent. He unleashed his sand and it tumbled over Kimmaro. It crushed Kimmaro and buried him beneath the darkness of the sand. The disease was upon Kimmaro however, causing him to have the disadvantage. I have to win Kimmaro thought to himself…for the sake of Orochimaru. He switched to the second level of his seal. He broke from the ground as Garaa unleashed another wave of Sand. Again, Kimmaro was stuck. However, with the lack of time he had, the ground was unleashed by an ocean of bones, piercing from the sand. Garaa broke a piece of dirt from the ground and flew above the bones, above from the harm. Suddenly, Kimmaro appeared from the top of a tree of bone and with the biggest bone in his body, he raised it to pierce Garaa from it. The body then just hung there, without a lifeless beat in his heart, his body cold as ice. Kimmaro had died from the suffering of the diseased he carried around. Garaa had won the battle.

Naruto followed Sasuke through the other side if the forest, only to end up in a place where there was two statues with a waterfall running in between them. Sasuke stopped on the left side of the rock cliff and had his back toward Naruto.

"Why? Why do you follow me? I have rejected you and broke your heart but still you wander behind me like an apprentice. Why do you do this for me?" Sasuke's voice was harsh and cold

Naruto was silent; his voice was unable to speak. He managed to mutter something out after a while.

"Because Sasuke, I love you. There is no one that can replace the sensation that I feel toward you, every time I see you, every time breathe your air. I can't live without you. You are like god to me and I will do everything to bring you back. Love is nothing without you…" Naruto finished with tears, dropping on the rough rock of the cliff.

Sasuke was the one silent this time. Three words then appeared from his mouth.

"I don't care"

These words hurt Naruto. His heart ached deeply within the wound his other words had done. Naruto felt rage grow upon him as he ran right into Sasuke a clenched fist penetrating the flesh of Sasuke. He fell to the ground without feeling. No anger, hate, or any emotion came from him. He climbed back to his feet slowly and stood in front of his old love. He punched Naruto, sending him into the sea.

"I do not need you. Love is no longer an attribute for me. Power is the only thing I need now."

Naruto got up from the ocean and stood on the water. Sasuke flew down and confronted Naruto with the Chidori. Naruto started the Resangan as the clashed into each other, sending a blast loud enough to be heard where Garaa was fighting. Naruto and Sasuke both lay on the ocean surface. Naruto was the first to get up. He walked up to Sasuke and stood above him.

"I love you. Even though you don't share the same love for me anymore, don't leave Sasuke, please…" Naruto was shedding tears.

"Why? Why do you do so much for me even after I rejected you?" Sasuke asked again.

"The first day I met you, you were nothing more than a mere rival. Now, you have turned out to be the only love that I can have. No one can replace you. I just can't live without you Sasuke…it isn't life if you aren't there…" Naruto's tears fell onto the Sasuke's body. Sasuke then said three words again.

"Let's go home…"

Naruto lit up. "Oh Sasuke… I love you so much!" This time, tears of joy flowed from Naruto's face as he kissed Sasuke before they left, back to their village.

The End

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