Somewhere I Belong

By: angel74

Summary: AU This story takes place during the summer after Harry's sixth year. Sirius has returned from beyond the Veil and is currently in the mental ward at St. Mungo's hospital. Confused yet? If so, then you should know that this is the third story in the "Soul Mate Series," and a lot of this won't make sense until you read the first two stories Bring Me to Life and Echoes of the Mind. Both stories deal with Harry overcoming an abusive past and are also a love story between Harry and Draco. EOTM also analyzes what lies beyond the Veil at the Department of Mysteries.

If you do understand everything that is going on then you know Harry is staying with Remus at Villa de Luna this summer. Harry desperately longs for a "normal" life and is apprehensive about telling Sirius, who will be coming to live them, about everything that has happened to him in the last year. How will the three men adjust to living with one another when there are so many things left unsaid? What will happen when Sirius discovers Harry's many secrets? And how will Harry's renewed connection to Voldemort affect the situation?

Draco has been asked by the Weasleys to stay with them at Number 12 Grimmauld Place. Draco is relieved to stay at the Order's headquarters because he will still be able to see his godfather, Severus, occasionally. With the help of Harry, Jinx, and the Weasleys, Draco strives to be a better person and put his past behind him. Will all his hard work be jeopardized when a mysterious family member arrives at their front door and questions the choices he has made?

Disclaimer: I have decided to say this once, and only once instead of posting it for every chapter. I do not own Harry Potter or any other of J.K. Rowling's wonderful characters. I only want to play in her world. I intend this story to be merely for pleasure, not profit.

Pairings: HP/DM, RW/HG, GW/NL

Genre: Angst/Romance

Rating: R (just in case), but more likely it will be PG-13

Warnings: mentions child abuse, cutting, and rape; male/male pairing (yes, this will be slash!)

Spoilers: all five books!

Special Note: I recently reposted this chapter. This story's title is taken from a Linkin Park song called "Somewhere I Belong," as you probably already know. It really reflects how Harry, Draco, Sirius, and possibly Remus may feel about everything and I have included it here to set the tone for the rest of the story. I had originally included here by I had to remove it per fanfiction's policy.

A/N: Sorry, this is just a clarification about the story's time frame. The gang went to Donn Island around May 1st, which is Beltane, when the Veil would be at its thinnest. Harry wasn't allowed to see Sirius for nearly a week after he woke up from his ordeal. A couple weeks after that it was decided that Sirius needed the healers at St. Mungo's in order to recover. So Sirius was in the hospital almost a month before school let out at the end of June. (I think I said that he was sent there on the Friday before school let out in EOTM- disregard that completely. Oops!)

Chapter 1- Watching Over You

Draco awoke groggily to the sound of a bed spring creaking in the room as covers rustled about. Opening a pale blue eye he saw that Ron was struggling to get out of bed. His sheets had wrapped themselves around him in the night and didn't seem to want to let go. If there was one thing Draco had learned about Ron it was that he tossed around a lot at night. And it wasn't even because he was having a nightmare or anything; he was just that active of a sleeper. Finally, Ron was free from his covers and he tossed them aside.

"G'morning," Draco said tiredly, yawning and stretching on the cot that had been placed in between the two beds. Before last summer, Draco never thought he would ever be civil with the red head, let alone be sharing a room with him, and here he was exchanging pleasantries with him mid morning.

"Hey… I'm going down to breakfast," whispered Ron, rubbing the sleep out of his eyes and adjusting his too short pajamas so that they weren't twisted about his body anymore. "You coming?"

"Not yet. I think I'll try to get a few more winks in…" whispered Draco, adjusting his blanket around him and trying to appear tired.

"Yeah right…" said Ron sarcastically, throwing a glance at his best mate lying in the other twin bed. "Just let him sleep a bit longer before you wake him. He probably could use the rest."

"I wasn't going to wake him…" Draco protested, but the look he earned from Ron told him that he didn't believe him.

The blonde was soon left alone, and he turned on his side to face Harry, who was lying on the bed just above his cot. He stared up at his beautiful boyfriend and sighed softly. He wondered sometimes how he got so lucky to be with someone like Harry. An unfortunate series of events had brought them together, and now Draco couldn't imagine life without him. He had never been the serious relationship type before, but Harry brought out of him qualities he never knew existed within him; inherent needs that made him want to hold on tight to the small teen and never let go. His hardened exterior had melted away as his love for Harry grew. Looking back at the way he used to be, Draco hardly recognized himself anymore. Had he really been so arrogant and callous only a year ago?

Draco enjoyed watching Harry sleep for some odd reason, but then again he enjoyed watching Harry do just about anything. He was grateful that he had another opportunity to do so. It was only three weeks into the summer holiday and Harry had already spent the night at Black Manor twice now. Once during a full moon when Remus had gone to Hogwarts for his transformation and now because Remus was finally bringing Harry's godfather home to Villa de Luna.

Sirius Black had been in the mental ward at St. Mungo's now for nearly two months and was finally being discharged. The healers had suggested that he be transitioned into the new environment as smoothly as possible; meaning at least one night home without his godson to worry over him. Oddly, Harry hadn't really protested not being able to see Sirius right away. Harry had never said anything, but Draco wondered if it was because he was somewhat afraid of him now. The last time Harry had seen Sirius, he had been thrown up against the wall of the infirmary. It was an accident of sorts, but it left him rather shaken. With the abuse Harry had suffered in the past, it wasn't something that he would easily forget.

Draco watched the slim teen resting peacefully on his side, with his messy dark head propped up on his arm. The morning light was streaming through the curtains and illuminating Harry's pale face. Jinx was curled up by his stomach enjoying the warmth that the sunlight provided. Draco reached up and petted the little Kneazle, and she purred affectionately. Usually she never left Draco's side, but when Harry was around she gave him her full attention. It was as if she knew that he needed the small amount of comfort she was able to offer. Though Draco would never admit it, he loved the poor creature and he was glad they brought her back from their journey. She made him feel a little less alone when Harry wasn't around.

Lying there peacefully, Draco couldn't get over how angelic Harry looked. It was all he could do not to reach out and kiss his lips. He could be so irresistible sometimes, but Ron was right. He really didn't want to wake him; Harry really could use the rest. His nightmares about the Dark Lord had returned once the connection through his scar had been re-established. More often than not he awoke screaming into the night, terrified by the horrible images he was witnessing and begging for them to stop. Usually the nightmares were about one of his previous encounters with the evil wizard, but sometimes he witnessed Voldemort and his Death Eaters actions in the present as they pillaged wizarding villages and tortured and killed innocent people. Poor Remus was beside himself with worry and was awake more often than not watching over his young ward to make sure he wasn't alone when one of the nightmares took hold.

Draco knew that Harry saw the connection as a mixed blessing. Although he witnessed and experienced many awful things, he was able to warn the Order and the Ministry of what was going on again. Many lives had been saved as a result, and there hadn't been a massacre since the battle at Dartmoor. Unfortunately, the number of Death Eaters remained strong, gathering new members almost daily as wizards and witches surrendered in defeat. Everyone was terrified, and families were being torn apart.

Harry had insisted on training for the war as soon as summer arrived. Remus had taught him how to swim and they swam laps around the lake by the cabin nearly every morning in order to build up his endurance. Harry also began lessons with Severus in Occlumency, which were scheduled sporadically as the Potions Master was busy with spying for the Order. The only way Harry would agree to the lessons was if he was able to put memories he didn't want the Potions Master to see into his pensieve.

In addition, they all began to study several different textbooks on the Defense Against Dark Arts that they had asked Remus to order for them. The texts were supposed to have been supplementary to what they would learn next year, but given the fact that there was a war raging around them, it seemed important to get a head start. They were each coming of age at different times this year so everyone was learning at their own pace and choosing to study what interested them most.

Ron, Hermione, and Draco had all turned 17 before they left Hogwarts so they were able to practice the spells that they were learning about all summer long. Hermione had been spending more time at home with her parents, but was expected to stay at Black Manor for part of the summer. Ron and Draco had taken to dueling against one another quite often in order to apply what they were reading about. It was a nice way to get out the frustration over one another's personality quirks that seemed to endlessly get on each other's nerves. The three of them decided to go get their Apparition license together and they each passed successfully.

Harry and Neville, who kept close contact with Ginny through owls, only had to wait until July 31st to get their apparition license and be able to practice magic. And of course Ginny had only just turned 16 so she still had to wait another year to practice magic outside of Hogwarts.

Draco had also managed to keep in contact with Blaise this summer and had sent him a few copies of the books they were studying. It was nice having someone outside Harry's circle of friends that he could confide in. Blaise understood things differently than the others and Draco felt like he could be himself around him. He had been a good friend to him this past year, and Draco knew that he would be just as eager as they were to be able to defend himself properly. Blaise had been at the receiving end of as many pranks as he had by their fellow Slytherins. And there was a quite few spells that they would both love to use next year if the situation required it.

Draco wasn't really looking forward to their last year at Hogwarts after the year he had just had. But knowing that Harry would be with him every step of the way made it seem all worthwhile.

It was hard to look at his beautiful face as he lay there sleeping and not want more in their relationship, but Draco would wait for him for as long as it would take. He knew in his heart that they would someday have a healthy sexual relationship, but Harry had too much to overcome first. Years of abuse in so many forms had to taken its toll on his emotional well being. He had already made so much progress, but it may still be a while before they could be more intimate. The rape last summer still haunted him endlessly.

Continuing to study Harry's pale face as he slept, Draco could almost pretend that he was really okay now. But he knew better. Harry had a lot more emotional baggage than any human had the right to bear and his sessions with Remus had continued this summer. Draco hoped that they were enough to stop Harry from the need to harm himself anymore. Seeing Harry bloodied in the infirmary last winter nearly broke his heart.

Waiting for Harry to wake up, Draco sat up on his pillow with his legs crossed so that his back was against the night stand. Draco idly stared at the palm of his left hand, as he often did, and traced the white scar that lined the pale flesh. It didn't hurt anymore, not since it was healed, but it represented so much that had happened last term. The alliance he formed with Hermione and Ron… researching the Veil… watching over Harry… helping him on his mission to save his beloved godfather… painfully slicing his own hand to reanimate his cousin… finding the will to slice Harry's hand so that he wouldn't have to...

That was probably one of the hardest things he had ever had to do… willingly hurting his own boyfriend for the sake of another. Draco knew Harry had been upset about not being able to cut, but it was better to have him angry with him than worry that he had cut too deeply or that he had triggered his addiction again.

Draco had been so happy for Harry that the complicated spell and potion had successfully retrieved Sirius from Limbo, especially since Draco had first hand knowledge about how awful it was to experience that otherworld. At first, everything appeared to be wonderful… that is until Sirius woke up. Seeing the man so disoriented and crazed at his inability to comprehend reality was unsettling to say the least. He just hoped that they had done the right thing, and that Harry wouldn't come to harm living in the same house as a man who had to be institutionalized.

Seeing that Harry was finally beginning to stir, Draco leaned over and did what he wanted to do all morning. He placed a chaste kiss on his lips and pulled back to see his reaction. Harry woke up somewhat startled. He always had a hard time seeing things at first in the morning when he didn't have his glasses on. Figuring out who the blurry figure was in front of him he smiled and realized what had awakened him.

"Hi," Harry said sleepily, resting his head back down on the pillow again.

"Hi," said Draco back, resting the side of his face on the edge of the bed.

"Were you watching me sleep?" asked Harry, who had a strange look on his face.

"Yeah. Does that bother you?"

"I guess not. It's just weird…" Harry said shrugging.

"It's not weird," Draco insisted. "I love looking at you."

Harry smiled again and initiated another kiss, this one a little deeper than before. Pulling back he asked, "Where's Ron?"

"Down at breakfast already. Where else would he be? I swear all he thinks about is food sometimes…" Draco said jokingly.

"We should probably get down there too before there isn't any food left," said Harry throwing off his blanket and attempting to get out of bed. Jinx was knocked to the floor unceremoniously. She mewed her protest and slipped out the door that was slightly ajar probably to look for some breakfast of her own.

Draco shook his head. "Not yet…" he said as he pushed Harry back on the bed.


"I may not be able to sleep with you while Weasley is in the room, but I'm not going to pass up an opportunity to get some snuggling time in. Budge up…"

Harry giggled sheepishly as he made room on the small bed for the taller boy. It was so rare that they ever got a chance to be alone. Draco slipped under the covers and brought Harry close to his body so that they were facing one another. Their arms and legs were tangled together as they attempted to get close as physically possible. The warmth that radiated between them was amazing and Draco felt perfectly content. Harry reached up and stroked his face lovingly.

"How are you doing?" he asked curiously.

"What do you mean?"

"I mean, how are you doing? I know this place isn't exactly homey…" That was an understatement! Even after all the cleaning and redecorating they had done to the place, it still felt as dismal as ever. "And there are always people in and out of here… and well you and Ron seem to fight all the time…" Harry continued.

Draco was touched that Harry was worried about how he was adjusting to living here. "I'm fine, Harry. I don't mind being here, and the Weasleys have been really kind to me. It's not the Burrow, but it will have to do. Besides it's not like I have any where else to go."

Like Harry, Draco had grown fond of the Burrow during his stay there last summer. It was unlike anything he had ever seen before, and once he got over his snobbishness about its poor state he came to realize that the lopsided house had been erected out of love. It permeated ever corner of the house and numerous memories could be felt everywhere. It was a shame the Order felt it unsafe for them to return there for the time being. With the war looming closer and closer safety had become the number one priority.

The truth was that Draco was grateful to have any place to stay at all, and secretly he was glad that the Weasleys had taken him in again. He had grown used to the rowdy bunch last summer and over Christmas, and felt like he understood for the first time what being a family really meant. It still bothered him that he had to rely on others to support him now that he didn't have any money, but in a few years he could find a job and he would make sure that he paid these good people back for caring for him. He doubted they would take it, but he could at least try to offer them something after everything they had sacrificed for him.

"But you and Ron fight-"

"We don't fight, honestly!" Draco protested, knowing that it really wasn't true. As hard as they tried to put their feelings aside for Harry they still managed to find things to quarrel about.

"Yes you do!"

"No more than he does with Ginny. Just think of it as… er, I don't know… siblings bickering, okay?"

"Siblings, ey?" asked Harry smiling.

"Well, whatever you want to call it. Mrs. Weasley has all but adopted me anyway. She treats me no different than the rest of her kids. I get stuck with just as many chores as they do. And I swear that she thinks that it's her life mission to stuff us all with food. I keep insisting I'm full, but she gives me another helping anyway. Why does she do that?"

"I don't know… must be a mother thing…" Harry said wistfully.

"Maybe…" he replied.

Draco examined Harry carefully wondering what he was thinking about. He knew that the younger boy didn't miss his parents in the conventional sense, not really since he never knew them, but he did miss out on being cared for by a motherly figure. His aunt had never really cared for him, and Draco suspected that Harry loved it when Ron's mum doted on him. Remus did his best with him at home, but it wasn't the same as having a woman around. Draco secretly liked being doted on by her as well, especially since his own mother had never paid much attention to him. The house elves had been forced to raise him while she worried about other more important things… like managing the Manor and planning the next social event.

Draco sometimes wondered what had become of his own mother after she was sighted in Dartmoor, but he never dwelled on it too long. For some reason he had a feeling that she hadn't died… but that bothered him even more. If she had been captured by the Death Eaters, then death would be more of a blessing than anything else. Part of him wanted to look for her… after all; she was his mother even if she never really understood what that role meant.

Not wanting to dwell on depressing thoughts any longer, Draco pulled Harry a little closer- if that was even possible- and buried his nose in the crook of his neck. There he began to softly kiss the tender flesh and received a low hum of approval from Harry as a result.

He kissed his way up his neck and across Harry's jaw line until he captured his lips once again. His tongue darted out and caressed his lips asking for entrance. Harry opened his mouth appreciatively and began to kiss him back, their tongues sliding past one another sensually.

Harry surprisingly took more of an active role this time and began to use his hands to explore Draco's body. Soon they were sliding under his pajama top and groping at his chest and back. One hand even found his way beneath his pajama pants and came to rest on his bottom, gripping the bare flesh there as he pressed his body into Draco. They kissed and caressed and loved each other several minutes longer until Draco finally pulled back. He knew that this was as far as Harry was willing to go… at least this time… and Ron would probably be back shortly.

Harry moaned in disappointment as Draco scooted away from him slightly and placed a kiss on his forehead. Harry sighed and realized why they had stop and reached out to nuzzle Draco's nose with his own for an Eskimo kiss. Neither of them knew when it started, but they always ended their snogging sessions in this way.

Draco pulled him out of bed, and together they made their way downstairs to the kitchen passing Ron on the way, who gave them a knowing look. Both Draco and Harry blushed deeply and hurried towards the kitchen a little faster.

They passed the row of shrunken heads mounted on plaques on the wall- a legacy of house elves who had served the Black family for so long. Harry always looked at them with disdain. He had explained long ago that the former house elf, Kreacher, had betrayed Sirius and the Order of the Phoenix when he was accidentally given leave by his godfather. Apparently he went straight to Malfoy Mansion, but Draco had never seen any house elf that looked out of the ordinary. It pained him to think how his father must have used the information that the wretched creature provided to lure Harry to the Department of Mysteries.

They then tiptoed past the long moth eaten curtains that covered the painting of Mrs. Black. The last thing anyone needed to hear that morning was the sound of that horrible woman screeching about traitors in her house. The Order had still not found a way to remove the permanent sticking charm that had been placed on the back of the canvas.

Old fashioned gas lamps lined the walls, flickering light over the peeling wallpaper and threadbare carpet of the long gloomy hallway. Even during the daylight this place was amazingly dark. Draco could never shake the sense of foreboding that this house seemed to cast, and he was always on edge expecting to find some strange creature lurking about. It had alarmed him greatly when he first heard something scuttling behind the baseboards in the hallway. He wasn't used to living in such conditions.

They then walked down the hallway, past the living room that contained Sirius's family history. Draco had taken the time to study the large tapestry that adorned the far wall once before. It was so odd to see his own name embroidered amongst the rest of Sirius's family members. A few of the names had been blasted off by his mother long ago for being "blood traitors" and wondered if he shouldn't blast his own name off as well as proof that he had changed sides.

He had always known that he was somehow related to Harry's godfather and possibly the Weasleys in some fashion, but it wasn't until he saw the tapestry that he made the connections. It was sort of odd to be staying in his house, when Sirius would be staying with Harry and Remus. Harry had explained how he had run away from his family when he was sixteen and that he had hated being locked up in Black Manor during their fifth year. Returning here after being in the hospital would probably bring up too many bad memories.

Making their way down another set of stairs they entered the kitchen where they found Mrs. Weasley bustling about as usual. She quickly sat them down and brought them a plate of sausage and eggs with a side of toast. Also seated at the table was Ginny, Tonks- his first cousin actually- and a few other Order members whose names he hadn't really bothered to learn. Draco wondered if Molly ever tired of taking care of so many people all the time. Who took care of her?

The kitchen itself reminded him a lot of the one the house elves would cook in back at Malfoy Mansion. It was a large cavernous room with rough stone walls and large fireplace at the end of the room from which a cauldron was hung that was used for cooking. Several heavy iron pots and pans were suspended from the dark ceiling and long wooden table was at the center of the room. Various oddly mismatched chairs had been brought in from other parts of the house to accommodate the many members of the Order when they had meetings.

Draco still didn't understand why he and Ron, who were both of age, couldn't join the Order. Fred and George had been finally allowed in, but Mrs. Weasley seemed to think that the rest of them should wait until they were out of school completely. She didn't want their education to be interrupted by battles that they would be expected to fight in if they joined.

Harry and Draco ate quietly and discussed with Ginny what everyone was doing for the rest of the day. Since they weren't allowed to fly their broomsticks in the Muggle neighborhood there was little else to do besides reading or cleaning.

They decided to spend the rest of the day lounging around the living room with Ron and Ginny trying to pass the time by reading and playing a few wizarding games. But exploding snap and wizarding chess can only hold your attention for so long, especially when they both seemed to be on such a losing streak.

Having nothing else to do, and sick of studying, Harry and Draco made their way out to the garden in the back and sat on the swing that Molly had brought from the Burrow. The bench could seat up to three people and was suspended from a pole set between two A-frame structures that jutted up from the ground. It had been strategically placed beneath the shade of the large maple that was in the far corner of the yard. It had evolved to become everyone's "thinking spot" so to speak. When there was something you need to think on or if you need some peace and quiet, you could always come out the swing and find your thoughts. Sitting in a cool breeze while swaying back and forth was somehow very centering.

They soon discovered where the little Kneazle had gone off to earlier. Jinx had been playing in the garden when they came out, chasing a butterfly as it flitted from flower to flower. But now she was curled up in the shade, taking another cat nap.

They sat close to one another and held hands, appreciating the chance to be alone once again. From his tense body language, Draco could sense that there was something on Harry's mind.

"Listen, there's something I need to talk to you about… and I'm not sure how to tell you…" the smaller teen said finally.

"What?" asked Draco seeing the worried look on Harry's face.

"It's just that… well, with Sirius coming home and all… I'm not sure how he will react to…"

"Us?" asked Draco, suddenly realizing where Harry was going with all of this.

Harry nodded slowly. "Yeah… on top of everything else…I just need some time that's all. I don't want to tell him about all that other stuff at all, but Remus says I will have to eventually… I just don't know how he will react to any of it… so do you mind keeping our relationship a secret from him for a little while," he asked hopefully.

Draco thought about what Harry was trying to say and realized that he was a little confused. "Is it because you're not sure how he will react to you being gay or is it because I'm a Malfoy?"

Harry thought about it a minute. "Both actually…"

"Fine, but I don't want to hide that we're together forever… almost all of Hogwarts knows already… what does it matter if Sirius knows?"

"I don't know… it just does…I don't know what he will think…"

"What do you mean? Remus is cool with it…why would Sirius be any different?"

"Because he used to always ask me about my love life… what girls I was interested in and all that… I guess I'm just afraid that he will be disappointed in me… from what I heard, he was quite the player in his day…and he doesn't know you like I do… all he's heard is about all the awful fights you and I used to get into… how do I explain how you and I came together unless I tell him everything else… he just won't get it…" Harry began to ramble.

"If it means that much to you, I guess I can restrain myself from groping you around him…" Draco said playfully squeezing his hand.

"Thanks," said Harry, resting his head on the blonde's shoulder. He was still pretty tense and Draco could sense some apprehension about returning to Villa de Luna again.

"Are you nervous to go home?" asked Draco.

"No, of course not! Why would I be?"

Draco turned to look him in the eye, and Harry sighed. "Alright, a little bit… yeah…" he said.

"Only a little nervous?"

"Okay, extremely nervous!" Harry admitted. "I have no idea what to expect. Will things be like how they were before? Or will he be different now?"

"What does Remus say?"

"Only that he's a lot like his old self now that the healers have worked with him, but that he still has problems understanding some things."

"Like what?"

"Well, he didn't really say… I guess I'll find out."

Checking his watch, Harry realized much to his disappointment that it was already time for him to floo back home. He had promised Remus that he would be home for dinner so that the three of them could sit down together.

They made their way back inside so Harry could collect his things. He stuffed what little he brought with him for the two day stay into his shoulder bag and made sure that he tidied up the room a bit.

Jinx followed him out of the room and down the stairs, darting back and forth between his legs and making it difficult to walk. "Jinx, I'll see you soon girl," he said laughing.

After saying his goodbyes to everyone still left in the house, Harry walked over to the fireplace in the living room. Draco and Jinx followed him closely wanting to get in a proper goodbye as well. He would probably be seeing Harry again soon, but each time he left he felt a little sad. He picked up his small pet to ensure that she wouldn't try to follow Harry into the fireplace.

Seeing the worry crossing his boyfriend's face again, Draco said, "Hey, if you need me or something…. just owl me, or better yet, fire call… or I could just floo over…"

"Draco, thanks, but I'm fine. I'm sure everything will be alright. I'll talk to you soon," said Harry, putting a hand on his shoulder.

"I know, I just worry. Why can't you just stay here?" Draco whined. "I like seeing you everyday. We could cuddle some more…"

"As appealing as that sounds, I need to go home…" Harry said smiling. Using that term got to him every time. As much as he was dreading facing Sirius again, he loved his new home and feeling like he belonged to a family of sorts. "I need to do this…"

"I know… I don't mean to make things difficult…" Draco said, pulling Harry into a kiss. Harry kissed him back earnestly and finally pulled away, their lips both slightly red.

"Love you," said Harry, giving his nose a quick nuzzle. He then gave scratched Jinx lightly behind the ears before stepping into the fireplace, his bag strung over his shoulder.

"Love you, too," Draco whispered, holding Jinx close, as he silently prayed for everything to work out for Harry.

He watched as Harry bent over and grabbed a handful of floo powder from a pot near the fireplace. Harry then threw down the magical powder down and said, "Villa de Luna," disappearing within the green flames.

A/N: Awww… that was pretty fluffy for me. I tried not to incorporate so much angst, but it kept finding its way in. Unfortunately, that is the pattern I have established in these stories and it would be odd to get rid of it at this point. I had planned on starting this story much sooner, but my muse was occupied with the other story I have been writing, Shattered Illusions. I had a loose outline already done for Somewhere I Belong, but it was filled with some plot holes that I couldn't seem to fill. It was really annoying- things weren't connecting the way I wanted them to. In the end, instead of overanalyzing the story line any further, I ignored it completely and wrote the first chapter on a whim. (I always change the outline as I go along anyway- I know where I'm going but my muse changes the path I take to get there). I also really wanted to write from Harry's perspective, probably because I'm so used to it by now, but Draco surprisingly took over. I know how much you love him and that he was somewhat neglected as a character in the previous story. I hope you liked how this chapter turned out.

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