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At a stoplight in the middle of the night,
Stuck in first and I wonder if I should stay

Chris looked longingly at the manor standing just outside. This was his house...or at least it's going to be. Inside was his family in total obliviation to who he was. Inside of chris he was torn. Wyatt had just murdered his financee right in front of him and had shown no mercy. Inside the familiar house his family distrusted him. The person worth changing the future for died in his arms. His brother the reason...

The right is history and to my left the choice is right
But this seems a little bit too hard

Chris looked down at his feet wanting to just give up. To go back to the future, and live the life he figured he was destined to live. Was Wyatt enough to risk everything for? He grew up neglected, fending for himself and yet now as an adult he was back in the past saving a future that no one really even wanted him to save.

And all the questions come running through my mind - will I see this another way?
The simple truth is i'm falling, falling down, and I don't want to drag her through the bottom

'There's gotta be another way' Chris thought painfully as Piper's distrustful words still played through his head.

"I don't trust you Chris," Piper's voice got louder and louder until Chris screamed the voice filling his mind.

"Chris you ok?" It was Paige who noticed their young whitelighter just outside of their house on the porch with tears in his eyes.

It was always Paige in the future who Chris turned to. It was Paige who had helped him through his troublesome life. But once again it was Chris' fault that she died.

How could he tell her about his past...about her future? Tell her that the Wyatt everyone knew and loved in this time would grow up to kill his own family. To betray everyone who loved him. To betray his little brother? Paige wouldn't even believe him. After all the lies and all the deciet he had told to the Charmed Ones he was lucky they didn't blow him up yet. To tell her would hurt her...but not to tell her would kill him.

"Nothing's wrong," Chris said his voice barely a whisper trying to keep it from cracking. He quickly wiped the tears that escaped his closed eyes and orbed before Paige could come any closer.

Then she says,
"Sit in front of me, turn around you'll see, I'm all you'd ever want, all you'd ever need,
Come back into my world, you know I'm always yours"
And she makes so much sense, when she says "don't throw this away"

It was Bianca who had saved his life. It was her who gave him reason to live. She was the person who caught Chris all those years ago...or all those years to come, whichever way you look at it. And now when Bianca needed saving the most, Chris couldn't. She relied on him, and he dropped her. That was another death on his account. She was his reason and for the life of him he never wanted to throw it away.

Its hard to know whats real when it all seems wrong
But I promise you I'll find whats going on
I just need to follow the sun before I'll know if I'll see this another way
The simple truth is I'm falling, falling down, and I don't want to drag you through the bottom

In this time everyone seemed happy. And Chris, no matter how hard he fought off the feeling knowing he would get hurt again, was too. He found it rewarding to see his mother again. To see his aunts again. Even to see his father. But still a peice was missing. The one to make the family whole. The last piece to a somewhat already completed puzzle. It was up to Chris to retrieve the piece.

"Wyatt I'll save you big brother. I promise you that," Chris said looking at the picture taken ages ago when the family was still happy.

Under him cars passed honking and beeping as they dissappeared as quickly appeared. But Chris was in total obliviation of it all. Wyatt was the missing piece to the family. Wyatt was all the Halliwells ever needed. He was all Chris ever needed.

"Chris, can we talk?" Leo orbed in next to Chris who was sitting on one of the beams staring at an old wrinkled picture.

"What about?" Chris asked sighing.

Leo wasn't any better in this lifetime than his. Leo always said he was a father first, but to Chris those were just useless words thrown together to impress Piper. He was never there. Never there for each birthday, each injury, each tear, each day. Never the dad Chris deserved...

"Your future...we can help you," Leo said trying to reach out to the whitelighter not knowing he was also reaching for his son. "Just tell us, no secrets Chris. Trust is a two way street."

Chris looked up his eyes bloodshot from holding back tears. His hair messily thrown back and his body skinner than ever. But that wasn't what scared Leo, it was the pain, the vulnerbility that Chris was showing at the point.

Chris wanted to be hugged. To be in his father's protective arms. In his mothers warm chest. To be behind his aunt during every daemon attack instead of being used as bait. He wanted to be the kid he never had a chance to be. To be the kid Wyatt once was. The boy who had everything. He never wanted to be the boy who was kicked out practically every other week because of something he said about Wyatt.

But Leo wouldn't understand. Piper wouldn't listen. Chris just wanted his parents attention, but even that he was denied of.

"You can't help me Leo," Chris said his voice cold as ice.

Still you say "Sit in front of me, turn around you'll see, I'm all you'd ever want, all you'd ever need,
Come back into my world, you know I'm still your girl"
And she makes so much sense, when she says "don't throw this away"

'But i won't give up hope,' Leo thought before orbing to the manor.

"Chris is pretty hurt," Paige told Piper sipping her cup of tea.

"I don't care," Piper said carelessly. "He lied to us, I don't think he's suppose to be happy about that Paige."

"You should have seen him though. I've never seen him show so much emotion," Leo said joining the two sisters.

"He must have loved her a lot," Pheobe said also walking in to join the conversation.

"I wonder what happened," Paige thought out loud.

"My older brother killed her," Chris whispered from behind the door so they wouldn't hear.

Chris knew in the back of his mind that Bianca would have wanted Chris to be happy, to continue. But there was no one to continue for. Frusturated he took the engagement ring which hung around his neck and ripped it off the cord throwing it hard enough to actually dent the wall.

'THIS IS ALL WYATT'S FAULT!' Chris thought angrily.

In the kitchen Pheobe felt naucious (can't spell) as the wave of anger and sadness took her by surprise. She usually couldn't sense anything from Chris, and this was too much too soon.

Isabell she treads so lightly, floating in her gypsy dresses
Even though her words cut deep I can't deny the truth in them
On the phone she talks a lot and me, I listen hopelessly,
So directionless, I head into oblivion.
And then I decide to give another random memory,

Chris realized he had let his gaurd down and Pheobe had sensed him. He quickly orbed away from the manor leaving behind three very confused witches, and one worried white-lighter.

"He was here," Pheobe said refeering to Chris.

"If I saw him I would have probably blasted him," Piper said realizing that her sister was hurt from all the emotions Chris couldn't control.

Chris reorbed into the house just in time to hear his mother's ultimate hurtful words. The ones that she meant. Not knowing where else to go he orbed away ending up in Bianca and his special spot.

Chris remembered of all the talks Bianca and he had. Of all the times they laughed forgetting about Wyatt. Of all the times she ordered him never to give up hope. Of all the times she cried on his shoulder. And of all the times he cried on hers.

He remembered how somehow this Pheonix, or witch assisin had won his heart and his trust. That no matter how much he fought off the feeling, for the first time in a long time he loved and cared for someone. He cared for something.

...and all the questions come running through my mind - will I see this another way?
The simple truth is I'm falling, falling down, and I don't want to drag you through the bottom,
No I don't want to drag you through the bottom.

He couldn't get close anymore. Not to his mother, his father, anyone. He couldn't get hurt again. He couldn't stand the pain, but he could handle it. What he couldn't do was hurt his parents. To see the pain he caused on his family. He wasn't their burden. The world's burden fell on Chris' shoulder, and he needed to carry it on his own. No more letting people know his pain. No more loving. Chris was digging himself a hole he knew full on well he wouldn't be able to climb out of, but he also knew no one could find him in it. He wasn't going to hurt anyone anymore.

"I never meant to hurt you mom," Chris croaked out. He orbed to P3 where he kept the dark lighter arrow he kept just in case.

There was now a reason to use this arrow. His tears blurred the ground but he knew where the arrow was by heart. All his memories happy and sad ran through his mind.

He gripped the arrow tightly and took the tip of it and ran it through his wrist his grip never ligtening. Immideatly he felt the poison enter his system. He staggered the pain of the poison taking affect almost immideatly. He took the arrow in the other hand and ran it through his other wrist. It was a deep cut and his blood bled freely.

Outside of the small room the girls and Leo decided to pay Chris a visit. To get the truth out of him...or to kick him out. But once the marched in they saw Chris on the ground barely breathing a small smirk playing on his lips.

"CHRIS!" Paige screamed running over to him.

"Leo heal him!" Pheobe told Leo who rushed over trying to heal the boy.

"Too Late..." Chris said between ragged breaths. "I'm sorry for hurting you guys."

Piper watched the white lighter feeling all her anger disappear as she realized how young the boy truly was. He was still a boy, but he was carrying the world.

"Chris come on hold on," Piper soothed walking over to Chris and kneeling beside him holding on to Leo who was next to her for support.

"I'm sorry for putting you through everything...mom," And with that Chris stopped breathing. His body dissipatated into nothing. Only remanance of his existance was the blood that stained the floor. And his legacy...lived within the Charmed ones...and their families...and more importantly it lived within Wyatt...and Chris.

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