A/N: It's a chappy after Chris is born while everyone is in the hospital wondering how the future would now be and how they would change it in honor of Chris Perry, the whitelighter who also happens to be Leo's and Piper's second son. Read it will you!!!

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Leo's POV

All of my answers, and all my reasons
And all my excuses they never rest
'Cause all of my answers they keep on changing
I spend my life waiting for the next

I looked down as I held the sleeping Chris in my arms. He was so small, so pure, so innocent. He didn't know what dreaded destiny was awaiting him. He didn't know about his future self saving the world risking everything, including himself. The ultimate sacrafice for the greater good of humanity. He was the reason I had to kill. To step out of the boxed illusions I had become comfortable with. He had me faced my mentor, and kill him. I shouldn't be able to look at him right now no matter what age, but I still could, because he had me realize that my true priorities wasn't with the elders as I had convinced myself months ago, but with my family. My family needs me down here, my wife needs me...and my boys needed me.

I'm not going to make the same mistake twice. I wasn't going to overlook my youngest son, and I wasn't going to spoil my eldest rotten. They will learn to cope in a house of equality. I'll be there for every tear, every party, every smile and most of all every year. This time around I'm going to see Chris smile gleefully, and I'm going to say something when I see Wyatt doing something bad. I'll wipe away all of Piper's tears myself and I'll always be there to comfort her when she needed me.

Piper's POV

And oh, I just keep on moving
And oh, I just keep on pushing forward
And oh, I forgot what I was looking for

I watched Leo protectively hold our youngest and I smiled as Wyatt gently patted the sleeping baby. I was so proud of Chris for everything he's done. I loved him so much, but now I begin to doubt everything. Where am I to come up with the energy to raise two magical boys? To care and protect both of them with my heart and my soul when I know that it would be leaving for 'upthere' in a couple of hours only to return when the elders allowed him. Leo was no is my heart. I can't live without him. I can never live without him. I also can't live with the feeling he's hiding something from me. He has that sad look in his eyes and for once I couldn't find the pacafist within him. One mention of Chris' name and his calm tranquil self disappeared and what replaced him was an angry Leo. One that wasn't afraid to kill, the pacafist that I fell in love with disappeared, and the father of my children who would do anything to keep them safe replaced him. I know Leo's been through so much and will go through so much more. Chris already lived through it, but how about me? I know I die fourteen years from now. Too soon to see my babies grow up. Too soon to ever convince them both that good is the best way to be. How am I going to live through this without the one person who said they'd be there for me in good times and bad and happy and sad?

Wyatt yawned and giggled lightly before settling down on the bed next to me. Using me as a pillow he tried rubbing the sleep out of his eyes unsucessfully before falling asleep. It was a long day for us all, too long. I almost died giving birth to my baby. The boy who would carry the burden of the world. And here I was smiling peacefully at the sight of Wyatt, the boy who put that burden on Chris to begin with, fall asleep safely in my arms.

Leo's POV

And all their illusions, I won't believe them
I'll always believe what I can't forget
'Cause all of their reasons, they keep on changing
I spend my life waiting for the next

I can't shake the feeling of my son's blood in my arms. The way he faded away as if he ceased to exist. And yet here he was, tiny and so real. Warm and safe in my arms. Everything I knew changed in a day. My mentor was the reason of my son's death. He was the person I trusted with my life, he was the one who shaped my very existance. What if he's the reason I was such a crappy dad to Chris. Maybe he's the reason Chris hates me. He was suppose to be good. He was to protect Wyatt, to protect the world.

He wasn't the protection the world needed. He wasn't the protection the world deserved. If I am to become like him then I want to quit. Quit being an elder. I'm a pacafist, but I'm not going to watch as the world will eventually fall into the hands of my oldest. I'd rather kill to protect those innocence from him then rather just watch and wait for someone else to come along and stop him.

I'm done pretending to be someone I'm not. Done pretending I don't care about Piper. Because I do. I'd rather die a thousand deaths than to have one tear escape her eyes. I'm not going to be the dad Chris knew in the future, the one who didn't care for him. Because I do. I killed my mentor and let down my morals to avenge his death. And I'm done pretending that Wyatt's the best. Sometimes I can barely look at him because I know what evil comes within the now peaceful todler.

Pheobe's POV

And oh, I just keep on moving
And oh, I just keep on pushing forward
And oh, I forgot what I was looking for

It's not fair. First Grams, then Prue, and Cole,then Chris, and even Andy. Magic owed us and all it gave us in return for all our good deeds were heart aches. Yet after every death, after every vanquish, after every sad sigh we'd help those helpless. The elders couldn't give us the one person we needed right now. The one person who'll bring peace of mind to our wondering thoughts. We wanted and needed Chris. We never asked too much of magic, not that they ever gave us anything to begin with. But we're begging for Chris. Piper and Leo needed to see Chris if only for a second. They needed to see that he's moved on to a better place, that he's finally safe. We all needed to know that he was finally in a place he deserved to be in.

I watched my sister and brother-in-law sit together with their two sons safe in both their arms. I saw the smile on Piper's face as Wyatt scrunched his nose and the twinkle in Leo's eyes as Chris softly whimpered in his sleep. Suddenly, the good and evil of the world was of no importance to me, at least not at that exact moment. Keeping Chris happy, keeping Wyatt happy was the biggest thing in my life. Keeping my family together was all I needed. But the world needed us. Risking our lives everyday just to have another family safe and sound no matter the consequence. What's the use? What's the use of keeping everything and everyone safe when keeping them safe meant putting the people I love most in danger? Magic was never fair to us, and as I watched my sister's family torn between destiny and happiness I realized it never will.

No one's POV

Well, I'd trade wisdom back in for innocence to get away from all my lies
I'd trade wisdom back in for innocence to get away from getting by
I'd trade wisdom back in for innocence for just one look through those eyes

Leo wanted to hold on to Piper, Chris and Wyatt like there was no tomorrow. But the elders were calling and despite the fact he was trying not to he was being pulled away from his family. The scattered orbs were a reminder of his duty as an elder. Leo sadly handed Chris over to Piper who began crying as soon as Leo fully disappeared.

Wyatt felt Chris' pain and immideatly woke up and he too started crying. Piper looked at her two sons crying and could feel the tears coming to her eyes as she tried comforting her two babies. Because in her heart that's what they would always be...babies. They would never know what it would feel like to lose their childhood innocence, no matter how many demon vanquishes or pain, unlike now, she would change it so they would never lose it. They would always know what it felt like to cry, and to feel pain as well as happiness. And as she watched Wyatt hold Chris and look up at her with a gentle smile she knew this time around it would be different. There was hope for the world, because the love of two brothers would always keep both alive. The love of two brothers would be enough to keep the world turning. They would carry the world on their shoulders as the symbol of good. She was going to raise them right. She owed it to the world, her sisters, Leo, but most of all she owed it to her sons.

The end

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