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After RENT: Our Story

Chapter one: Up to Date


It's amazing how lonely the loft can be. Sure, I've been the only one living here for some time now, but people use to at least visit. Collins, Maureen and Joanne. And after he moved in with Mimi, Roger would come visit everyday.

Well Roger hasn't visited anywhere but the hospital for the past month. No, Roger's fine. It's Mimi. Her HIV turned into AIDS. She has no immune system, hasn't since Roger forced her to the hospital. She had AIDS even before then.

She's had AIDS for two months now. No more use for AZT, no more dancing, nothing but lying in a white sterile Hell waiting for the hand of Death. It's terrible. Her once dark and sparkling eyes are always wide in fear; there's little, sometimes no, life in them at all. She doesn't smile anymore, how can she? The doctors say only a few more months.

I'm awoken out of my thoughts by the phone's ring. I stand up and crack open my door enough to allow the sound of the phone to enter my room. I peek my head out and wait for it to screen.

"Mark?" I rush out of my room and pick the phone's receiver up and put it to my ear.

"Roger? What's wrong?" His voice was thick as he chocked out my name, I can tell he's been crying.

"It's Mimi, Mark." He pauses, gaining breath to continue. I start fearing the worst. "The doctors say, oh god Mark." He starts crying and I'm ready to rush to the hospital in a second. When Roger cries, the world around me disappears and I want nothing but to comfort my best-friend.

"Roger, do you want me to come to the hospital?"

"Please. I need you, Mark." I nod, not caring he can't see me.

"I'll be there in a few minutes, Roger. Do you want me to call the others?" I try to keep my voice calm and reassuring, like I always do when he has a problem.

"No," he sniffs, "I'll do that when we hang up."

"I'll be there really soon." I hang up after a mumbled "Thanks" from his end and grab my coat and scarf, before remembering my camera. I don't go anywhere without it. It got me a reward last year. For "The Most Dramatic True-Life Story", or something like that. Roger was the first to become famous though.

His band took off when some big shot producer heard "Your Eyes" at one of their gigs. They had a record deal the next week. They hadn't done a lot of out-of-state stuff for a while (with Mimi's dying health, Roger refuses to), but they are huge across the entire country. They were planning a tour right before Mimi went into the hospital. Whenever the band does have a big gig, Collins and I'll watch Mimi, who doesn't want Roger to miss any big opportunities because of her. Amazing how death can change a person.

Not that I don't like Mimi. I do, I just feel angry that she cheated on him, on my best-friend, even after her angel brought her back to him. When I was with Maureen and she cheated on me, Roger felt the same way towards her, so I shouldn't really talk.

But the last two years have changed all of our lives. When Roger's first album sold way more than a million copies, when he and the band won a "The Best New Artist" award, when he finally had enough money to pay Benny his damn rent, to go out and eat, to buy AZT when they needed it, to enjoy life, he always helped us out. He shared his new wealth and fame to help us out. He made sure we had rent and food and he made sure that we had decent lives. It was he who got my name out to a film company, he who helped me get my film to take off the ground. When the movie made it big, I was in the same boat as he. I was financially stable and I tried to help him out too. I tried to repay him, but he refused.

"All I need in repayment, is a best-friend." He said, wrapping an arm around my shoulders and pulling me to his side.

"I am your best-friend." I rolled my eyes at him.

"Then I have all the repayment I need. Besides, my repayment was for all you've done for me, Mark. I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for you." I knew he was talking about April's suicide, his withdrawal, everything that had happened to us, how I helped him through it.

Life had been great for the past two years. After RENT: Our Story (the name I had given our story) things had gone up, we were all going to be okay. But when Mimi got increasingly more sick, it was going back down. For Roger's sake, I wanted her to be okay. I wanted everything to be okay, but somehow, I knew, that nothing was ever entirely okay.

Note: I did research for this chapter about AZT and it said that it works against HIV, so I don't know if you'd use it with AIDS, but I'm guessing not. If you know the real answer, tell me and I'll change it.

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