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"Hold me again." He gently stroke her head. "Don't let go." He moved her closer into his chest. "Keep the nightmares away." He kissed her midnight black hair. "Stay with me forever." He took a deep breath, the sent of her filling him. "Stay with me." He gently rubbed her chilled cheek. "Keep me safe in your arms." He traced her red lips, longing for a kiss. "I want you." He bent down and kissed the frozen lips. "Your essence fills me with life." He closed his eyes and rested his forehead on her for a moment. "Only together can our pain stop." A tear escaped him. "You didn't flinch away from my touch." Now a small sob. "But I stole your happiness." With that the mighty Battòsai broke down into historical sobs. "I killed you." Tomoe's life spilled from her until there was not a drop left. "I am a killer." He wanted to throw up. "But I vow. Once this war is over. I will never kill again." His head drooped and he cried again over his lost love.

"I love you." Could this really be happening again? "Hold me tighter." He did pulling her closer. "Don't leave me again." She was so beautiful. "I'm home… Kaoru." His body felt so weak but his heart had never felt fuller. "We are together." Flower petals fell around them. "Stay with me." He would never leave, never again. "We are together." His head rested on her lap. "I love you Shinta." It was so peaceful here with her. "We are one." She ran her hands through his hair and he smiled. "It's alright to be happy." She pushed aside a bit of hair and saw a unscarred cheek. "Oh Shinta. It's gone. I'm so happy." Her tears fell and finally the man was at rest.

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