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At five o'clock exactly, Yuki Eiri typed in the last word of the day, and hit save. By 5:05, he had printed out a hard copy, set it aside in a folder emblazoned with 'TOUCH THIS AND I WILL KILL YOU, BRAT' to read the next day before he started work again, and saved the file again to floppy and a web storage folder. (Eiri loved and trusted his laptop like he loved and trusted no human being. That was, however, no excuse for not allowing for acts of God, computer gremlins or Shuiichi.)

By 5:06, he was in the kitchen, getting a beer.

By 5:07, he was in the living room, sprawled on his couch, smoking a cigarette and watching the news. Apparently Bad Luck was once again clawing their way up to the top of the charts, chasing Nittle Grasper and slowly gaining on them. A politician had been discovered with his pants down -- literally -- with a starlet, and the starlet's boyfriend. A tsunami was due to hit the coast of Japan.

Speaking of tsunamis, it was now 5:17. Eiri carried his empty beer to the kitchen, got another one, and returned to the couch. It was now 5:18. He opened the beer, took a long drink, and set it carefully on the coffee table, within easy reach.

5:19. Eiri removed his pack of cigarettes from his shirt pocket, lit another cigarette and placed the pack and his lighter next to the beer, and nudged the ashtray closer to the edge of the table.

5:19:30. Distant rumbling sounds could be heard. Eiri shifted exactly two centimeters toward the outside of the couch.

5:19:45. Eiri tossed his arm onto the back of the couch, and began flipping channels aimlessly. The rumbling sound was louder.

5:20. The door slammed open, and a pink-haired Yuki-seeking missile shot into the room, kicked its shoes off at the door and bounced off several walls, making a noise like "YUKIYUKIYUKIYUUUKIIIIYUKIYUKIYUKIYUUUKKIIIIIII" before it resolved itself into the brat in midair, falling at approximately twice the speed of sound onto Eiri.

Eiri grunted slightly in pain as Shuiichi landed and crawled up on his chest, fitting exactly between the back of the couch and Eiri. The impact made Eiri's arm fall around Shuiichi, who snuggled aggressively up against him and buried his face in Eiri's neck. "Missedyoumissedyoumissedyou," he mumbled, nuzzling Eiri's skin with a happy sigh.

Eiri flipped the channel again, discovered there was nothing on but bad quiz shows, and turned the TV off. He crushed his cigarette out, and allowed his arm to tighten slightly around Shuiichi.

"You're back already?" he said.


2:37 PM 7/16/2004

...I have no excuse. =D I just wanted to have Shuiichi dropping on Yuki like an insane bomb and Yuki not only expecting but looking forward to him doing it. ..a SHUT UP SHUT SHUT UP I avoided this series for FIVE YEARS SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP.