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Chapter 2

Char awoke to a pounding on his door, sleepy eyed he looked around his room only to find that it was still very dark. His body agreed with his thoughts, it could not be a second past dawn. But as he drew back his curtains and ignored the person at the door he found the sun hiding behind one of the many dark storm clouds.

After searching the barren land for some sign of hope for his dear Ella he realized that the rude knocking that had awoken him was still there. Tired of such nonsense he hurriedly threw on a pair of breeches and a plain white shirt.

Opening the door reveiled a very disheveled man in a servant's garb Char would have laughed at the sight of the old man half bald and looking as if he would erupt into tears, but his senses told him that if he had waited another minute to open the door this man could easily have been fired.

"Sir, your father awaits you in his chambers. He assured me that it was of greatest importance and you should find yourself reporting to him immediately," the old man said attempting to hold onto as much dignity as he could.

"Thank you kind old man," Char replied with a smile and as he rushed past the man still standing in his doorway he pressed a single gold KJ into his hand for the trouble.

As quickly as possible Char rushed towards his parents room, looking as dignified as a disheveled out of breath prince could seem. He was very worried about what the urgent news could be, but did his best to seem calm. Finally he found himself entering their rooms, both King Jerrold and his wife, Queen Daria, were sitting in arm chairs with looks of impatience penetrating their every move.

"A King can never be late and they are often told at a moments notice," King Jerrold said.

"I am sorry, but I overslept," Char said trying his best to feign a look of regret.

"Excuses are not acceptable either. Son what happened to you last night? You were supposed to perform the Aythorian song, but you ran off."

"I found that lady Ella of Frell was lady Lela of Bast and so I chased after her, but although she loves me she will not marry me."

"Why not?" Queen Daria asked, speaking for the first time since he entered he heard the shock in her voice.

"That's just the problem, I don't know. That is why I decided to give up my claim to the Thrown and not marry." Char looked down at his bare feet as he said this, he knew it would soon cause an explosion, but last night he had made up his mind.

"What! You will do no such thing. You are going to be the perfect King. The people love you and you love them in return. Cecilia would make a fine Queen, but she would lead the Kingdom into a desperate downfall," King Jerrold yelled as his face turned a distinct shade of beet red.

"I can and I will! If you won't let me abdicate I will not marry and leave the Thrown without an heir."

"I am sending you on campaign and as you go through every city there will be something held in your honor. You will continue until you find a bride, she must be suitable for a queen."

"You will have to take me by force, but even then I shall not choose a bride."

"If you do not, then I will have one of your knights do it for you. Son I will not give up, you shall be married and become the next King."

Fed up Char stormed out of the room without even a fleeting glance back he rushed towards his room. Digging through the mess on his floor he finally found what he was looking for, Ella's book.

Sitting on the windowsill he flipped through the pages with tears streaming down his face until he came upon a picture of Ella. It showed her on a horse galloping on the roads. Below her picture it showed her thoughts as they came:

'I wish I didn't have to leave. I love Char and I want to marry him.'

'Stop thinking that, you don't want to marry him you would only hurt him. You cannot love him.'

'I know I shouldn't love him and I shouldn't want to marry him, but I do.'

'Just because it's what you want doesn't mean you will ever get it.'

'I could one day when I am free to do as I please. Why Lucinda, Why did you choose me?'

'He will be happy, soon he will find someone else to love and they will marry. She will be his queen.'


'It has to be.'

All this puzzled Char, why did this book have Ella and her thoughts in it, he had assumed it was a storybook? Why couldn't she marry him, what was holding her back? And who was this Lucinda? These questions raced through his head immediately, but he came up with only one answer that this book must be a fairy book.

Anything made by fairies was very rare, and so few humans had one of their trinkets that it was likely the number could be counted on two hands. The fairies were so careful with their gifts, because it was likely that any magic they did would result in something bad. Only very courageous fairies would attempt something like this, it was probably very old too. But why did Ella of Frell have this?

Quickly he came up with assumptions, each one crazier than the last. From the idea that she was a fairy to the idea that this Lucinda person was controlling her and did not want her to marry him, he became more and more frustrated.

Snapping out of his thoughts with his growl from his stomach he headed down to breakfast. He could not live to find out why Ella was avoiding him without food. As Char walked through the hallways he realized that it was possible that his father had given him the greatest gift. He knew nothing of where Ella was headed, but by passing through every town he was bound to find her.

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