Title: Pray
Author: kawaii-kirei "KK"
Rating: G in the yaoi category. XD
Pairing: TysonKai, KaiTyson

Disclaimer: BeyBlade and all it's characters doesn't belong to me. Worship Aoki Takao-sama! -worships- And the song down there in italics also isn't in my possession. It's titled Pray from the OVA of the anime Hunter X Hunter. The only thing I own is this fic. Hope I got that cleared. XD



Kai Hiwatari sighed, crossing one leg over the other as he sat on a park bench peacefully. The moon was high up above him and the stars twinkled in turns. The trees swayed suspiciously with the wind, and the night lights of Russia brightened as the evening moved on. Earphones was attached to his ears and a CD player sat innocently beside him.

It's been almost a year since he last saw or heard from his teammates. After the championships, he settled back in Russia to take over his grandfather's work, in a good way. More and more kids joined the abbey, in hopes of becoming a great beyblader someday. Even girls enrolled, though some only joined to meet him. He didn't mind. It was a good way to earn money, anyway.

He hadn't changed much, really. Still the same cold, stoic guy that everyone knew. Though his hair grew a bit longer, and his clothes became more casual than before. Tyson's fashion sense was contagious, or so he said. But sometimes, you can see him walking down the streets and giving tips to children beyblading here and there.

He was a very busy person, barely having enough time to relax and sleep. But tonight... no work for him. It was 5 in the morning, almost 6, but the sun has yet to show any signs of rising.

A gust of wind danced by, and he unconsciously hugged himself with a shiver. He remembered the last time he felt this cold. Three years ago, in a frozen lake. He was brainwashed then, the power that Black Dranzer promised him overcoming him as he fought his teammates. The ice cracked and he fell down. Tyson and the others held out their hands. After everything he did, they were still yelling at him to stay with them. He took their hands, but the guilt in the pit of his stomach never disappeared.

He sighed once again, stealing a glance at the ominous purple sky. A ray of sunshine seeped through the mountains, tinting the sky orange. A... ray of sunshine... The phrase reminded him of Ray and Max. Whenever he worked in the abbey, he remembered Kenny, Dizzi and Mr. Dickinson from all the technology he was using.

And whenever he saw the sky... he can't help but smile. Even being countries away, he knew that he and Tyson were just under the same sky. He raised the volume on his CD Player and sang the lyrics softly, and it swayed with the wind like a mere whisper of the night.

"kono itami wa tada watashi wo kiri saite
riaru na kenjizu wo uke tomeru tsuyosa dake
yume no ketsu matsu wa kioku no kanata de"

He wasn't in Japan, but the language he was singing right now once again reminded him of his friends... who was just standing right in front of him. "BladeBreakers?"

"We went here to Russia to look for you. It's about time we get together again, don't you think?" Ray's lips turned up into a feline grin,

"The wind told us where you were and we just followed it..." Max gave a thumbs up and a wide smile, his aura shining as bright as ever.

"Until it lead us to you." Tyson walked forward and caught Kai's lips in a simple, but meaningful kiss.

And Kai couldn't have been more happier.

"ashira wo unarau inori ga todoku made
I pray every night and day."


Author's Notes: Did this in a rush. I was desperate to write something. -sweat drops- Hope it wasn't too rushing, though. Oh, and I know, it was way short. hehe... erm... please review? XD