Weightless Butterflies 

Chapter 1

 Draco's Thoughts 

   I guess it all started when we started going out.  We meaning Harry Potter and me.  To tell you the truth, I don't know how it started.  I was on the run for my Father and Dumbledore stationed me in Harry's Godfather's house for the summer.  Well…let's just say we tried to stay out of each other's way.  Sirius always had this smile on his face whenever Harry and me was in the same room together, but I never knew why until after me and Harry started dating.  It seems, that Sirius knew all along that we had both had SOME kind of feelings towards each other, other then unadulterated hate.  Turns out that were in lust after each other, and soon lust turned to like, which gradually formed to love.  Mind you, that all of this happened over the summer and the first month of school.  But we admitted to loving each other.  Rather, he admitted because I was trying to find a way to say it to him without him thinking I was some sort of mushy person.  I can still remember how he said it. 

   We had been sitting in the Gryffindor Common room; I had snuck up there to be with him for a few hours before heading to bed. Well the whole tower was sleeping, and we sat on the couch near the fireplace, watching the embers dance.  It was quiet and we were both content with thinking on what was haunting out minds at the time.  And then he had said, "Draco…I love you."  I had been shocked to say the least, because I wanted to tell him that I felt the same way too.  So I looked at him and smiled.  "I love you too."  It was a sappy moment, I admit, but I won't lie and say I didn't enjoy it, because I did. 

   But after that, we were inseparable.  I couldn't stand to be away from him and I think he felt the same way.  We were so passionate with each other that every time I think of it, it makes my heart swell.  But of course, with every love comes a price.  And boy did the price come about as unexpected as anything.  It all happened in the month of November. 

End Draco's Thoughts 

       It was November 15, and Harry woke up with his head spinning.  He didn't know why the hell he felt that way, but he had been waking up like that for the past week, and he already knew that in another minute he would be rushing for the toilet to throw up everything he had consumed the night before.  He had woken up before his alarm clock, so when it blared it's annoying beeping sound at him, he hit the button on it and got out of bed. 

   No sooner had his feet hit the floor, did his stomach heave, and he rushed into the bathroom and delivered his dinner from the night before into the toilet bowl.  He felt like shit, and he wished he knew what the hell was wrong with him.  He was beginning to think he was poisoned, and he would soon have to make a visit to the Infirmary. 

   "Harry you ok in there?"  Ron called from his bed as he woke up to the familiar sounds of Harry throwing up.  He came into the bathroom and rubbed his best friend's back.  "You should skip classes today mate."  Ron said affectionately.

   "As much as I would love to Ron, I have to go to classes.  And Snape is sure to fail me since I have been late to his class everyday for the past week.  I have to pass his class."  Harry replied miserably as he slowly got to his feet and rubbed at his eyes with his fist. 

  "Ok Mate.  I'm going to take a shower, and I'll see you in a half an hour."  Ron said as he gave one more rub and left out the bathroom and went across the hall to the Shower Rooms.  Harry yawned and went to find an outfit for that day.  After he got his clothes set out, he took out his uniform and put it on top of the clothes that would go under it and then he made his way into the Shower Rooms.  He found and empty stall and began his shower hoping the day would look up.

  BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! BEEP!  Blared the alarm clock. Draco Malfoy groaned as he took the alarm clock and threw it across the room.  It smashed against the wall, and instantly repaired itself and flew its way back to his table near his bed.  Draco sat up and rolled his eyes at the stupid alarm clock that had woken him from his peaceful sleep.  He stretched out his arms and stood up flexing into the full-length mirror by his bed.  Yeah, he happened to be a little vain, and sure he had an ego the size of the Quidditch pitch, but hey, who could help it when they looked as good as him.  He smirked at himself in the mirror and the mirror let out a wolf whistle.  Yeah, the day was shaping up to be one of the good ones. 

   "Hey Draco, stop flirting with the mirror and get your ass in the Shower.  You only have a half an hour to get ready if you're planning on making it to breakfast."  Blaise Zabini remarked as he pulled on his shirt and tried to fix his hair.

   "Whatever Zabini.  I'll be ready, and looking hot too."  Draco said with a cocky grin.

   Blaise rolled his eyes at his friend as he pulled on his shoes.  "You have a big ass ego Drake.  I don't see how Harry can stand you, much less be in love with you."

   "Can he help it, I mean look at me."  Draco replied as he casually swung a towel over his shoulder and strolled out the room towards the Shower Rooms. 

    After he was finished with his daily routine, he threw a smile at the mirror before he grabbed his book bag and left the Dorm Room.  When he reached the Common Room it was half empty, Pansy and Blaise were waiting for him by the Portrait.

    "Where are the two dunderheads?"  Draco asked as they made their way out of the Portrait hole and started their way towards the Great Hall. 

   "They were too hungry to wait.  You know they could eat themselves to death." Pansy remarked as she fixed her hair in a handheld mirror. 

   "So what are your plans for the weekend?"  Blaise asked as they turned a corner.

   "Blaise, it's Wednesday."  Pansy reminded him.

   "I know that.  But I was wondering if you guys wanted to head to Hogsmeade with me." 

  "And why would we do that?"  Draco asked with an eyebrow raised.

   "Because I need your help with something.  I'm trying to get with this girl, but she is being impossible.  So I need you guys to help me get her a present."  Blaise replied.

  "A girl?  I thought you was dating that guy Terry Boot."  Pansy said confused.

  "Ah, that wanker?  We broke up, he has the hots for Cho Chang."  Blaise said with a shrug of his shoulders.  They opened the doors to the Great Hall and walked over to their table. 

    "Cho?  I remember Harry had a crush on her."  Draco said making a face. 

  "Speaking of Harry…Where is he and the rest of the Dream Team?"  Pansy asked as she sat down and started to fill her plate.

   "Who knows.  Harry said he keeps getting sick every time he wakes up.  I told him to go to the Infirmary, but of course being the stubborn mule that he is…"  Draco trailed off as the doors to the Great Hall opened yet again.  This time it was the three people in question. Ron Weasley, and Hermione Granger were on either side of Harry as he leaned against Ron's shoulder.  Draco had his eye raised the whole time as he watched them take their seats. 

   "You know sometimes, I think that Weasley has the hots for Harry."  Blaise said.  Draco glared at him and threw a muffin at him.

  "Shut up and eat Blaise or I will force it down your mouth."  Draco warned.

  "Ohh!  I didn't know you talked so dirty early in the morning."  Blaise joked as he laughed and shoved some muffin in his mouth. Draco rolled his eyes and turned his attention to the Gryffindor table, barely touching his food.

    Harry groaned as he sat down in his seat and looked around for something that didn't make him feel as if he would hurl on everyone at the table.  He picked up some toast and put a piece of it in his mouth.  He swallowed it down and took a sip of pumpkin juice, feeling a little better.

   "Harry, are you sure you're ok?  I mean…you could go see Pomfrey."  Hermione said in a concerned voice.

  "No I'm fine.  I just…think it's a small bug.  I'll get over it, and I'll be fine."  Harry reassured her. 

   "Ok."  She said as she pushed her plate away and pulled out her potions book.

  "Hermione!  Must you remind me that we have that greasy git first thing for double period?"  Ron complained.

  "Ron, Snape will probably give us some sort of quiz today for the first period and I want to make sure that I'm ready for it.  Unlike you, I don't want to fail this class."  Hermione replied as she went back to her book.

   "What do you mean, I don't want to pass this class?  Of course I do, but it doesn't mean I'll stick my head in a book at the Breakfast table."  Ron argued.

  "Grow up.  You'll have to do this anyway when it's time to take the N.E.W.T.S.  Get used to it." 

  "You're telling me to grow up?  Why…" 

       Harry blocked them out like he always did when they started arguing.  He wondered when they were just going to admit their feelings for each other and get it over with.  Harry rolled his eyes and looked over to the Slytherin table.  He saw Draco looking back at him and he gave him a smile.  Draco winked back at him and turned his head to join into a conversation with Millicent. 

    Harry sighed as he closed his eyes.  They drooped, and he suddenly felt very exhausted.  He had a good night sleep last night, so he didn't understand why he felt so tired all of a sudden.  He rubbed his eyes and looked up to see if his friends stopped arguing.  From the looks of it, it was getting even more heated and some of the Gryffindors were placing bets on if Hermione would slap Ron, or if they would give each other the silent treatment.  Harry decided to put a stop to this, not because he wanted to spare Ron a slap to the face, but because their arguing were causing his head to start pounding.

   "Could you too stop?  You guys are making me feel worse then I do already."  He said in a low voice.  They instantly stopped bickering and turned their attention to their best friend.

   "I'm so sorry Harry."  Hermione apologized.

   "Yeah me too mate."  Ron said looking down at his fingers.  The bell run and everyone started to get up from their seats and head t their first period class.  As they walked down to the dungeons, Ron and Hermione started to talk about their new D.A.D.A teacher, who had got injured in class the day before and would be out for at least 2 months.  When they approached the classroom, Draco and Blaise were leaning near the door, talking in low voices.  Draco turned his attention to his boyfriend and he slowly pushed himself from the wall and walked over to him.  Ron and Hermione, moved away from Harry and went in the class saying they would save him a seat. 

   "Hey."  Draco said as he got closer.  He pulled Harry to him and smiled down sweetly at him.

  "Hi."  Harry said as he looked up and saw Draco moving his head lower.  Their lips met, and Harry stopped the moan that was about to escape from his throat.  He kissed Draco back as he wrapped his arms around Draco's neck and let his fingers twirl a few strands.  Draco pushed Harry against the nearest wall and let his lips move to Harry's Adam's apple.  He sucked gently on it, and then moved his attention to the base of Harry's neck.  Harry let out a soft moan that turned Draco on, no questions asked.  He sucked a little harder on the spot between his lips, and then he bit down.

  "Dray!"  Harry moaned as he let his head lull to the side to give Draco better access.  Draco licked up the small trail of blood and moved his lips back to Harry's.  They kissed again and then they pulled away.

  "You feel better?"  Draco asked.

   "Yeah.  Much better."  Harry replied with a goofy smile on his face.  Draco smiled and gave him one last peck before the moved away from the wall and walked into the room.  Harry went over to his seat, and Draco went to the other side of the room. No sooner had they sat down, did the doors swing open and revealed Professor Snape.  He walked to the front of the class, sneer fully in place.

   "Today we will have a pop quiz."  He said.

   Hermione shot Ron an "I-told-you-so" look.  Ron just rolled his eyes at her and turned his attention to the front of the class. 

   "Now lets see…"  Professor Snape said as he walked back and forth in front of the tables.  "Finnegan, what are the 3 important ingredients in the Junispor Draught."  He asked pointing to Seamus.

   "Um…Tail of a rat…uh…shell of a beetle…and uh…runspoors?"  Seamus said nervously looking down. 

   "Incorrect!  Parkinson same question." 

   "Eye of a snake, Shell of a beetle, and a drop of Dragon's blood."  Pansy said.

  "Correct!  Granger, what would you get if you combined Leaves Sap, the tongue of a troll, and Gillyweed?" 

    "You'd get the Opitus Potion."  Hermione answer.

      Snape narrowed his eyes.  "Correct!" 

    And so it went on.  For the rest of the period they were asked questions along those lines.  Neville Longbottom had been so nervous, that when his name was called he passed out and had to be revived.  After the first period of Potions were over, they started reading up on a new potion.  They had been asked to brew it, and halfway through the period, Neville's cauldron exploded and he was sent to the hospital wing by a very angry Snape who dismissed the class and asked for a 3 foot essay on the potion they had been working on in class.

   They had about 20 minutes before their 3rd period class which was unfortunately for Ron and Harry, Divination; Hermione had Ancient Runes.  On their way around a corner, Harry was pulled into the strong chest of Draco.

  "Don't do that!" Harry said with a glare.

   "Aww, did I scare you?"  Draco said with a grin.

   "You nearly gave me a heart attack you dick!"  Harry said as he punched Draco in the shoulder.

   "Harry you going to stay with him?" Ron asked.

    "Yes Weasley he will be staying with me.  You and Granger go have fun with each other."  Draco said, not concealing his obvious dislike for the redheaded boy. 

   "Dray!"  Harry exclaimed.

   "Keep the ferret in control Harry. We wouldn't want him to get hurt now do we?"  Ron said with a sneer of his own.  "See you late mate."  Ron replied as he walked off, Hermione following him after she waved goodbye to Harry.

   When they were gone Harry turned to Draco and glared.  "Why must you always start with him?"  He asked.

   "Because he is just so much of an easy target, couldn't help it."  Draco said as Harry rolled his eyes.  "and anyway, I would like to just spend some time with you, and not talk about the Weasel."  Draco murmured as he covered Harry's lips with his.  Harry tried not to respond, but in a few seconds, he forgot why he was angry with Draco in the first place. 

  "Get a room."  Someone said.  Draco pulled away and glared at the person who said it.

  "Don't get jealous because you don't have anyone in your room Zabini."  Draco said.

  "You're going to help me change that my man."  Blaise said patting Draco's shoulder.

  "Help you change what?"  Harry asked confused.

   "Well Blaise here, would like for me and him to go into Hogsmeade with him on Saturday to get a present for some chick he's trying to lay." 

   Harry smirked and then turned his attention to Draco.  "You promised me that we would spend all day in your bed on Saturday."  Harry said.

  "Oops!  Ok, I'll be back by 4."  Draco said as he remembered that he did promise that.

  "No forget it.  Maybe Ron and Hermione wouldn't mind hanging around with me.  I would go to Hogsmeade, but according to Dumbledore I can't go unless I have an adult with me."  Harry grumbled.

  "Voldy still on the loose eh?"  Blaise said.

   "Yeah.  And he's hell bent on killing me of course.  Dumbledore said that there was a Death Eater raid in Hogsmeade a few weeks back, and he has forbidden me to go unless I had an adult with me 24/7.  You can tell how ecstatic I was with the news."  Harry murmured as he sighed and leaned against the wall. 

  "Well think of it this way.  After I get back, I'll make it up to you with hours of endless mind-blowing sex." Draco said, wiggling his eyebrows suggestively.

  "Oh Come on!  I do not need to think of you too shagging right about now ok?"  Blaise exclaimed.

  "Why?  Don't want us to see you get turned on by the thought of Hogwarts' hottest guys shagging each other senseless?"  Draco laughed.

  Harry hit him in the shoulder and pushed away from the wall.  "I have Divination, so I better go.  Talk to you later Dray."  Harry said as he gave Draco a quick kiss and left. 

    Saturday morning found Harry doing the same thing he does every morning, throwing up his dinner in the bathroom, and Ron rubbing his back as he vomited all of his insides out.  Harry leaned his head against the cool tile floor of the bathroom and sighed.

   "I don't know who much more of this I can take."  Harry said in a weak voice.

  "I tried to be patient with you Harry, but you are going to the fucking Infirmary.  You could be seriously hurt or something.  I mean, you have this weird thing with food.  You don't eat much cause every time you get a smell of it, you run and throw up.  And you are always exhausted.  You're going to see Pomfrey." Ron said.


  "No Harry!  I'll carry you if I have to."  Ron warned as he helped Harry stand up.  Harry nodded his head and sighed.

  "Ok.  Let me take a shower, get dressed and we'll go ok?"  When Ron nodded his head, Harry left and made his way to the Shower Rooms.  After he washed up, and got dressed, Ron got Hermione and they all trooped to the Infirmary.  When they got there Pomfrey came from out of her office.  The Infirmary was empty, there were no patients.

  "What seems to be the problem?"  She asked.

   "Harry here needs a check up.  For the past week, he's been throwing up every morning, he gets dizzy a lot, he can't control the smell of food without throwing up sometimes, he's always exhausted and I think something is seriously wrong with him."  Ron said.  Hermione and Pomfrey seemed to both look deep in thought as they let their eyes roam over Harry.

   After a few seconds they both gasped in unison and pulled Harry to a bed.  "Lay down Mr. Potter."  Pomfrey ordered.  He laid down and looked at Ron in confusion.  Ron only shrugged his shoulders and they both turned their attention to the other two in the room.

  "Do you think?"  Hermione asked.

    "Yes.  I think.  I'll have to take some quick tests, but I'm certain."  Pomfrey said.  They both looked back over at Harry and Hermione smiled at her long time friend.

  "Harry, I know this is a very embarrassing question, but in your relationship with Draco, who's the submissive one?"  Hermione asked.

  "We've both been submissive."  Harry said confused.

  "Ok…I meant.  Who's been more submissive as of late?"  Hermione said in a soft voice.

  "Well, I guess I have.  Why?"  Harry asked, turning a little red in the cheeks.

  Hermione didn't answer.  Pomfrey came over and said a few incantations as she waved her wand and a few charts appeared in front of her.  She looked them over and gasped as she turned to Hermione.  She nodded her head and Hermione instantly looked over to Harry.

  "What? What is it?"  Harry and Ron said in unison.

   "Mr. Potter, this will come to you as a shock, but the tests results prove that you are one month pregnant."  Pomfrey said in a low tone.

   Harry opened his mouth to say something, but before he could, he passed out.  Ron looked shock as he turned to Hermione.  "Harry's pregnant?"  He asked.

  "Yes Ron.  Harry's pregnant."  Hermione confirmed.

   "Oh…Well…"  His eyes rolled into the back of his head and he collapsed on the floor.

  "I'll uh…hmmm…."  Hermione said in wonder as she looked at her two best friends who were both unconscious.

    Draco, Blaise and Pansy walked into Hogwarts as they continued to talk about meaningless things.  Hermione Granger was leaned against the wall, checking over her watch.  She looked up at the sudden burst of noise and walked up to them.

   "Draco, we need to talk."  She said.

   He looked at her and raised an eyebrow.  "What's wrong Granger?"  He asked.

  "It's about Harry."  She said.  This got Draco's attention.

   "What's wrong with him?"  He asked.

   "He's in the hospital wing.  He got some really shocking news, and passed out…so did Ron but that's beside the point.  The point is, he woke up a few minutes ago and sent me to wait for you so I can take you to him.  So can we go?"  Hermione said.

   "Yeah ok.  Guys put my bags in my room.  I'll see you later."  Draco said handing his big bags over to his friends.  They took the bags and headed down to the Slytherin Dorms.  Draco followed Hermione to the Infirmary, and when they walked in Ron was pacing and Harry was on the bed, his eyes red from crying. 

   When the door opened the looked over to Draco and Harry put his head in his hands, and Ron glared at the blonde.  Draco looked confused as he went over to the bed and pulled his boyfriend close to him.

   "Harry, Baby what's wrong?"  Draco asked in a low voice.

  "You're going to hate me and you'll probably leave me."  Harry said as he let out a small sob and covered his mouth.

  "Hey, hey, hey.  Don't get all upset.  Tell me what's wrong."  Draco asked.

  "Well Ron finally talked me into coming to the Infirmary after I had thrown up again this morning.  And when we told Pomfrey what was wrong, she ran some tests, and then she said that I was…that I was…"  Harry stopped and another sob escaped his throat.

  "Harry, what's wrong?  Tell me."  Draco pressured.

   "Oh god Draco, I'm pregnant.  I bet you're going to leave me now aren't you?  And don't waste your breath telling me to abort it or give it away, because this is my child and I will do no such thing! I plan to keep it, and if you have a problem then you could just leave now."  Harry said as tears fell from his eyes.  He buried his head in his hands once again and cried.

   Draco sat in shock.  Only one thought was running through his head.  I'm going to be a Father!  I'm going to be a Father!  YESS!!!!  "I'm going to be a Father!"  He said out loud. "Harry we're going to be parents!"  He said a big smile breaking out over his face.  He let out a small laugh as he pulled Harry to him and hugged him.  "Harry I would never tell you to kill our child, or give it away.  I want it as much as you do."  He said.

   Harry looked up, eye wide as he looked back at Draco. "Really?"  He asked.

  "Really."  Draco confirmed.  Harry fell against Draco's chest and hugged him.  "I'm glad to hear you say that."  Harry murmured.  Draco hugged him tight, until he realized that he was.  He let go of Harry, concern in his eyes.

  "Did I hug you too tight?  I'm sorry baby." Draco said quickly.

  "Dray I'm fine.  You did nothing wrong."  Harry reassured his boyfriend.  They smiled at each other, and Hermione bonded over with Ron next to her.

  "Congrats you guys!"  Hermione said hugging Harry.

     Ron looked over at Draco and sighed.  "I guess there's no avoiding you now eh?  Welcome to the family!"  Ron said with a nod of his head and a pat on Draco's back.  Draco nodded back and looked Ron over.

  "Don't think this makes us friends."  Draco said.

   "Don't worry. I don't.  thank god we're not."  Ron said with a grin.  He pulled Harry to him and ruffled his hair.  "Wait till I tell Mum!"  He exclaimed with a big laugh. 

   The doors to the Infirmary opened and a big black dog ran inside, followed by Remus Lupin. 

   "Sirius!  Remus!  What are you two doing here?"  Harry asked, his eyes big and wide.  Remus locked the door and put a silencing charm over the room.

   The dog transformed to Sirius and he smiled at Harry.  "Hey Harry!  Albus told us we'd find you here, and he also said you would have something important to tell us.  So, what is it?"  Sirius asked.

   "Umm…Sirius, Remus, a few hours ago I found out I was Pregnant."  Harry said as he looked at Sirius.

   Sirius smile froze and slowly turned into a straight line.  Harry bit the corner of his lip and waited for what he knew was coming.


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