Disclaimer: Well, I'm back with yet another one-shot Stargate story. This was written for a 15 minute challenge. Basically I was given a word and had 15 minutes to write any story based on it. The word was Bloody and this was what I came up with. I don't own Stargate SG-1, Daniel Jackson, Sha're or anything else used in this story. Slight spoilers for any episode with Sha're in, 'Forever in a day' and a hint of foreshadowing for 'Meridian'. It's yet another story by me about Daniel/Sha're. I like that pairing. And now, on with the story...

Bleeding Away

Sometimes, Daniel wonders if she bled. If when the light faded from her eyes for the very last time, somewhere, deep in her organs, there was blood where there shouldn't be. Maybe her heart became bloody as she realized what Amonet was going to do, and so she sent the message through the hand device, knowing that Teal'c was going to kill her. Maybe she bled everyday, on the inside, because she was a prisoner, trapped in her own body.


Daniel knows that he bleeds for her. Even now, over two years after her death, he bleeds for her. Her picture by his bed is the first thing he sees when he wakes up and the last vision in front of his eyes before he goes to sleep. God, Daniel missed Sha're.

His blood stirs in his veins, calling out to her, calling out to his blood, his soul, his everything. But Sha're is dead and all Daniel does now is bleed. Slowly, not so anyone would notice. It's not external bleeding and to an extent, it's not even the rich red blood that bleeds away. It's his life, his energy, his passion. With each mission Daniel looses a little something of himself and though he tries, he can't seem to claw back the ground he has lost and every time he steps through the Stargate, back to Earth, he knows that he has left some of his blood in the other world.

Jack can see it, to some extent. He knows something is wrong with Daniel, but after two years, he doesn't connect it with Sha're. Even though Jack is his best friend, he doesn't know how to tell Jack that he is bleeding everyday, fading away into nothing.

Some days, when Daniel wakes up, his eyes on her picture, he can almost breath without hurting. Those are the good days, when Daniel gets though the day without thinking about her all the time. Those are the days when he can smile and laugh and make jokes, and ignore the slight pain in his heart.

But with every good day, there are at least three bad days. The days when he stays in bed for a little while after waking up, staring at the ceiling, the pressure in his heart preventing him from doing anything else. On those days, when it feels as if he has swallowed a stone, Daniel retreats to his office, with coffee, trying to outlast the pain, knowing that sleep on a bad day would just lead to nightmares – or even worse, the dreams that are not nightmares. They are the cruelest. The dreams of Abydos, of being with Sha're and it all being fine. To wake up from one of those and know that yet another cold day is stretching ahead of him... such a dream is torture.

He's having a good day today, as Jack jokes with him as they walk on the alien planet. Then he catches a scent of something, a faint fragrance that reminds him of her and suddenly the pain is back. He manges to hide it, though some creeps through into his eyes. Instead he focuses on the planet and it's people – the Kelownans.

The End...

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