In the Beginning There was Darkness

(A Raven and Robin Fan-Fiction)

The day she arrived was a lot like any other day, everyone was just loitering around the house in a lazy fashion, no special parties or conventions or anything of the like. The only real difference was the weather. Instead of the normal bright skies of summer, it was dark, dreary, and raining in sheets… much like she was. She was dark and shrouded in mystery, holding a like for the things of the dark, and she had been crying for a very long time.

It had been an accident that the Titans had found her; there was a report of power-plant explosions and the Titans went to go check it out. They thought some one like Cinder-Block had been behind it, a fool who had no plan except to destroy something and bring out the Titans for a fight.

How wrong they were.

"Who's there!?" Robin called out, taking a step into the power-plant. Wow… whoever it was sure had a lot of strength, there were canisters and barrels that were crushed, dented, and torn from the walls. Everything in the plant was lying in a haphazard fashion, as if a tornado had torn through it.

"You wanna start a fight!? We're the Teen Titans and we-"


A barrel came flying from a far corner, narrowly missing Robin's head before crashing into the wall behind him.

"Okay…" Cyborg said carefully. "Looks like this guy doesn't want to talk."

"Friend-Robin, are you okay?" Starfire asked, landing from her flying position.

"Yeah, thanks, Star. I'm fine…" Robin said carefully, looking back at the barrel that had been crushed like a beer can at a frat party. He took a careful step forward into the darkness, then had to duck several more barrels.

"Dude, looks like this guy isn't joking around," Beast Boy commented rather unnecessarily. Cyborg rolled his eyes at him, then turned to Robin to wait for the cue.

"Titans, Go!"

Yep. That cue.

Robin said his trademark phrase and the Titans leapt into action, ready to fight whatever evil-doer was hiding in the shadows of the power plant. Each Titan rushed to a different part of the power-plant in order to find the stranger. Starfire and Beast Boy moved to the far left wall, Cyborg took the center, and Robin rushed into the corner where the flying barrels had originated from, a birdrang drawn in case of an emergency.

"I know you're there!" Robin said firmly, as he stepped lightly around some debris. "We won't hurt you if you come out quietly!" The darkness encompassed him, and in response he snapped on a light, just in time to see a dark figure skirt behind a large box. Robin smirked, then jumped on top of the box in a large, silent leap.

"If you hide, we'll- oh?" He shone the light into the darkness, only to find a pair of beautiful, watery, lavender eyes stare up at him. They looked sad, as if they had seen things that no one should see.

Robin then did a dangerous thing, he jumped down next to the eyes. The gaze of this stranger intrigued him greatly, enough to act without thinking and put his life in peril. He raised the light, and watched as the figure shrank away from it and him.

"Who are you?" Robin asked, feeling no sense of danger from the person… only a very deep sadness.

The eyes studied Robin carefully, as they weren't sure if she should speak to the stranger. After a few moments, the eyes decided that Robin was safe enough for her to speak. "My name is Raven…" It was a female voice, flat and depressing, holding no emotion in it whatsoever. There was a pause before the girl spoke again. "I didn't mean to destroy your power plant… it was an accident."

"Oh?" Robin looked skeptically at the eyes. They narrowed in anger of his ignorant accusations.

"I can't control my powers sometimes…" The eyes narrowed more at him as the voice stopped talking suddenly. "Why am I telling you this? It's none of your business anyway." The eyes turned to leave, but not before Robin reached out to stop them. His fingers groped the dark before enclosing on a bunch of soft, heavy fabric, and a hood, that had shrouded the face, was pulled from the girl's head.

"Hey!" The voice cried angrily, "What are you doing, let me go!"

Robin pulled the girl closer to him and raised the light to shine upon her. Its golden rays fell on the most elegant face he had ever set eyes on. Her face was angular in the right places, rounded where it needed to be, featuring full lips, lavender hair, and those beautiful eyes that had intrigued him from the start. Robin could only stare at her for a moment, being able to say nothing.

The girl however, did not like being attacked in such a way and struggled for her freedom. "Let! Me! GO!" She cried angrily, pulling futilely at the stranger's iron grip.

Suddenly, a small box suddenly landed on top of his head, jolting Robin out of his reverie but loosening his grip in return. His grip, however, was not loosened enough for the girl to run freely, but enough for her to slip out of her cloak and then flee back into the shield of darkness.

"Ow…" Robin moaned, rubbing the top of his head. That had been a box of tools. "Hey! Hey, come back here!" He cried, stuffing the dark cloak under his arm and following the fugitive into the darkness. "You've destroyed government property! Come back here!"

"Leave me alone!" Another barrel or box of some sort came flying at his head and Robin had to execute a back-flip in order to miss it. This caused him to loose the trail of the girl in question. His hissed slightly, but refused to give up and ran blindly into the darkness, searching for the girl.

What was the girl's name… what was it… yes!

"RAVEN!" Robin yelled suddenly, hoping to startle her enough so she would at least stop or acknowledge him… or something. "Raven, come back here!!"


Robin found himself suddenly lying on his back on the cold, dirty floor with a deep pain running from his face through his chest. He growled angrily, realizing that he had lost the pursuit of the dark maiden.

"Woah…You okay there? What's got you speeding through the dark like that?" A deep voice asked him from above his head

Robin sighed deeply and brushed himself off before sitting up. "I'm fine, Cy. I found our culprit… but she got away."

"She? You know it's a she?" Cyborg asked, helping Robin to his feet.

"Yeah, we talked for a minute… if you can call it talking. Hey, where are the others? I have a feeling that this is the end of it tonight… besides-" Robin held up the dark cloak triumphantly- "I have this."

"A cloak?" Cyborg looked at him skeptically, raising an eyebrow.

"Her cloak."

Robin's companion smiled in realization of his plan. "Ahh… a DNA search."

"Precisely." Robin nodded. "She won't be running for long." He rubbed the bump forming on top of his head and frowned. "Besides, I've got to give some payback."

- - -

All four of the Titans trudged into the Tower, each soaked to the bone due to the heavy rain that continued to pour from the sky. They each returned to the evidence room, where Cyborg was currently in the process of hooking up the DNA search. Robin stood close to him and held the cloak in a large evidence bag, hoping that the stranger's DNA was not removed from its thick fabric.

"So, let me get this straight," Beast Boy said, looking strangely at the spiky-haired Titan. "You found this person, managed to carry on a miniscule conversation with her, and you still let her get away?"

Robin glared at him. "I didn't let her get away, she levitated a tool box onto my head. I've got the bump to prove it."

"Levitated?" Starfire asked, blinking in slight confusion. "She has the power to move things without touching them?"

"I guess so." Robin shrugged. "I just know I would have seen her move her arms or something. Besides, I know I was taller than her, so there's no way she could just 'drop' a tool box onto the top of my head."

"You know…" Cyborg said nonchalantly as he crawled underneath the table to hook-up some wires. "You should probably put some ice on that bump, and I'd go to the doctors to make sure you don't have a concussion or anything."

"Well," Robin replied conversationally. "When I start to act like a drunken sailor, I give you full permission to take me to the emergency room."

"When you start acting like a drunken sailor, then I'm going to pull out the video camera," Beast Boy stated cheerfully.

"Would you like me to retrieve some ice for your growing bump, Robin?" Starfire asked helpfully.

"Nah… but thanks for the offer, Star."

"Okay!" Cyborg said happily as he pulled himself from under the machine. "Let's have that cloak." Robin carefully pulled the cloak from the bag and handed it to Cyborg. He searched the hood until he found a strand of beautiful, lavender colored hair.

"You saw her, Rob. Was this the color of her hair?" Cyborg asked, looking at the specimen incredulously. Since when did people have lavender hair? And there were no roots, which meant that it wasn't dyed either. That was really strange.

Robin looked at it carefully before nodding. "Yep."

"Lavender hair?" Beast Boy asked, raising an eyebrow. "What is she, an alien?"

Cyborg dropped the hair into the scanner and watched as the monitor lit up with a map of the city. He then zoomed in a little red dot, made a face between confusion and shock, and turned back to Robin.

"Oookay…" He sia din a ver conversation-like tone. "Well, according to our DNA scanner and tracker… this 'Raven' girl is right outside our front door."


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