Remus Lupin looked quickly, desperately, around the room, the towering amphitheatre seats climbing gloomily upwards around him, illuminated irregularly with many-coloured flashes from the wands of the duelling wizards ranged around the platform. Kingsley, Moody, Tonks, Sirius. But where was Harry?

Finally his eyes connected with almond-shaped green ones on the other side of the room. Wide open, frightened, but defiantly alive and fighting. He was duelling a Death Eater with Neville Longbottom, who was very little help – he had sustained a nasty blow to his face and as a result was unable to speak clearly enough to cast hexes and curses. Lupin made as if to run over to him, but was thwarted by the intervention of a tall, hooded Death Eater who threw some jinx at him; what it was, Lupin could not hear because of the shouting and blasting echoing through the chamber. He quickly cast a Shield Charm but it wavered and then disintegrated gradually, the curse inching its way towards the werewolf. He quickly recollected the archaic and obscure Dissolution Charm and cast it expertly, shattering the curse into a million gleaming shards of light before running off after Harry. Once more the Death Eater stopped him. He hurled curse after curse at Lupin, who was forced to turn about and face him to neutralise the attack before attempting to disarm his opponent.

'Expelliarmus!' he shouted with an intensity born of terror, but his fear made him careless and his aim was skewed by a good few feet. He let out an animal cry of frustration before defending himself once again from the hexes flying at him.

The duelling couple rotated slowly and Lupin lost sight of Harry, although he lost none of his impetus to escape and rescue the boy. From the corner of his eye, he could see Sirius now battling with Bellatrix Lestrange, the most loyal and most loathed and feared servant of Lord Voldemort, and he felt his stomach lurch.

In that moment, his concentration lapsed and he felt a curse whiz perilously close to his left ear. He was seized with a desperation that Harry's plight had no given him at the thought of Sirius duelling Lestrange, and faster than any human could possibly move he flung the first spell that he could think of at his opponent; a simple Stunning spell. The speed of the attack left the Death Eater helpless, and as the spell hit him he crumpled slowly to the ground.

Lupin didn't linger long enough to see his head hit the floor. Already he was racing over to Sirius, frenetically remembering and discarding possible curses as he dodged the spells flying in all directions. He heard Sirius's barking laugh, heard him taunting Lestrange recklessly.

'Don't goad her, Sirius!' he yelled breathlessly as he neared the pair; the first thing that came into his head, anything to draw her attention away from Sirius and on to he himself. The last words he spoke to Sirius, and they were aimed at someone else.

Lupin skittered to a standstill as he saw the flash of red light hit Sirius squarely in the chest and quell his laughter. He looked on numbly as Sirius staggered backwards, flailing his arms. He knew what was directly behind Sirius, what Sirius could not possibly avoid, and he knew there was nothing he could do for him. In the moment of falling, Sirius's grey eyes met his and he knew what he wanted him to do. Although it felt as though it would kill him, he turned away from Sirius and instead caught Harry's arm as he sprinted over to his godfather.

'What are you doing? Let me go!' Harry yelled, but Lupin had his arm in a vice grip and there was no way a 15 year old boy could escape from a fully- grown werewolf. He knew this, and so he looked back to where he had last seen Sirius toppling backwards with his cloud of black hair surrounding his face. He had vanished.

'He's gone, Harry,' he said. His voice seemed detached from his consciousness; the same feeling as being extremely drunk or very very tired.

'He can't be! He's only gone behind that veil! I've heard the voices there!' Harry screamed urgently, still struggling against Lupin.

'He's gone. He's d-'

'No! He can't be!'

'I'm sorry.' All of a sudden Lupin felt tired, utterly exhausted. He slackened his grip on Harry, who had stopped fighting and instead was standing slumped, looking shell-shocked. But Lupin felt he simply couldn't summon the energy for sympathy. Sirius was gone. He was alone once more.