Dreams Chapter 1

"Well I thought I was over you, but I guess maybe I'm not." Kagome said to herself with a small laugh. "I can't believe I ever had feelings for that jerk. He never loved me, but I know someone who does and we will always be together." Kagome sat down at her desk and looked through some of the pictures she had taken throughout the four years that she was in the feudal era.

There was one of Inuyasha on the night of the new moon. That was the only time they weren't attacked when he was vulnerable. On the next page there was one of Kirara and Sango, with Sango in her exterminator outfit and Kirara sitting on her shoulder.

Kagome felt the tears swell in her eyes and quickly shut the small book. She picked it up and opened the top drawer and stashed it away. Kagome got up from her spot at her desk and went to her bed to lay down. Perhaps good dreams would come to her.


"Ha ha ha ha ha ha!" Inuyasha said as he leapt from the burning jewel shrine. "This is what you deserve! Just as I deserve the Jewel!" Inuyasha was flying through the air. 'With this I can become a full demon...'

"INUYASHA!!" an arrow hit Inuyasha just above the heart and he slammed into the tree behind him. Inuyasha dropped the jewel and looked up to find who had shot him.

"Ki...Kikyo!" Inuyasha stared wide eyed at the woman who he thought loved him. His head fell to the side and he fell into a deep sleep, never to be awoken.

'How...Dare...you...' Kikyo thought as she bent down and picked the jewel up with her injured body. She was badly wounded in her right shoulder. "The Jewel...For such a thing..."

"Lady Kikyo..." said one of the younger village men.

"What terrible wounds..." Said an older man.

"Please, sister... we have to take care of you..." Kaede said moving to her older sister's side.

"I will not live. Listen well, Kaede...Take this...and burn it with my body." Kikyo said holding the Jewel of Four Souls in her hand and showing Kaede what was to be burned. 'It must never...fall into the wrong hands again! I shall take this Jewel with me...to the world beyond!' Kikyo was burned holding the jewel.


Kagome was running for her life with Mistress Centipede following behind her.

"Give me the Jewel!" Mistress Centipede said. "B..But I...I don't have anything like....ahhhhhhhh!" Kagome tripped and fell in front of the tree she had been found in front of hours before...the one with the boy.

"Why toy with little bugs like Mistress Centipede?" He said staring down at her.

"Huh...?" looking up into the golden eyes of the boy. "Wh...Who are you...?"

he smirked...but it was more of an evil look. "Do her in like you did me, Kikyo! Why play around." He said as Kagome stood up.

"Kikyo...? Kikyo...? Whoever that is...I don't know...but what I do know is my name is Kagome. KA-GO-ME!!!" She said with an irritated voice.

The boy looked up. "She's coming..."


Inuyasha...Kagome found out was his name. He was standing in front of her with Mistress Centipede dead. Kagome was crouched on the ground with the jewel held tightly in her hand.

"I'll make it easy. If you want to continue on with your life...give me the jewel before I use you as a scratching post!" Inuyasha said as he flexed his claws. Kaede walked up behind Kagome.

"No, Kagome! You must not give him the jewel. It would mean destruction to us all." Kaede said with a quiver to her voice.

"Do you think I'm too gentle, wench! I don't think so...Not when you smell of the woman who killed me!" Inuyasha lunged at Kagome

"Ahhhhh!" she screamed as she barley misses his claws.

Inuyasha looked at her as she stood up. "Next time I won't miss and I WILL cut you in half!"

Kagome sat up in bed and looked around. She was in her room and covered in sweat.

"What the...why would I be having dreams of only the bad things. I left there to get away from all of this." Kagome swung her legs over the side of her bed and sat on the edge. With her face in her hands, her elbows on her knees, she cried. "I miss them all so much...but I couldn't stay and I know that and they know that, but can I be true to it?" Kagome felt her bed slant to the side and gasped, she quickly looked up to see who it was.

Author's Note: well most of those dreams are actual things in the Manga or Anime...so that's where I got them. All the things they say are kind of similar to what they really say, but not exactly. Well I hope you enjoy it...I don't know exactly where I'm going with this story but I know it's going somewhere. Okay um...if you wanna review you know what to do.