"And I would have liked to know you,

But I was just a kid,

Your candle burnt out long before,

Your legend ever did."

It was a cold, windy Autumn day when they buried the Potters, the day they held a memorial for Sirius Black it was the middle of summer and the sun was shining down upon their grief, but the day they buried Constance Black, or Hardbroom, as she was known to Cackles Academy, the rain beat down upon the pavement like it was cleansing away the blood of the war.

The last of the Potters had defeated the Dark Lord for the final time not a week ago, they had thought they were safe from the evil, they had been careless and Constance had been the unfortunate one. She was the last victim of the legacy of Tom Riddle.

Albus Dumbledore had finally allowed her to come home to the Wizarding world and she had revealed herself to the staff and students, all of whom had been understanding and amazed at how happy the once so sullen Deputy- Head had become. Except one.

Ethel Hallow had not meant harm, she had simply written to her family asking who the Black family were, she had heard of them, but wanted to know more. Her mother was Lucretia Hallow...who had once been Lucretia Malfoy.

The woman had informed her brother and in a last frenzied rampage before they all faced the Dementors the remaining Death Eaters had flown to Cackles Academy. They hadn't counted on the rest of the Order being present as an escort.

When the Order had arrived they had thought it a joke that they were escorting Constance, and she had joined in the humour, introducing them to her colleagues and favourite pupils. She had hugged Harry and told him not to be afraid of her, mad middle-aged woman as she was, that she was just excited to see him again. He had laughed.

Then the doors burst open. Running in on a large group of Order of the Phoenix members was not what the Death Eaters had planned to do, but it was what happened. They had not stood a chance. All of them were captured and Moody even broke his rule of never killing when one of them tried Avada Kedavra on a student.

But Constance had been unfortunate, she had knocked two of the girls out the way and took the killing curse Lucius Malfoy had sent for them. The Order had not noticed so enraptured were they in their final victory, but the girls on whom her body was lying noticed.

Only Mildred Hubble's scream alerted the Order that the woman was dead and Minerva was the first to reach the body. She didn't believe it, Constance had just been knocked out. It was somewhat her forte, when they were younger she was always the first to get hit by a Stunner.

But there was no pulse and the body was heavy on Mildred and Enid.