New Saiyan Kingdom

Disclaimer: I do not own DBZ. If I did, this would be pretty pointless, seeing as I could just put this in an episode. I do own the characters Jessikinikia, Tanryu, Kano, Trinku, Tikku, Kiarazinu, Karu, Kira, Kutian, Zientu, and a few others. Basically, if they've never been in an episode, they're my own. All other characters belong to the owners of DBZ (Akira Toriyama, etc.)

Ages (approx. (don't get mad if they're wrong- just let me know)):

Vegeta- 43

Jessikinikia- 43

Bulma- 48

Trunks- 15

Bulla- 3

Goku (a. k. a. Kakarot)- 44

Chichi- 44 (I think)

Tanryu- 43

Karu- 42

Kira- 42

Kiarazinu- 41

Gohan- 24

Videl- 24

Pan- 2

Goten- 14

Yamcha- 48-49 (somewhere around the age of Bulma)

Krillin- 45

Zientu- 7

Chapter 1

The Three Guards

"Your highness, the castle is ready for you to move in. All that is left to do is build the moat," one of the servants said.

"I'll be moved in by next week. Oh, and tell the moat builders to pick up the pace. They're taking too long," Vegeta said.

"Father! The guards are on strike. Maybe you should hire new guards," Trunks, Vegeta's 15-year-old son, said.

"Got it covered. Jessie! Need new guards here!" Vegeta replied.

"I'll be glad to help, Vegee," Jessikinikia (Jessie/Jess), Vegeta's old girlfriend, said.

"I'll help, too," Tanryu (Tan), Vegeta's best friend, said.

"Me, too," Sinea, Jessie's older sister, said.

"Good, that gives us three guards," Vegeta said. "Thanks, Jess. You too, Tan. Thanks, Sinea."

"No problem," Sinea and Tanryu replied.

"Anything for you, Vegee," Jessie said.

"Augh. You are obsessed with me, aren't you?" Vegeta said.

"You could say that," Jessie said.

"What about Kano? I thought you liked him," Vegeta said, walking towards the castle doors, since, by this point, he'd arrived at the castle.

"I do, but… You're just… you. You're irresistible," Jessie said. "And I don't get what you see in that human girl."

"I don't know myself. A… fighting spirit, an ability to stand up to those who could kill her in an instant. And she's the smartest, prettiest human I know. Don't tell anyone I said that. I don't want to sound soft," Vegeta replied. "Where is she, anyway? She was supposed to meet me here when she got done with her latest invention."

"Right here," a very familiar voice said from a few feet away. Vegeta turned to look and all he saw was a tree.

A/N: so whadja think? Major cliffhanger, huh? You'll just have to wait for chapter two!