New Saiyan Kingdom

Disclaimer: I do not own DBZ. If I did, this would be pretty pointless, seeing as I could just put this in an episode. I do own the characters Jessikinikia, Tanryu, Kano, Trinku, Tikku, Kiarazinu, Karu, Kira, Kutian, Zientu, and a few others. Basically, if they've never been in an episode, they're my own. All other characters belong to the owners of DBZ (Akira Toriyama, etc.)

Ages (approx. (don't get mad if they're wrong- just let me know)):

Vegeta- 49

Jessikinikia- 49

Bulma- 48

Trunks- 15

Bulla- 3

Goku (a. k. a. Kakarot)- 44

Chichi- 44 (I think)

Tanryu- 49

Karu- 48

Kira- 48

Kiarazinu- 47

Gohan- 24

Videl- 24

Pan- 2

Goten- 14

Yamcha- 48-49 (somewhere around the age of Bulma)

Krillin- 45

Zientu- 7

Taekaso- 10

Chapter 3


A few hours had passed since Vegeta, Trunks, and Bulma went up to the castle. Bulma was in her lab, pressing various buttons on her new invention, the revival machine. Vegeta was standing nearby. Trunks was upstairs. Suddenly, the machine began to glow a bit, and Bulma stopped pressing buttons. A beam of glowing light slid across the half-cylinder revival pod that rests on the machine, followed by several more, each wrapped around the half-cylinder. A man appeared in the revival pod.

"Wait until it opens," Bulma said. Vegeta was ready to rush over to the machine, but Bulma had stopped him. The glass cover for the revival pod opened, and Vegeta's father, King Vegeta, sat up, swung his legs over the edge, and got out.

"Father!" Vegeta said, smiling genuinely for the first time since he was young.

"Who is this?" King Vegeta said. "Don't tell me this is the woman you chose to be your queen."

"Well, then there's not much to tell you, is there? Other than the fact that I've rebuilt the Saiyan kingdom. And they all are prepared to recognize me as their king," Vegeta said.

"Take me to the castle you've built, and you shall be declared king there," King Vegeta said.