Title: Just a Girl
Summary: What if Buffy hadn't gotten her powers back in Helpless? B/A
Rating: PG-13
Feedback: I'd love some

Chapter Three

I walk into the library and am not surprised to find Faith there with her boots kicked up on the table.

"Hey B" she says in her customary greeting.

"Hey, F" I say and try vainly to keep the sarcasm out of my voice. Faith and I get along, most of the time. We're not best friends, we probably never will be.

"Hey, I know you and Angel had this thing over him helping me patrol and I understand. I'm not an ad for Good Housekeeping, or whatever and I gotta tell you Angel is a complete hottie, especially for a dead guy-"

"Faith, is this going somewhere?" I interrupt.

"Yeah. I just want you to know I- Angel has a one track mind in a big fat Buffy Summers way. You don't have to worry about him" Faith says.

"And you would know this how?" I ask.

"I'll admit it. One night after patrols I suggested we have some fun, get the wild thing on. He turned me down flat" Faith says.

"Yeah, Angel and sex kind of equal Angelus who is this really fun psychotic I wanna suck the world into Hell guy" I say. I can't believe she propositioned Angel, actually I can totally believe it but now she's gonna sit there and tell me that. Maybe I could pay someone to take her down. We'd get a slayer who's a little less screwed up.

"You don't get it, B. It's not sex that equal's Angel's moment of pure happiness. It's you" Faith says.

Okay, so she's screwed up. She's not stupid.

Giles comes out of his office, probably thinking he's going to have to referee. He usually does when Faith and I are in the same room for an extended amount of time.

"Buffy, the council would like to talk to you, find out some information, do some tests to complete their records" Giles says.

"Oh yay, I'll go in the Watcher files as Buffy, the broken slayer" I grouse.

The council wisely sent someone besides Quentin Travers. I may not be a slayer but I could find a gun to murder the man for what he's done to me. Three stuffy watcher-ly looking men sit around the table in the library. We've done the interview portion of the visit. That was just fun, not. Now we're doing the testing part. One of the stuffy guys passes over a folded leather envelope type thing with throwing knives in it.

I smile sweetly. "You might want to move back" I suggest.

"Perhaps you misunderstand where you are to throw the knives" he says.

"I know, that target there right in front of us. You might want to move back" I say.

I threw exactly three knives and they decided that was test enough. I was sufficiently not a slayer anymore. It doesn't take them long to pack it all up and go back to England. Me and the Watcher's council never really saw eye to eye anyway. At least the only stuffy English guy I have to put up with now is Giles and then my throat tightens and I wonder if he's going away too.

"Giles, you and Faith are staying here, in Sunnydale, right?" I ask, trying to keep the tremblies out of my voice.

"Indeed. Sunnydale's Hellmouth is quite a bit more active then the one in Cleveland. I don't believe Faith will be going anywhere anytime soon, nor will I" Giles says with a warm smile toward me.

I nod and try to blink back the tears that come to my eyes. Giles has become like the full fledged father figure to me now. I mean my real dad sent flowers on my birthday. Of course Giles drugged me up and essentially robbed me of my slayers powers, but he never left me. He never stopped being support-o dad kind of guy. With things so unstable right now, it's just good to know the stable things aren't going away.

"It doesn't...bother you that I still hang around here, even though I'm not much help?" I ask.

Giles chuckles softly. "I suppose if it's alright for Xander to be present and not help, it's alright for you also" he says with a smile.

That's my Giles, making sure not to get to sappy.

We've got a blanket spread out on the lawn behind the mansion. I try not to remember that a few weeks ago Angel tried to kill himself here. It really is a beautiful spot if you don't have all these morbid memories. I glance over at Angel. The moonlight bathes him, making his skin look like alabaster. Tears rush to my eyes and I can't help reaching out to touch him. He captures my hand in his and kisses my knuckles.

Things are different between us now. I live our relationship from breath to breath, always afraid it's going to break not because he doesn't love me, I know he does, or I don't love him, more then life, but because I'm normal now and he's not. I know Angel and I know he could decide to go all noble at any second and decide he has to leave me for my own good. I try not to worry about that. I try to just cherish every single moment I have with him.

Not being a slayer anymore made me grow up in ways that being a slayer never did. I can't explain I just know it.

"You okay?" Angel asks.

I nod and blink my tears away. "Yeah, I was just thinking, there's this whole rite of passage senior prom thing. A lot of the girls will have older boyfriends there. You'd have to rent a tux but if you don't want to come.." I trail off.

"Is it a big deal?" He asks.

I start to say no. I start to tell him that I can just trail along with Willow and Oz but my throat closes up and I can't. I just nod. "I can't lie to you. It kind of is" I admit.

"Okay," he says.

"Okay?" I look at him surprised. Angel isn't one for social events and mixing. I'm not even sure he dances.

"Okay," he says and gives me his little half grin.

I smile broadly as he pulls me into his arms.

Yeah a little supernatural in all this normal is exactly what I need.