Kuwabara: Kazima-San owns nothing...:looks at Kazima: Are you okay....



Hiei: Why do you always blame me.

Yusuke: Because your the one who always messes with her.

Hiei: :shrugs: I just gave her rat poison...

All but Hiei and Kazima: HOLD SHXT!


"ARG!" Inuyasha hissed as he went sailing backwards. "DamX you!" He growled in the direction of a witch. She went by the name Of Shinra, 'the child eater.' This demon found it's pleasure in devouring children, and woman baring children.

Human, and demon children. it didn't matter to her.

It all started when Shippo was playing with Sango's faithful friend, Kiarra. (hey if u can tell me is it two r's or one? Please someone tell me...i dun have any Manga with her in it yet...)

The group was alerted to the danger when Shippo's high pitched scream slashed through the air. The group followed the screams coming upon the witch holding Shippo over her mouth.

The mouth had stretched wide, further than any human's mouth could go, and Shippo was dangerously getting closer to her mouth. Kiarra was in her larger form, and ready to attack. After retrieving a frightened Shippo the battle had begun.

Shinra smiled, "Ah...are ye a hanyou?" Her red eyes flashed viciously as she gazed at him. Inuyasha glared at her, "What of it?!" The witch laughed, "Ah I see," She licked her lips, "I have not tasted Hanyou flesh for a very long time."

"Gross..." Kagome gasped covering her mouth. "Rrggg..." Miroku tried to stand, his leg bleeding horridly through his long robes. Sango gripped his shoulder, "You are too hurt to fight, Stay down." Miroku shook his head, "No...Inuyasha-" Sango gazed into his eyes, "Please Miroku..." He looked at her, and nodded.

Shinra, crossed her arms, holding her palms up. "Inuyasha...prepare yourself...." As her hair flew upwards, from a mysterious wind, she began to chant.

"Old turn to young,

My curse seep into his body,

It has now begun...

Take him now, and take him fast!

Turn him to what he was before,

Make him young, make him small,

Make his old body nevermore,


After the witch's rhyme, a smog spread over Inuyasha, and Kagome screamed his names as cry penetrated the air. Miroku rose, despite the promise he made with Sango, and cried, "WIND TUNNEL!"

The smoke began to disappear, and with it the witch. She screamed as she was sucked inside the tunnel on his hand, loud screeching curses that dies away as he closed the hole. As soon as the smoke was cleared, and witch gone, he covered his hand, and placed his rosemary beads back on his hand, sealing the hole away.

He sank to the ground, Kagome and Sango holding onto him, Shippo catching his staff. "MIROKU!" Sango held onto him, his wound now worse. "Sorry...but I had to..." he took in deep breathes, " wrong...with me?!"

But his question went unanswered, as soft sobs filled the air. The group turned where Inuyasha sat, and their mouths opened as their eyes fell upon him. No not Inuyasha, but a small boy with drooping white puppy like ears. The boy looked no more than five.

"Mama...Mama where are you?" The boy sobbed, little fists to his eyes.

The boy had white hair, and yellow eyes. He was indeed Inuyasha, but not the normal loud and angry one. He Was small and scared, crying for a mother that wasn't there. His red outfit had not shrunk, so he sat in a pile of clothes.

"Inuyasha?" Shippo asked, eyes wide and shock written all over his face. He turned to look at the group, large tears pouring down his face. He starred at them, and remembered that humans did not like him. Humans, and demons alike hated him. He needed his mother, father and brother, they did not hate him.

It seemed that his memories of Kagome and the others had gone too, because when he bumped into the Tetsaiga, he starred at it curiously. He blinked, and scooted away from it, as if it was some sort of monster. And as they tried to get closer to him he gave a small frigtened scream. "Inuyasha..." His head snapped around, Kagome trying to get closer to him.

"NO!" The boy took off running, leaving the oversized clothes behind. "WAIT!" Kagome would have gone after him, but Sango's loud scream filled the air. Miroku had completely collapsed on his back, but that was not the problem.

He was having a violent seizure, foam coming out his mouth. His eyes had rolled in the back of his head, and his skin turned a waxy yellow color. "Kagome we must take him to Kaede's village, it isn't far!" With a great amount of difficulty, Shippo, and Sango were trying to push him on the back of Kiarra, the cat like creature standing still, even as Miroku's arms lashed out hitting her.


"Kagome!" Sango looked at her with a pleading scared face, "Please...he will die if we don't hurry." Kagome looked back that bushes where Inuyasha had fled, and with tears dripping down her face called, "DON'T WORRY INUYASHA! WE'LL COME BACK FOR YOU!"

With that, they left behind their friend, to take care of another friend, that was nearing death.


Rin sighed, Jaken and Sesshoumaru-sama had left her behind again. Rin was left to play by herself, smiling as she weaved flowers together. She loved her Sesshoumaru-sama but...she did wish she had someone to play with...

Her ears caught the sound of soft crying, and she rose wondering what was making those sounds. She followed them to a bush where she found a small naked boy crying loudly. "Oh..." She frowned, and approached him placing a small hand on his skin. He flinched and looked at her, fear in his yellow eyes.

She smiled, his eyes reminded her of Sesshoumaru's, "It's okay I won't hurt you..." She removed her green sash, wrapping it around the small boy. covering up his private parts.

He sniffed, wiping his eyes, and she sat down holding her Kimono together. "My name is Rin!" She smiled, the boy was a year, maybe two years younger than her, but he wasn't that much smaller than her. Only an inch or so. The small hanyou not used to kindness sniffed, and whispered, "My name's you know where my brother is?"

"No, but I can help your find 'em!"

The boy's eyes filled with tears, and he fell in her lap sobbing, the girl starring at him sadly. He placed and arm around his shoulder, and bent her head down resting it on top of his. "It's okay...I'll help you."

Sobs answered her.


Sesshoumaru stopped, his sharp ears perking up. "Sesshoumaru-sama? What is it?" The small toad like demon looked up at his master, fearing that something was wrong. Sesshoumaru's eyes had widened just the ever so slightly, and then narrowed angrily.

His ears had caught the sound of Rin's clothes being removed. He recognized the sound of the fabric. How often had he heard the sound of the clothes sift as she ran. And soon soft sobs caught his keen hearing.

'Someone has my pup...'

Without even bothering to tell Jaken what was up, he disappeared taking off towards Rin. The sound of the removal of clothes made him go quicker, his hands already glowing green.

When he arrived at where he left her, he looked around, and spotted the bushes, knowing that was where the sounds had come from. Storming into the bushes, his angry face, once again broke its calm mask, and he starred shocked at the sight before him.

Rin was teaching a small hanyou a clapping game, the two giggling and smiling. But the image of the boy he saw startled him to no end. It was Inuyasha. He would recognize that small round face anywhere...

Both looked up, and Rin smiled proudly, "I dressed him!" The small boy's eyes lit up and he pushed himself him, hugging Sesshoumaru's leg. "SESSHY!" He held the leg tight, Sesshoumaru starring down at him, his mind blank and confused.

He swiftly lifted the boy up, and removed Rin's sash, handing it back to her, and holding the boy in his arm. "Come Rin." The girl nodded, tying her sash back on, "Hai!" Inuyasha leaned against his brother's tail, hugging it, closing his eyes tiredly.

He was with his brother, and he was now safe...

Sesshoumaru looked at him, with his silent stare. His eyes flashed, "I know exactly what to do with you..." And quietly he led Rin through the forest, plans on what he would do to Inuyasha spinning through his head.


What will Sesshoumaru do? Is Inuyasha in more trouble than he thinks? And what of Miroku? Find out in chapter 2! I need five reviews plz...