Yusuke: Shouldn't it be champagne?
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Yusuke: So?
Inuyasha blushed as he was stripped from his blue outfit, and red clothes placed over him. The clothes were much to big for him, but he was instructed to just sit on the ground and wait patiently for Kaede to enter the room. Shippo and Rin were sitting by him, Shippo excited and Rin confused. A white piece of gauze was taped to her head, given by Kagome. Sesshoumaru stood off away from the group, Jaken at his side. Miroku was sitting up, Sango aiding him the best she could; their hands were clasped together a slight smile on Sango's lips. Kagome sat near them, eyes dancing happily as she gazed at Inuyasha.

The people in the room turned their heads as Kaede entered, a small jar in her hand. Shippo scurried off to sit by Kagome, while Rin skipped over to Sesshoumara, and reached up taking his hand.

He didn't pull away.

His yellow eyes watched Inuyasha, who turned to look back at him. He smiled at his older brother, who just looked back at him with emotionless eyes.

Kaede stepped in front of Inuyasha, "It's time to come back now Inuyasha." She dropped the jar, jumping back quickly as a purplish fog spilled out of it. Inuyasha sat startled as the smoke began to cover him, taking a look back to see Sesshoumaru turning, and leaving.

"Sess-" Inuyasha's voice died out as the smoke completely covered him, and the room was deathly quiet as the group waited for the smoke to clear. Slowly the smoke faded away, and where baby Inuyasha had once sat, there was a full grown hanyou.

Inuyasha looked at his hands, his clothes now correctly on him. He touched his head, he remembered everything....A cheer was let loose from the throats of his friends as they all ran to greet him. Inuyasha starred at them in disbelief. It was like waking from a dream...he remembered everything, and it all seemed so unreal...

He looked at Miroku, the sickly monk, and grabbed his shoulders. "Hey you lecher, next time you same me, don't go dying on us." Miroku smiled, nodding his head, only to have Inuyasha smack him. "AND THAT WAS FOR BEATING ME UP!" Inuyasha growled at him.

Shippo jumped on his arm, "Good ol' Inuyasha!" Inuyasha did not push him away, and startled the others as he smiled at him. There seemed to be a different look about him, his innocence from when he was small, seemed to have stayed with looked as if a lot of pain had been lifted from his form...he never looked so peaceful to the group before.

Sango and Kaede had no words for Inuyasha, but simply smiled at him and squeezed his arms. Inuyasha smiled back, and then turned to look at Kagome, who stood still starring at him with teary eyes. "I died help..." He trailed off, and watched her as she wiped her eyes.

She smiled, "I'm so glad that your..." She laughed relieved and as she did, Inuyasha approached her. He took her hand, and she blushed as she was pulled to him, "I remember you telling me you loved me." She blushed, as he looked down at her, and went even redder as he leaned closer. "I love you too..."

Gently, his lips met with hers, and her arms wrapped around his neck, tears spilling down her face. When the kiss ended, he held her, stroking her hair, and Shippo shouted, "WELL, IT'S ABOUT TIME!!" Laughter filled the room, when Inuyasha suddenly remembered something.


Quietly Sesshoumaru led Rin, and Jaken through the forest, leaving the village behind him. "Are you no longer pursuing the tetsaiga?" Jaken asked stunned. "No...I...I am not going back for my brother...My hate is spent. I will leave him be." Rin looked back behind her, "Inuyasha got old..." Sesshoumaru glanced behind him, "Yes."

"We...We're not going back to see him are we Sesshoumaru-sama?"

"No Rin, we're not."

Rin went quiet, and sped up a little, so that she may walk belong side him. "Oh." Was all she let out. Sesshoumaru was surprised that his heart was hurting. It felt like...he had gained his family back, his father...It felt like he was younger and back at home again....

Now he had lost that feeling...Now he had once again lost Inuyasha, and this time around...he missed him.


Sesshoumaru was startled as he heard his name called, but kept walking, until arms wrapped around him. "Inuyasha...let go." Sesshoumaru growled. Inuyasha clung tighter, his face pressed into his brother's back. "Please don't go...please brother."

All was silent, and Sesshoumaru pried his brother off. Inuyasha felt his throat tighten. Just like that, Sesshoumaru had once again turned his back on him.

Inuyasha jumped as Sesshoumaru swept him up in a hug, and held onto him tightly. Inuyasha wrapped his arms around him laughing loudly, for the first time since his mother died, feeling truly happy. They clung to each other, and Sesshoumaru asked timidly, "Will you stay? PLease stay."

Sesshoumaru sighed, and pulled away, "Didn't I tell you once...that you were staying with me now?" Inuyasha smiled, and Rin let out a whoop of joy, while Jaken went into a fit of seizures, and foaming at the mouth. Rin ran to Inuyasha, wrapping his arms around his leg.

Smiling Inuyasha plucked her up of the ground throwing her in the air, laughing as she squealed with joy. The others soon joined the group, and with a very different look in his eyes Sesshoumaru watched them.

Sesshoumaru, had taken in a human, taken in his hanyou brother, grew to love him, and had even conversed with his human friends and not wanted to kill him. He had changed...and he liked it.

Toki drifted back to his head, and he suddenly realized he caught her scent. He sharply turned his head to the left, and saw Vice walking through the woods, Toki's lifeless form in his eyes. Their eyes met, and Sesshoumaru remembered when he had asked why he had taken in a human.

He knew why now.

Vice gave a ghost of a smile, and disappeared.

Yes, Sesshoumaru understood. He understood it all. Vice and him weren't so different...the proved that something cold, could be made warm, at the touch of a child, human, hanyou, or demon. Sesshoumaru, was jerked back to reality, as Inuyasha took his wrist and dragged him forward. "Come on...lets go."

Sesshoumaru snatched up Rin, and nodded, a very tiny smile flashing for only a split second on his face.

'Yes...lets go...'


Sesshoumaru lashed out at Naraku as he raised a demonic hand over a limp Inuyasha. Barely dodging Sesshoumaru's glowing hand, he leapt away. He was having a great mount of trouble with Inuyasha and his crew now that Sesshoumaru had joined the team.

It made no since to Naraku as he watched Sesshoumaru pull his brother up, holding him securely, sniffing him to see if there was any serious damage. 'What the hell did I miss?' Naraku thought, barely managing to dodge Sango's boomerang.

Too bad for Naraku...he had missed a lot, and with the two brothers finally working together, and acting as brothers should...Naraku would soon fall.

Inuyasha was soon awake, and he leapt at Naraku, Sesshoumaru at his side. The brothers looked at each other, and identical smirks appeared on their faces. In a way they were home again...and they were both happy.

Somewhere, in the realm of the dead, a mother and demon father smiled down at them.