A Kiss From a Rose

After reading the book, Yusuke found that he had to speak a counter spell. Kurama somehow learned that giving Botan her energy back without doing it would result in the very thing they were trying to prevent.

Botan came to in a matter of moments and Blinked up at Yusuke. She winced as the pain from her wound caught up with her.

"Shh, Botan don't move." Yusuke spoke calmly

"Wh-where is Kurama?"

"Right here, next to you." Yusuke frowned, " But I don't think he is going to make it."

"What?!?" Botan shot up and screamed in pain.

"He saved you, and us. Botan, he is a hero." Kuwabara said


"No, it's okay." Yusuke said picking her up, while Kuwabara picked up Kurama, "Lets get back to the temple."


Hiei hadn't been at the grave for long when he noticed that it was no longer there. His Nakia was gone. He grew angry at the thought of grave robbers digging up his treasure.

Hiei caught the sight of footprints and was now following them. He stopped when a familiar sound touched his ears. Singing… could it be? Hiei zipped off to find the source of the watery song.

Stepping into a clearing near a waterfall, he saw her in all her beauty. She wore nothing but the beaded necklace made of black stones. His tears.

Nakia turned around and looked at the fire demon. Her fire demon. "Hiei" she breathed like it was the most divine word in the world. She blushed when she noticed her nudity.

"N-." Hiei could not bring himself to utter her name lest he jinx his gift. "Who- Botan." he smirked.

"That's right, Hiei, she brought me back. I know what she did and I know it was not her fault, I don't blame her. You should forgive her as well." Nakia walked to him and places a wet hand on his cheek and looked him in the eyes.

"Hai." He whispered in a daze as he brought her into a small kiss.


Botan woke up and felt like herself save for the pain she felt in her heart, held by the thought of never seeing Kurama's Forest eyes again. Never seeing his reassuring smile, the one that let her know it would all be alright. She was greeted by the ruby eyes of Yukina.

"Oh, so glad you are okay." Yukina said and hugged Botan.

"Its nice to see you too Yukina." Botan smiled, "H-how is Kurama." Botan asked almost not wanting to know afraid of the answer.

Yukina looked down at her hands, "He is in his room if you would like to see him." Yukina avoided the question. Botan quickly jumped out of bed and walked into the hall where she saw Yusuke and Kuwabara standing outside Kurama's door with solemn faces.

Genkai walked out of his room and wiped the blood from her hands. Botan walked to the door, her hand hovering over the door handle. Genkai coughed and nodded as Botan looked at her for consent.

Botan slid the door open and walked in quietly and closed the door behind her. She walked through the mellowly lit room and saw Kurama covered from the waist down by the blanket; he was lying on his back, his chest covered in bandages. His breathing was Rugged and his hair was fanned out on his pillow.

Botan slowly walked toward him drawn to his soft breathing. She came to a stop right before him and knelt down and lightly traced his bindings. "Oh Kurama." She cried and placed her head on his chest careful not to hurt him. She listened to his heartbeat, and then she began to feel pressure on her head and looked up to see Kurama's eyes.

His hand slid down her face as she lifted her head up to greet him properly. "Kurama." She whispered. "Oh god, I thought you were going to die. I am sorry for everything."

"Botan. I'd say you did well for your first mission." He smiled drawing her closer, almost on top of him if she hadn't stopped him, "what is it?"

"Won't I hurt you?" she asked looking down at his wound

"No." he smiled and pulled her on top of him kissing her lips ever so softly.

"Can we come in now? We are dying out here?" Kuwabara called from the other side of the door.

"No, because you guys made me think Kurama was gone" Botan said breaking the kiss.

"Aw come on, can't you take a joke?"

"No, I seem to recall when you fell for that death joke, twice. How upset you were, why would you do that to me?"

"She has a point Urameshi?" Kuwabara said

"Shut up, you are the one who tricked me, both those times." Yusuke said shoving him, "That reminds me, I still hate you for that." he said "oh Hey Hiei? N-Nakia?

"Why hello Yusuke."

"Kurama, Hiei is here…do you think…" Botan looked up at him with hopeful eyes.

"Yes, I think so." Kurama said, "Come on in Guys."

Everyone walked in following Hiei as he walked up to Botan. "Onna…" he cringed, "I forgive you…"

"Thank you Hiei." Botan jumped up and hugged him tightly. "Hey Nakia" She let Hiei go and hugged her, "Sorry about before."

"Oh its okay I knew it wasn't your fault." She smiled

"Now aren't we just the perfect little family?" Yusuke said sarcastically. "So how was your first mission?"

Botan POV

I never would let them know that I had a hard time so I told a little lie. Well here I am now, back to my old job as Assistant to the spirit detective. On my way to pick up Kurama from School. He and I Have gotten very close and well I think we might do something no one of my kind has ever done…

I walked on and stopped in front of him and stood on my tippy toes and kissed him. That's when he got down on one Knee, and…

"Botan, will you marry me?" He asked. Botan Minamino? Botan Kurama? I would figure it out later, right now…

"Yes." Oh god yes.

He slipped a ring on my finger a gold and sliver band with a golden rose and a diamond in the middle. I was so happy. I pulled him up to his feet and kissed him once more. Behind me I could hear the ooo's coming from the others. Yusuke, Kuwabara, Keiko, Yukina, All of us. I would say that this mission defiantly was a good one. For my first and last mission.

Das Ende