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==============Hello, there, the angel from my nightmare============================
- "I Miss You" by blink-182

CH 1

"Ladies, you're on in five."

Faye Valentine unceremoniously received this dreaded news with a heavy sigh, her implacably-manicured fingernails raking thoroughly throughout her silken violet tresses as she tried her best to make herself look the slightest bit presentable.

Ha. What a laugh.

What's the need to look your very best in front of a bunch of horny, drunken men whenever they don't even see you as a living being to begin with?

To them, she was clearly just a tramp; an object to be toyed with. That's all she'd ever be.

Touching up her make-up with a soft-bristled brush, Faye recoiled slightly the moment that a large hand come down roughly upon her small, slender shoulder.

"Hey, baby," the familiar, gravelly voice greeted slyly from abaft.

Faye couldn't help but shudder, demanding harshly through clenched teeth, "What do you want, Ferguson? I thought I told you to leave me alone when I'm working."

The tall blonde grinned a toothy grin. "Have you already forgotten that I'm the one that gotcha this job to begin with? I could just as easily have it taken away."

"I fail to see the threat in that statement," Faye remarked dryly, her delicate features instantly hardening into a menacing look once Ferguson seized her by the throat and pulled her up and out of her chair like a rag doll.

"Now you listen to me, Faye," he began, his lips drawn upward into a terrible snarl as he gave her a vicious shake, "I own you! No matter where you go or where you are, you will always belong to me! If you ever forget that, so help me God, I will have you killed!"

Faye let out a garbled cry the moment that he finally released his iron-like grasp about her neck, her breathing coming out in short, quick gasps as she dropped down to her knees and listened to Ferguson's heavy foot falls slowly fading away, her desire to give up and die right then and there so strong that it frightened her.

Reaching up and touching her swollen neck, Faye suddenly realized that she sensed yet another presence within the dressing room.

Warily glancing over to her side with severe reluctance, she then rested her terrified gaze upon a pair of hot pink show boots, only to suddenly break out into a large grin. Darla.

"Are you ok?!," the tall, willowy woman shrieked, instantly helping her friend up and to her feet before spinning her around so that she could search her deep jade pools for answers. "What the hell did that sick sonofabitch do to you, now?! I swear, Faye, one of these days I'm gonna go up to that man and-"

"Do absolutely nothing," Faye cut in, her rigid stance clearly meaning business as she continued to bestow her friend with their mutual 'warning glare'. "This is my battle to fight, and mine alone. You should know by now that Ferguson isn't just any run of the mill guy that you can mess with. Remember Judy? He killed her, Darla! He had her murdered because she wanted to quit the business!"

Darla snorted, clearly unimpressed. "Judy was a stupid blonde with boobs for brains....of course she was killed! She couldn't save herself even if she wanted to!"

"But that's not the point!," Faye insisted shrilly. "I don't want you to get hurt because of me! I'd never be able to forgive myself!"

Darla's irate features suddenly softened, her silver irises shimmering with unshed tears as she swept back a lock of her hunter green, bobbed hair in utter exasperation, finally managing to return softly, "It still seems so weird to think that you're even my friend, Faye. I mean, I-I'm a lowlife! No one ever looks out for the scum on the bottoms of their friggin' shoes, let alone even bothers to give us a second glance! I'm tired of living in shame! That's why I wanna help you escape, Faye.....so we can be free."

"LADIES!," an exasperated voice grated from behind, thus causing them both to whirl around in an instant of sheer panic. "You are on, NOW! Go, go, GO!!!"

Letting out alarmed shrieks, Faye and Darla hurriedly rushed over to the left wing of the stage and joined up with the other girls, truly hoping that they hadn't missed their cue due to the beating that they would receive if they had.
Now dressed in her normal street atire, Faye wearily slipped into a shabby overcoat and sighed, her heart bleeding tears of crimson as she pocketed the bountiful tips that she had just earned from her customers and slipped through the back door and out into the cool night air of Tharsis.

It was beautiful here; there was no doubt in her mind about that. The only things that stained the rapidly growing city were the ever popular strip joints, brothels, and pornographic shops.

Faye knew very well that she wasn't a virgin (not by choice, of course), yet she couldn't help but feel as if she didn't belong in such a lewd, corrupt world. She longed for freedom....for something more.

She often heard from many stragglers along the streets that Mars was a wonderful place filled with opportunity and good fortune for its rich inhabitants. From the Martian cities to the rouge skies, it was pure Heaven.

Oh, how she longed to go there. However, first thing was first; she needed the money. Why else would she have become a dancer? Oh, right....the debts.

Sad to say, Faye was always in way over her head when it came to doing the right thing. Upon her very first warning from the ISSP that she had a whole lot of woolongs to fork up, she had immediately packed her bags and fled her hometown in search of someplace where she would hopefully never be discovered. And yet, she had been found. By a Mr. Ferguson Gaines, to be exact.

Upon their meeting, it was quite obvious that the hulky man took an immediate liking to Faye, but she, being the currently young naive girl that she was, had taken absolutely no notice to the blondes sudden affections. Before she knew it, Ferguson had offered her a job that paid rather nicely and Faye had accepted without any further questions.

This explained why she had no choice but to stay and work as a dancer, but why here? Why a strip club? To be perfectly honest, even Faye, herself, didn't know the answer.

She had always wanted, strangely enough, to be a rock star so that she could experience the thrill of long, wild hair, unruly fans, and crazy parties that lasted well into the morning. Most likely what drew her to the profession the most, however, was the simple fact that it had more freedom than she knew what to do with.

Faye was clearly all about adventure, yet adventure clearly wasn't all about Faye. No matter what she did, all signs pointed to a dead end, and she was damn tired of it. She wanted out; she needed release.

Reaching into the small breast pocket of her coat, Faye retrieved a desperately-needed cigarette and fumbled with it before bringing the long white cylinder up to her lips, her hands patting her pockets in search of a lighter before a slight noise from abaft caused her to cease in all actions and freeze.

"Goin' somewhere?"

Faye snorted, then opened her mouth to reply, only to instantly be cut short the moment that two strong arms coiled their way about her neck like wire, a tiny switchblade now pressed threateningly against her cheek as she let out a frightened yelp and released her cigarette from her clenched teeth and to the ground with a subtle plop.

Just when she thought it was all going to be over, a deep, sultry voice scolded mockingly from behind, "Tut, tut, tut. Hasn't anyone ever taught you how to treat a lady?"

Faye gasped as her captor suddenly released his strong hold about her neck and pushed her forward into an overturned garbage can, her eyes wide and filled to the brim with utter consternation as she watched him charge her savior like a crook on a murderous rampage.

Fearing for the worst, Faye anxiously awaited for the mossy-haired man to be torn to pieces but was, to her utter surprise, completely astonished to find that he had ducked to the side with the fluidity of water, the other man crashing headfirst to the ground in a heap of outrage and bulging muscle.

Gradually hauling himself up and to his feet, the hulky man charged his offender once more, only to immediately receive a nice kick to the temple, his neck snapping upon contact due to the force of the strong impingement with a sickening pop.

Absolutely horrified by all of this, Faye watched on in awe as the man dropped down limply to the ground like a deadweight, all of his vital signs of life now completely diminished as the mossy-haired man took a tentative step forward and nudged the corpse with the tip of his blue dress shoe.

"Who-who are you?," Faye spluttered, her tiny hands grasping the hem of her skirt so tightly that her knuckles began to turn white. "Why did you save me?"

The mossy-haired man bestowed her with a crooked smile, his sensual voice sending shivers down her spine as he conceded teasingly, "I dunno...guess I just needed a nice work-out and you, currently in danger, provided quite an excellent little game for me to endure."

Faye frowned deeply. "I hope you're not trying to suggest that I'm the game, Mr...."

"Oh, right," the mossy-haired man cut in, chuckling at his own forgetfulness, "you wanted to know my name. It's Spike Spiegel, Miss Faye Valentine."

She gasped, now terribly frightened to her wits end. Staggering backward onto her feet on shaky legs, she demanded coolly, "How the hell do you know my name?! Who are you working for....the ISSP?!"

Spike laughed as if he had just heard a wonderful joke, recovering smoothly, "I saw you in the club, Miss Valentine. I was sent there by a friend to pay my respects to a Miss Grisholm."

"You mean Darla?," Faye squeaked, becoming more and more flabberghasted.

"Yeah," he acknowledged, shrugging, "my friend's sweet on her. Not that it's any of your business, of course."

Faye knew that it damn well was her business, but held her tongue, truly not wanting to get on this gangly, handsome young man's bad side for fear of his kicking her ass just as he had done so to her assailant.

Suddenly realizing that she was bleeding, Faye brought her long, slender fingers up to the stinging wound upon her neck, only to have Spike immediately remove her appendages from the minor injury in order for inspection.

"You need medical treatement," he observed softly, much to Faye's vast displeasure. "Let me take you somewhere safe to get help."

Faye raised an eyebrow in utter consternation. "W-what, like a hospital?!"

"Hell, no," Spike denied, grinning a knowing grin before gently gathering her up into his arms, "it's somewhere that even my closest associates don't know about. I can already tell by our brief meeting that you're in some sort of trouble with the law, so don't worry, Faye....you're safe with me."

Looking up at the strong, beautifully-carved features of her savior's face, Faye tried her best not to let out a contented sigh as she realized, in utmost elation, that this strange occurance of events could possibly be the beginning of the chance that she had been praying for; the chance to finally be free.

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