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CH 9: A New Type of Desperation

"What do you mean, we can't go after her? She like your own flesh and blood!"

"How dare you come into my own office and talk to me this way? I should have you taken down to the holding cells, right now!", Mao barked, his dark coal eyes flashing dangerously as his silvery-haired pupil continued to draw near him. "Cease your ridiculous mind games and come clean with me, Vicious! What do you possibly hope to achieve by giving the Black Scorpions ten million woolongs? Once they receive the money, they'll realize that they could always kidnap somebody else and get more!"

Vicious snorted. "That is a risk that I am completely willing to take."

"Well I am not! The Red Dragons are my people...not yours! Surely I don't have to tell you that!", Mao thundered, appearing to be considerably flustered. Loosening his grip about the glass of brandy within his hand, he then continued in a much softer, gentler tone, "When you have wised up and come to your senses, you may return. Until that moment, I'm going to have to ask you to leave."

Vicious firmly shook his head. "No."

"What did you just say?"

"I said no!", he growled, now towering over his master with the blatant intention of full-out intimidation. "The woman that you're allowing to die is my fiancée, Mao!", he exclaimed, his cheeks growing redder and redder by the moment. "If you allow her to die, I swear upon my mother's grave that I will personally hunt you down and kill you!"

Mao stiffened. "Do you really think that you're in any position to be threatening me, Vicious? I am, after all, the man whom is to be deciding young Evelyn's fate."

"Then you'll pay the money?", Vicious questioned in a tired, strained voice.

Mao smirked. "We shall see, my boy...we shall see."


"I am here, Mao...what's it gonna be?"

The elder glared back at the leader of the Black Scorpions, returning menacingly in response, "If that were the situation, Obuko, you would be here before me right now, face-to-face!"

The flaxen-haired man merely smirked. "Oh? I don't believe so...you see, I am the one with your Dragon, am I not?"

"Don't toy with me!", Mao growled, slamming his fist down onto his desk and rattling his vid phone in the process. "You called with a proposition, so I am answering...there will be no trade! Our money doesn't belong in the filthy hands of your kind!"

Obuko's grin dropped like a limp worm, his eyes fiery and full of utter contempt as he spat, "Fine! Have it your way, Yenrai! Flagston!" He motioned toward a henchman standing in the corner. "Bring in the girl!"

Mao watched on in horror as the fair Evelyn was brought out into the room like a dog in chains, her violet eyes locking with his own and reflecting her typical stubborn resolve that made her such a promising leader.

"Evey...", he whispered, subconsciously trembling as Obuko forced her down and onto her knees before him, something cold and glittering now within his large and calloused hand.

An axe.

"What the devil do you think you're doing?", Mao demanded, shooting up from his desk within a moment of absolute panic. "If you harm her, so help me God..."

"What?", Obuko demanded, the cold glimmer within his steely eyes only intensifying once he ran his thumb along the sharp edge of the axe. "You've already failed to hand over the money, so you've given me no choice. This is your fault, Mao, not mine...I have already given you a chance, yet you failed to act upon it."

"Obuko, please," Mao begged, by this point beyond desperate, "let's come to some sort of agreement, here...just spare Miss Faulkner!"

Obuko didn't even dignify his plea with a response, a sadistic smirk now upon his thin lips as he placed a black sack over Evelyn's head and double-checked the security of her shackles, making sure that there was absolutely no possible way of her escaping.

Raising the glittering axe forebodingly above his head, the flaxen-haired man declared exultantly, "This is the beginning of the end for you, Mao, starting with this fiery-haired beauty!"

Mao gasped. "NO! Damn you!"

Upon bring the axe down, the vid phone screen suddenly turned pitch black, the old Dragon clutching at his heart once he realized, to his utmost despair, that his only daughter figure was now gone.


Vicious felt completely alienated as he knelt down before the altar of St. Mary's Church, his mind reeling a mile a minute with a maelstrom of nagging, yet completely logical thoughts.

"Why am I here?", he wondered miserably. "I don't believe in God, and yet...no, it's for Evey... But why? What good will praying do? I'm here kneeling when I could actually be out there saving her!"

Cursing, Vicious squeezed his eyes tightly closed and struck his fist against his thigh, his shoulders heaving along with his ragged breathing once he realized, to his utmost astonishment, that he really was capable of loving another being. Evelyn was the very proof of that fact.

Rising to his feet as if the soft red carpet beneath his knees were burning him, Vicious glanced upon the large bronze cross above the altar, suddenly finding within his heart a new glimmer of hope.

"Our Father, who art in Heaven, hallowed be thy name...", he recited weakly, reflecting back to all the times his mother had sat him down to read the Bible. That is, before she had died... "...Thy kingdom come, th-thy will be done..." He couldn't finish.

Dropping down and to his knees, Vicious threw his hands over his eyes and began to weep, visions of his sweet angel dancing before his eyes in a tempting illusion of true beauty.

"Oh, Evey...", he sobbed.


Spike frowned deeply as he continued to load his firearms with rounds of ammunition and bedeck the inside of his trench coat with grenades; he was beyond miffed. Those Black Scorpion slags would pay for what they had done to his beloved Evelyn, and dearly, at that.

The two had been through so much together as children: scraped knees, their first firearms training session, losing their virginity (not to one another, of course); hell, it was all far too much for Spike to bear. First Julia, and now the only sister figure he had. And Faye...

He closed his eyes.

The vixen had been a Godsend to him as of late, and he hated to admit such a thing. Ever since she had found out about Evelyn, she had been at his side and giving him words of encouragement.

Normally Spike would find all of this to be terribly unnerving, yet somehow Faye made it all seem and feel so right. Not only that, but he had grown rather partial to the violet-haired beauty as of late. The past few nights they had been staying up 'til the crack of dawn, discussing brief portions of their pasts and their wildest, most unheard of secrets.

Spike, of course, found this all to be terribly relaxing since he had so much weight to get off of his chest; every word he breathed made his body feel as if it were becoming lighter and lighter.

The one thing he had failed to confess, however, was how he had wronged Faye. He felt like crap for treating her so terribly, and their intimate encounter had only made things worse for his emotions. The true man in him wanted her like mad, yet his mind and soul was still stuck with the golden-haired, blue-eyed goddess from above.

Oh, how he missed her...

"Mr. Spiegel?"

Spike stiffened. Someone was at the door...

Abandoning his weaponry in order to intercept the rather obnoxious caller, the mossy-haired young man felt his feet trip one over the other until he had finally reached his destination and opened the door.

Gasping, Spike couldn't help but choke upon seeing the dignified doctor and his angelic patient there before him.

"No, it can't be!", he gasped. "Julia..."

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