Harry ran his hands along the back of a chair. He took time to feel each tare and whole that was missing from the cushion. The house had been said to be haunted, but that rumor seemed so distant now that he had known the truth for two years. For two years he had known that the Shrieking Shack no longer held its monthly occupants that it once had. Many years ago, Harry's father and his three best friends had come to this very house as a getaway.

Dust now claimed the house. Harry thought hard about what the house would look like if it was clean and new looking, but he couldn't picture it. A werewolf could not go through transformations in a clean house. Harry knew the werewolf, the reasons for the ragged furniture, personally. He had seen the stag, his father, although he could not remember him. He had met the rat, the traitor. He had also known the dog... the dog that had done so much to protect Harry. It was his fault the dog was dead. His fault. Harry's fault.

The dog that had once been full of life, now lay motionless behind the veil, where Harry could no longer see him. What was it like behind the veil? Did Sirius feel pain? Did Sirius know the pain Harry felt right now? The guilt, the sadness, the memories that all weighed down so heavily on him? He must. His best friend had died, James had died.

Harry blinked. He knew he should get back to school; the train was leaving the next day, but his feet didn't move.

The house seemed to know that two of its passed occupants were dead. It seemed... sad. He thought of his father, Sirius, Lupin and Peter. They had all once been in this very room. Maybe, there were still some of them left here. Although Harry was sad, it was soothing to be in this room, it was reassuring to know that they had once been here. Maybe, after James died, Sirius had come back here in memory of him. Maybe he had stood in this very spot and thought the same thing Harry was thinking.

Harry turned to leave. The reassuring feeling was gone and was now replaced with anxiety. He felt uncomfortable standing here, looking around the dead room. He wanted to leave. He wanted death to leave. He wished Sirius would come back...

...but he knew he would never get his wish.

A/N: Wow that was really sad. I am surprised that I actually wrote this! It was an 'in the moment' kind of thing.