When family comes

She walked up the stairs and in thru the double doors at the VIP headquarters. She looked around to see that only Johnny was there, sitting at the table.

Nikki, "Wear is everybody?" Johnny, "We are the only ones hear until 4." Nikki, "oh."

Just as she sat on the other side of the table the doors shot wide open and in thru came a girl with long flowing black hair, she was tall and was wearing a purple tank top and a pair of denim jeans. in her hands she was holding a duffel bag and a suitcase.

Johnny, "Emily!" Emily, "Johnny!"

he ran over to her and gave each other a huge hug.

Johnny, "what are you doing hear?" (all surprised) Emily, "visiting you" Johnny, "well why didn't you call me?" Emily, "I wanted to surprise you!" Johnny, "well you did" Nikki, (clears throat) "uh sorry to interrupt but who's she?" Johnny, "oh yah sorry, this is my sister Emily." Emily, "Hi." Johnny, "and Emily this is my friend Nikki Franco." Nikki, "Hi, how did you get in hear?" Emily, "was I suppose to knock? the doors were open." Johnny, "oops" Nikki, "never turned the security system on did you?" Johnny, "I kind of forgot."

Johnny went over to the computer and was going to turn it on. Emily had to go to the bathroom so Nikki went to show her wear it was. When Nikki came out she saw three men holding Johnny at gun point, there backs were turned so they couldn't see her, she came up behind them, pulled out her guns, pointed them at the men and told them not to move. The guys froze but then Emily came out of the bathroom and everyone looked at her. Then in one quick kick from one of the men, Nikki's guns were flying thru the air and landing on the floor, in the same instant the man had her by the neck up in the air.

Johnny, "put her down." he yelled. the man looked at him then thru her into the table smashing it, she just laid there motionless .

Man, "We came for her" (he pointed at Emily) Johnny, "What do you want from her?" Man, "lets just say she knows stuff she shouldn't." Emily, "I told you I wouldn't tell anybody, please just leave me alone!" Man, "if you don't come quietly I will have to shoot somebody." he pointed the gun at Johnny. Emily, "ok, ok, I'll come just tell me how you found me?" (she saw Nikki moving towards her gun so she had to keep them Talking) Man, "Emily, you come to America from another country, wear do you first look to go? your family, your brother Johnny is the only family you have hear."

Just then Nikki jumped up and shot all three men. Johnny ran to her side.

Johnny, "Are you ok? cause you just were thrown thru a table then got up and shot three men, I in under...... 5 seconds." Nikki, "Thanks" Johnny, " That was really hot!" (Johnny helped her up) Nikki, "Well you ....little....missy.....better explain to me right now what the hell is going on." (she walked right up to Emily). Emily, "I wasn't going to say anything, cause I didn't want to worry you, but I kind of got in a little trouble." Johnny, "What kind of trouble?" Emily, "Can we just get out of hear, I'll tell you but not right now, you should probably call the cops. After all you do have three dead bodies behind you." They all looked at the bodies, Nikki and Johnny agreed.

After the cops came and questioned them, and cleaned the bodies up they left, but before they left they called everyone and told them what happened. The cops closed VIP down for the day, but everyone stilled showed up to see what happened and if everyone was ok. Kay, Quick, Tousha, and Val stayed at the headquarters, as Johnny, Emily, and Nikki went for a walk. Nikki wouldn't be coming but she insisted to come and hear why Emily was in trouble.

Nikki, "You better begin telling your story, why you almost got us killed.' Johnny, 'Yah lets hear it.' Emily, "Well it all started a week ago when I was taking a walk. I turned a corner and saw these men holding this one man at gunpoint, they kept asking the man for coad's, but he just refused to tell them wear they were so they shot him. I went to duck but I knocked a box down and they saw me, I ran but they caught up to me, he was going to shoot me but he saw the cops and told me he would find me. I told him I wouldn't tell, but they didn't believe me because, (she pauses) because I was walking with my friend and they shot her thinking she was me but when they saw me turn to look, they noticed
it was me and they stopped the car, but I ran into a building before they could get out."

Johnny gave her a hug as she started crying. "Its alright I wont let anything happen to you!""ok?" Emily, "ok." as they hugged again. Nikki, "And I will watch your back to." she said slowly. Emily, "thanks" she said as she smiled felling a little better. Johnny, "i don't know about you guys but I feel like something to drink?" Emily and Nikki agreed, as they walked a little further to a little cafe. Johnny, "what do you guys want?" Nikki, "coffee, with sugar and cream, two of each please!" Emily, "umm a large coke." Johnny, "ok ill be right back, don't go no wear." Nikki, "ya ya. Just don't forget two of each!"

Johnny walked off into the cafe as Nikki and Emily what'd outside standing by the fence wear it fences off the cafe from the sidewalk.

Emily, "ok good he's gone!" Nikki, "what, why?" Emily, " I have just wanted to talk to you." Nikki, "About what?" Emily, " what is going on between you too?" Nikki, " umm what do you mean?" Emily, "you know what I mean!" Nikki, "no I don't" Emily, "Are you to seeing each other?" Nikki, " No, why are you asking me this?"

Emily, " Well if I'm going to have a niece or him getting married I would have like to meet the girl. My family must meet everyone I date.

Nikki, " There is nothing like that going on, Johnny's just a really good friend." Emily, "so if I asked him he would say the same thing?" Nikki, "yah, why what did he say?" (Sounding very interested) " I mean yah he would" (Trying not to sound to interested) Emily, "Oh nothing I haven't asked him anything"

Johnny came out when she was finishing her sentence.

Johnny, "so what did you too talk about?" as he handed them there drinks. Nikki, "Just about how you're a great brother!" Nikki took a sip from her coffee Johnny, "why?"

Nikki spit her coffee out every were Nikki, " Johnny how did you forget the sugar? hold on I'll be right back." Johnny, "sorry!" Emily, " Did you do that on purpose?"

Johnny, " I could have, I could have over herd your conversation to."

Emily, "So you do like her?"

Johnny, "yah but we are just good friends and that's how it's going to be."

Emily, "oh"

Nikki comes back out.

Nikki, "I know you did this on purpose."

Johnny, " I could have?" he said with a smirk

The three start walking down the street, only a few minutes later a big blue van comes screeching up besides them. The side door slide open and out pop five men wearing black pants, shirts, and ski masks.

end of chapter one.